Friday, April 29

Fab Five - Contemporary Corner Sofas

I've been on a mission to find the perfect corner sofa for a new project I'm working on at home. I have officially found THE ONE, and I'm super excited. It's not what I had envisioned, but it was love at first sight when I saw it. And I'll let you know all about that project soon.

I had very exacting, non-negotiable criteria - it had to have very specific dimensions - to not only fit the space, but to fill it, and make the most of every single centimetre. It had to be a corner sofa in it's true sense - not a sofa with chaise (though I certainly found loads of lovely ones in that category), and it had to be a sofa bed. Oh, and it had to be under two grand. It also had to be contemporary, casual, and comfortable. Obvs.

I know, that's a big ask, and it was hard, very hard, to find one that fulfilled all the criteria. It's lucky that I'm super stubborn, because I knew it was out there somewhere, I just had to find it. And I did.

It's been a long time since I seriously looked for a sofa and I must say I was impressed with vast array of fabric options and colours so many places offer these days. It's making my final fabric decision incredibly hard! My sensible side knows I should go quite dark and neutral, because you know, I have two kids and the covers are not loose or washable. I change wall colours nearly as much as my underwear so neutral makes most sense. BUT, my not so sensible side is telling my to go with my heart and choose a more interesting colour. I'm not sure yet which side will win, but I need to decide today!

As I said, I'll show you THE ONE soon and tell you all about my plans for that room, but today I'm going to share some other fabulous specimens that I came across on my travels, because it would be a shame not to share these great discoveries. Many of these come in different configurations so don't immediately discount them if you're not in the market for a corner sofa.

None of these are sofa beds, so that's primarily why they weren't for me on this occasion. Some were also a tad too big and a tad or more too expensive, but I'll certainly be revisiting them when the time comes to replace our main sofa, once the kids have finished completely trashing it.

Fab Five Contemporary Sofas - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Camerich Casa Corner Sofa in Zest

2. Habitat Opollo in Charcoal

3. Trinity by John Rocha for Debenhams in Blue

4. Love Your Home Grace in Moss Brushed Cotton

5. Loaf Atticus Corner Sofa in Putty Broadweave Linen

Tuesday, April 19

Graphic Wallpaper Love-In

I've been a little under the weather in the last week or so, just completely zapped of energy and having some super early nights, which is why I've been a bit quiet on the blog. Even when presented with the perfect opportunity on the weekend to get some painting done on the never ending stairs, I didn't take it, which is very unlike me.

Kelly Wearstler Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Kelly Wearstler 'Channels' Wallpaper in Ebony Ivory

Instead, I've been having a wallpaper love-in, which took far less energy, and filled my head with ideas. Actually, my head was already, and always is filled with ideas. I have BIG plans to transform the top level of our house (guest room and studio) to make much better use of the space, and that's where the wallpaper comes in. Yes, despite me claiming back in January that I was scared of wallpaper and that I couldn't possibly commit, I'm planning on doing just that soon. And I'm excited.

Kelly Wearstler Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Kelly Wearstler Crescent Wallpaper in Ebony Cream

So excited, that I have barely stopped looking at wallpaper since I decided to go for it. I know what I'd like, but I can't afford it. Typical right?

I'm obsessed with many of Kelly Wearstler's wallpaper designs, but they're eye-wateringly expensive and just not going to happen, so I've been searching for something that still takes my breath away, but not because it costs so much money!

Kelly Wearstler Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Kelly Wearstler Agate Wallpaper in Beige Ebony

I've found some beautiful designs that I thought I'd share with you today. Soon I'll tell you about my overall plans for these rooms too, but for now, lets look at the wallpaper options. One of these will be 'THE ONE'.

First up is a selection of designs from Feathr. How could you not like a company whose motto is 'More Good Shit, Less Shit Shit'? It was love at first sight for me with Feathr, who work with artists around the world to showcase their wallpaper designs. They're a lovely bunch, and they also have a call for submissions for their 2016/2017 collection on right now, so you can submit a design if you want to.

There are a few designs in their current collection that I've really fallen for, and I can't wait to get my hands on the samples.

Inkkari Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Feathr / 'Inkkari' in Monochrome by heinikatariina

Machair Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Feathr / 'Machair' in Ink Drops by Albaquirky

Pastel Powder Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Feathr / 'Pastel Powder' in Nude by Teija Vartiainen

Plato Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Feathr / 'Plato' in Monochrome by Aoi Yoshizawa

Yes, there is very much a monochrome/neutral theme going on here, which I'm really loving right now, but I'm not absolutely wedded to that idea, and there are some amazing colours to choose from too in all of the above designs...

Pastel Powder Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Feathr / 'Pastel Powder' in Blush by Teija Vartia
Graphic Wallpaper - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Feathr / 'Plato' in Green by Aoi Yoshizawa

Next up, some more seriously cool designs from newish-to-me US design house Drop It Modern...

