Friday, February 26

Bed Inspiration - plotting a bed hack!

When I wrote recently about my dislike for our current bed frame I was kind of resigned to just putting up with it until we had the budget to replace it. I would absolutely love a contemporary four poster bed one day, but as that day is nowhere in sight, and I'm incredibly impatient, I decided I needed to do something cheapish in the interim to change it.

And who knows, if my plan works, I may not want to replace it at all! Now that really would be a result.

So what on earth am I planning I hear you ask? Well, here's what it looks like at the moment...

Yep, that cream metal frame stands out like a sore thumb against the dark sooty walls, and I hate it.

I'm not going to paint it which was my original plan, I've decided to make some loose slipcovers from linen, lined with thick wadding in to cover it, giving it a modern, relaxed, deconstructed look. I'll do covers for both the head and foot of the frame, and along the sides I plan to Velcro panels to the frame, which will hide the inside of the covers and the metal legs of the bed, along with all the stuff we have stored underneath.

I know it's not good Feng Shiu to have anything under your bed, but you try telling the taxman that we threw away the last seven years of accounts because it was bad Feng Shui to keep it all. Exactly.

The fabric won't be attached to the wadding, it'll be a slip over a slip, so changing the colour if/when I get bored will be easy. In theory. And if I have the money to buy 6 metres of fabric. 

Here's my inspiration. Do click through to the article to see this absolutely stunning apartment in Lyon, France. It's what dreams are made of. And the wall mouldings have reignited my desire to add some moulding to the wall behind our bed and the wardrobe doors on the opposite wall, so that's back on the list! Sorry Ed.

Felix Forest for Vogue Living
But back to the job at hand. My sewing skills are basic, and although I've always wanted to learn upholstery, I am most definitely not skilled in that area, so I'll be keeping this design as simple as possible.

Hopefully it will have the desired effect of completely hiding what's underneath and looking like a soft upholstered bed like the one above, but not quite as padded.

Wish me luck and check back next week for the reveal! I've got a busy weekend ahead of me...


  1. Love your idea of making a slip cover with wadding to pad it up a little. I've just bought a tufted headboard which I love, but I'm already thinking of making a slip cover for when I get bored with the white upholstered one! Can't wait to see the transformation. Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon! I'd love to have bought a tufted headboard, but my husband has issues with them, so sometimes I have to admit defeat! But I've managed to sneak this one past him. Whoop! I think the fact that it's costing so little compared to a new bed is keeping him on side! Is your headboard a rectangular shape? If so it should be pretty easy to make a cover for it (or one for every mood / day of the week...) X

  2. Ahh this is such a genius idea! Love your inspiration pic as well. Can we talk about those lights as well? Dear god. xxx

    1. Aw thanks my lovely! I know, the whole apartment is incredible, but oh, those lights are something else. I can imagine Baxter taking a ping pong bat to them though... ;-)

  3. Just checked out the link - what a dream home! The architectural features are phenomenal, and the simple (and beautiful) decor really make them shine.
    Can't wait to see your bed makeover!

    1. Hi Meera! Isn't it just incredible? Standby for bed makeover this week (hopefully!)

  4. Oh no, I can't believe you don't like the contrast because I think it looks really stylish and modern. Anyway, I know the feeling of needing a change so that extra material is a really lovely idea. That French apartment is amazeballs! lol. I can't wait to see what you can create so Good luck!

    Alina from home and crafts blog - The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  5. Beautiful room! It is the great style for most of people.


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