Wednesday, June 8

Fab Five - Trays

There's an old Chinese proverb that says 'You can never have too many cushions, lamps, chairs or trays'.

Fab Five Trays - French For Pineapple Blog

Okay, no there isn't, but there should be, because it's true.

Trays are a relatively new addition to this list for me. It's not until you own a few that you begin to wonder A, How you ever lived without them, and B, Why on earth you don't have more.

They are ridiculously handy, and aside from the obvious practical use of carting numerous cups / glasses of {insert your drink of choice here}, from one place to another, they are just great objects in their own right.

A large decorative tray as a centrepiece on a table is such a simple way to add a bit of interest with a print or texture. Or go for a plain lacquered version (West Elm always have a great selection of sizes, shapes and colours), and layer it with a vase of flowers and a scented candle.

Of course the bloggers favourite styling trick is to use them to corral a group of smaller items which makes said items feel less random, creating a cohesive look. The possibilities really are endless - remember, trays are most certainly not just for the kitchen.

Personally I like to use a small tray to hold a drink and a snack, whilst I sneak back up to my comfy bed on a Saturday afternoon to read a magazine.

There is such a vast selection available that there is simply no excuse for them to be boring or ugly. So if you have a boring or ugly tray lurking somewhere, you should get rid of it immediately, and go and buy one of these.

Here's a great selection to get you going. I've cheated a bit here and done a Fab Five Trays Under £50, and a Fab Five Trays Over £50. Because there are so just many great examples to choose from, and it's my blog and I can. You're welcome.

Fab Five Trays - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Gatsby Tray - OKA
2. Marble Melamine Tray- Mia Fleur
3. Gold Star Tray - Rockett St George
4. Iconic Collection Sandwich Tray - Cordello Home
5. Rattan Tray by Balineum - Liberty

Fab Five Trays - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Neon Green Acrylic Cocktail Tray by Alexandra Von Furstenburg - Selfridges
2. Square Form Tray - Tom Dixon
3. Tray With Handles by Piet Hein Eek - Heals
4. Tergonomico Tray by Fornasetti - Amara
5. Mirror Butler Tray - West Elm



  1. Thank you SO much for the feature, Bianca! xx

  2. You're most welcome Hollie, you know I love Mia Fleur! x


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