Friday, June 27

Unto This Last

As you may know, we're in the midst of a kitchen make-over. Nothing too major, but it's causing it's fair share of chaos, and in typical fashion, in my excitement, I sold the table before buying a new one. Oops.

The old one was ordered on impulse just before we moved in to this house six(ish) years ago. It was lovely and oval and white - perfect for a bay window, or with lots of space around it. We have neither an abundance of space or a bay window in the kitchen, and therefore it has never really worked if I'm truly honest, so it got it's marching orders. The new table will go on the opposite wall - again against a wall due to the fact that the kitchen is long and narrow, and it needs to be quite a specific (dinky) size.

I jumped the gun (can you see a pattern forming here?) and bought one from Ikea as it was only £79. I was convinced I'd never be able to find something the right size if I went the vintage route, and I never thought I'd be able to find something for under £200 new, but before I even got it home, I knew that despite it fitting in the space perfectly, I didn't like it enough for a table I would sit at every morning. So it's gone back. Yeah, everyone was pretty pleased about that.

In a bit of a panic (yes, I know), I asked a friend where her dining table was from, as I'd often admired it, but was worried that it would have cost thousands, and was so surprised when she told me it cost around £300 (it's BIG), and was from Unto This Last - a local (to us) company, based in Brick Lane in London, where they have a show room and workshop. Not mass produced, local craftspeople, making really lovely furniture. Amazing. So I went and had a look the other week, and found a table that just happens to be exactly the right size. And it's beautiful. Here 'tis...

Angle Table in Walnut £190 Unto This Last

I will of course be posting pics of ours in-situ when it arrived in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully by then we'll have gotten a little further with the many other jobs to do in the kitchen.

So do remember these guys when you're next in the market for a table (they do other products including chairs and shelving too), as they're so beautifully made, and there are some lovely designs to choose from. Not to mention the fact that you'd be supporting independent craftspeople which is so important. How often these days can you actually see your furniture being made? Nope, didn't think so.


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