Tuesday, January 26

Fab Five Triple Whammy - OTT Wallpapers

Is it weird that I daydream about having a cloakroom (or better, a dressing room) just so I can wallpaper it?

You see, I have a confession to make: I'm scared of wallpaper. It's the commitment - it's not like paint where you can change it on a whim, and I'm an all or nothing girl - if I'm going to use wallpaper I'm going to do the whole room, not just one wall, so I guess that's why I don't have any wallpaper in my house. 

A cloakroom would be different though. A cloakroom is not somewhere you spend much time, and a cloakroom is small so therefore cheaper to wallpaper, and there is less chance of tiring of it, but if you do, there are options! A. Use another loo, and B. You can change it without nearly so much money and time being spent.

I'm serious though, I do daydream about what wallpaper I'd put in my imaginary cloakroom and I even agonise over which colour-way I'd use, because although I fear it, I still absolutely love it.

And here are my top five FIFTEEN totally OTT wallpapers. Because try as I might, I just couldn't get rid of any single one of these, and it's my blog, so, you know...

Fab Five Triple Whammy OTT Wallpapers - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Zebras in Safari Brown - Scalamandre
2. Grand Versailles in Pink, Chartreuse & Lime - Cole and Son
3. Martinique Beverly Hills - Designer Wallcoverings
4. Hutch in Cream - Hunt Slonem for Grounworks - Lee Jofa
5. Kaleidoscope in Taupe - House of Hackney
6. Hexa Gone 2 in Cream & Green - Quirk & Rescue
7. Deco Monkeys in Blues - de Gournay
8. Pampas in White & Viridis - House of Hackney
9. Aruba - de Gournay
10. Prism - Cole and Son
11. The Vase in Tan - David Hicks for Clarence House
12. Congo in Blues - Clarence House
13. Malachite in Emerald Green & Black - Fornasetti for Cole & Son
14. La Havane in Green & Black - Nobilis
15. Boca Chica (Positive) in Blue & White - Brunschwig & Fils



  1. I like the one with the monkeys but I'm not sure I'm daring enough to use it. I completely agree with you it's a commitment haha but it looks so good when done well. I usually go for more subtle ones but like your choices anyway :)

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  2. Ha!! Oh man I can't choose my favourite of your picks. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. As you know, I freaking love wallpaper and strangely, I am not at all adverse to the dreaded 'feature wall' (actually I might need to do a post about that). Although my dressing room is fully wallpapered and I do love it in a small room. I've re-wallpapered twice now in that I just covered the original wallpaper with a different one - no biggie if it's in good shape. Whomever buys this house from us, however, will indeed be damning me straight to hell. xxx

    1. CHOOSE ONE, DAMMIT! Ha! I don't actually have issues with wallpapered feature walls done right (which yours is, of course!), but I just ADORE entire wallpapered rooms so if I was ever going to do it, I'd go all the way. Honestly, I'd have the Scalamandre Zebras in my dining room in a heartbeat, but I then I have other issues about damaging it to hang art. See? I'm FULL of issues! X

  3. Thanks for including our wallpaper. Would love a cloakroom to hide the many coats and jackets. Also,the very word cloakroom conjures up images of grandeur!


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