Clockwise from top left: Crystalline in Blush/Black/Gray, Crystalline in Sand, Bond Girl in Creme/Black and Kitten in Blush. 

How on earth will I choose just one? Whatever my decision, it's going to be bold and beautiful, so watch this space!


Tuesday, April 5

Bedroom Reveal

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Some of you may remember that on a bit of a whim, I decided to paint my bedroom a deep, dark off-black colour a few months back, including the built-in wardrobe doors which had previously been sprayed an off-white. Eek!

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Then I stalled because I didn't like the bedframe, and I didn't really have a clear idea of where I was going with the room. But an easy DIY to hide the frame got me back on track, and with my enthusiasm reinstated I pushed forward, and have finally got the room looking cohesive and finished.

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

The addition of the fab, bargain-of-the-year La Redoute rug (I got it for £120 when it was on sale), has really bought the whole room together. Hooray! It isn't the authentic Beni Ourain rug that dreams are made of, but it certainly does the trick and has added a much needed cosiness that was lacking before.

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

I'm pretty happy with the way it's turned out. It's pared back, calm and grown up, and I've found myself sneaking up there to relax and read a magazine which I never did before. I still have a few plans for the room which I'll share when they happen, but it's so nice to have another room looking finished.

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Bedroom Reveal - French For Pineapple Blog

Here's a resource list, just shout if I've forgotten anything. As always, I'd love to hear what you think! Did you snaffle anything from the mega La Redoute sale? I was SO tempted to buy more.

Walls - Little Greene 'Lamp Black'
Rug - AFAW Shaggy from La Redoute
Side Table - Left - Vintage from Ebay
Side Table - Right - Marble and Brass Effect from Rockett St George
Lamps - Vintage from Ebay sprayed white
Lampshades - Bespoke in Sanderson Rainforest (Emerald)
Small cushion on bed - Front - Monetz & Clarke (dyed black)
Small cushion on bed - Back - Bahia by Bianca Hall (yours truly)
Chair in Corner - Panton from Aram Store
Drawers - Vintage from Ebay
Drawer Handles - M Marcus from Handles And Knobs Direct
Pendant Light - Sinnerlig by Ilse Crawford for Ikea
Shoe Lasts - Vintage from Ju de Balle market in Brussels
Foo Dogs - Vintage (more Foo Dogs available at the French For Pineapple Boutique!)
Brass Fox - Vintage


Friday, April 1

Patterned Carpet

Would you? I know that patterned carpet is hardly a new thing, but it's not been particularly en vogue in recent years, except for perhaps stripes on stairs, which is not my style, so that was never an option for me.

But recently I've spotted a few patterned carpets (to clarify, I'm talking about fitted carpet - not rugs) that have really intrigued me. Some subtle, some not so much, and I started to wonder if I would consider patterned carpet over plain when the time comes to replace our (very-knackered-should-have-been-replaced-five-years-ago) carpet. And the answer was a big, resounding, YES!

I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here, and I'd love to know what you think...

These animal prints could either look super tacky, or absolutely amazing. I like the fact that they're totally Marmite, and definitely not for the faint of heart. I love the Antelope designs. Actually, come to think of it, I rather like all of them.

I've seen animal print carpets pop up a few times on Instagram and Pinterest - looking super cute in a kids playroom and dramatic on stairs. They really caught my eye, and then weirdly, as is often the case, I stumbled upon a supplier without actually looking, so I took it as a sign that I needed to spread the good word.

Animal Print Carpets - French For Pineapple Blog

All the carpets above are from Animal Print Carpet (clue's in the name), and range in price from £20-£70 a square metre. They're all Nylon, with the exception of the Kenya Antelope which is a wool mix. Of course that one is my favourite.

This is an example of Antelope carpet done oh so right, in the fabulous home of Nicole Hanley Mellon as featured on The Kenya Antelope design above is a pretty close match.

Patterned Carpet - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Claiborne Swanson Frank / Vogue
And how about this leopard print carpet in the completely over the top but stunning home of Hutton Wilkinson. That Emerald green cabinetry with the leopard carpet and aqua ceiling. W O W !

Patterned Carpet - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: Christopher Sturman / Harpers Bazaar 

Now I realise that this may all be a little too much, and no, this is not an April Fool's joke, so stay with me. If you like the idea of a patterned carpet, but couldn't live with animal print, how about a more subtle textured look?

I'm really liking the range from Fablon Carpets too. Their Athena, Dominique and Chantrel carpets have had me requesting yet more samples...

Patterned Carpet - French For Pineapple Blog
Athena, Dominiuqe and Chantrel Carpets by Fablon 

And finally, I'll leave you with this Grain Du Bois offering from Timourous Beasties for Brintons. I'm in love, and I don't think there's a hope in hell that I'll be considering a plain carpet any time soon!

Patterned Carpet - French For Pineapple Blog

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