Friday, June 27

Popsicle Pots

I recently saw what I'm pretty sure was a planter made from popsicle sticks in an image on the amazing Emily Hendersons blog.  If you don't know it yet, you must go and have a look - that woman is pretty amazing.  WAIT, NOT YET!  Read this first, okay?

I think it's pretty safe to say that we've all made one of these at some point in our childhood.   If not, then I'm sorry you missed out, and let me assure you, it's not rocket science.  Making one of these is akin to a therapy session.  Not that I'd know.

Anyway, I thought it looked cool (I think that a LOT when looking at her blog), then forgot about it until I randomly saw some popsicle sticks on Amazon whilst looking for something totally unrelated.  It was clearly fate, so I ordered some, deciding to make some pots for my growing collection of succulents, which I've been struggling to find a nice selection of pots for.

They arrived and sat unopened on the dining table, slowly getting buried under a pile of paperwork. Then a few weeks ago, I was at home with my two small people, and it was really awful stormy weather, and I'll be honest - we were driving each other a bit mad.  Then I remembered the sticks. The sticks!!

So out they came, along with some wood glue, and we got to work.  Well, Edie and I got to work, and Baxter did his utmost to sabotage our efforts.  We all had fun though (except the bit when I realised that Baxter was running riot with a highlighter pen all over the living room, and the other bit when I got cross that he was trying to smash my creation).

This is my rather anal neat effort.  I wanted it to be sculptural and simple.  Not too seventies, but maybe just a little bit, which was kind of inevitable.

Some black spray paint was definitely in order to take it from an average crafty thing, to something I actually want to display.  I love it, and I'm pretty sure it will end up on my new kitchen table when it arrives.  I'm also pretty sure I'll be ordering some more sticks for another rainy afternoon, to make a hexagonal one to spray gold.  Yep.  And white, and mint, and pink...

If you're going to use yours as a planter, you'll need to add an inner receptacle like a jar to put your plant into, because obviously these pots aren't going to hold soil or water.

Okay, NOW you can go and visit Style By Emily Henderson, and then you might want to order some popsicle sticks and get gluing.


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