Friday, July 29

Fantasy House Friday! [Talisman London]

The other day I took delivery of a self-watering pot for my fiddle-leaf fig tree, which has never been a happy specimen. I know that it's more about the plant than my care (or lack thereof), because it arrived with loads of damaged leaves and dropped plenty of them too. And then some. It was in shock from it's overnight cold winter journey. It has stopped dropping so many now, but clearly isn't happy, so I'm hoping the self-watering pot will perk it up a little. Yes, I'm getting desperate.

Anyway, I re-potted it and decided that it needed to be moved further into the bay window to get more light - it had previously been just to the side of the bay to allow for the very wide pink chair that lives there.

So the pink chair needed to move, which resulted in a late night furniture re-shuffle, and although I'm happy with the new layout in essence, I do feel that the bay is a little dull now without the pink showstopper chair there. I've put the black vintage Pieff Beta chair there for now, which is lovely, but understated. But the bay needs a showstopper, not a wallflower as it's the first thing you look at when you walk into the room. So I may be on the slow hunt for a new chair to fit the bill.

Which brings me to today's Fantasy House Friday pick.  Get a load of this chair from Talisman London. Yep, this is what I'm talking about. In my dreams...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fantasy House Friday Talisman London Leopard Chair
Image: Talisman London
French For Pineapple Blog - Fantasy House Friday Talisman London Leopard Chair
Image: Talisman London
This is a Thayer Coggin chair and footstool from 1993 with the original upholstery, which looks to be in pristine condition, and I love it.

And I actually feel a little bit sick knowing that I am not going to be the owner of this absolute stunner. Seriously.

Don't forget that you can click on the Fantasy House Friday label below to see older entries, for some luxury interiors inspiration. But remember that some of the Fantasy House Friday selections are antique and vintage, and although they were available at time of publishing, they may have been snapped up by some lucky person by the time you read this post. However, be inspired and discover some shops, suppliers and brands that you may not have known about previously.


Wednesday, July 27

Ikat Lampshades from Pooky!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and again): you can never have too many lamps. See also, pairs of lamps. And lampshades, obvs.

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!
When Pooky got in touch to see if I'd like some Ikat shades to share with you on the blog, it was a total no-brainer. I was already a big Pooky fan - they have a gorgeous selection of mix and match bases and shades that I'd often drooled over.

I also had the perfect pair of vintage faceted ginger jar style bases, sat sadly on my lamp shelf, just begging to be teamed up with some lovely shades, and put into use.

Yes, I do have a lamp shelf. For lamps that need fixing, spraying, ones without shades or just currently homeless, and also shades with no suitable bases. Told you I love lamps.

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

The vintage bases were a snip from ebay years ago, and I'd just sprayed them white (like my bedside lamps), which is a great trick when pennies are tight. Then you can spend more on lovely new shades, to dress them up, letting the shades be the stars as they are here.

I knew that the Ikat shades in Black Zig-Zag would look great against the off-black walls in our bedroom, on the white bases. I was very tempted however, to choose the Orange Zig-Zag which is really pretty too. Actually, come to think of it, so is the Eau De Nil Zig-Zag, and the Heraldic multi-coloured print. Basically, they're all lovely, so you're spoiled for choice.

Images: Pooky L-R: Orange Zig Zag / Heraldic Ikat / Eau de Nil Zig-Zag

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

The shades are so beautifully made. The pleated straight edge empire design is traditional, and paired with the gorgeous linen Ikat print, they're given a unexpected twist. They're timeless, super versatile, and would work in almost any interior. They're also lined which I hadn't realised until I received them. I've never had a lined shade before, and it really makes them feel even more special and luxurious with that attention to detail and finish.
Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa! Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

As you can see, they're currently flagging the chest of drawers in the bedroom, and they're perfect there, but I don't get to look at them there as much as I'd like, so I might see how they look in the dining room where they can be seen and admired more. No doubt you'll see them popping up again somewhere else soon.

Do go and check Pooky out. They have a fab selection - you won't be disappointed!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

This post is in collaboration with Pooky. You can also check out my Q&A with them on their blog here.


Monday, July 25

Five Reasons You Should Colour Wash Your Rooms

Okay, so technically, you could accuse me of writing another post about Colour Drenching not long after the last one, and I did mention this in the Colour Drenching post, but I'm talking purely about paint on walls, trims and ceilings here, rather than what's in the room.

Everyone should at least consider painting their woodwork (doors, window and door trims, skirtings) and even cornicing and ceilings the same colour as their walls.

Try painting the skirting, doors, window and door frames, and even the ceiling the same colour as your walls for a dramatic, contemporary look.
Image: David Cleveland / The Guardian
Why, I hear you ask? What's wrong with my lovely fresh white trims? Well, I'm going to tell you...

1. Unless you live in a brand new, pristinely finished building, chances are the lines where walls meet ceiling, skirting and door and window frames are less than perfect. Trying to paint a straight line where there isn't one, is somewhat frustrating. When you're painting it all the same colour, this issue is eradicated. It feels totally liberating when you're slightly OCD about these things. It also cuts down on painting time because there is less faffing around with trying to get the perfect straight line.

Try painting the skirting, doors, window and door frames, and even the ceiling the same colour as your walls for a dramatic, contemporary look.
Image: Tempo da Delicadeza 
2. You don't need to buy one paint for your trim colour and a different one for your walls. So if you use the same finish on both, it could be argued that it's more economical. Of course if you want to use matt on the walls and eggshell on the woodwork, that argument falls down, but I've recently painted a room in eggshell all over to avoid the difference in finish. And I love it!

3. Contrary to popular belief, painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls doesn't make the ceiling feel lower. In fact, because you haven't got a massive expanse of white floating above your head and drawing your eye to it, it can actually make the ceiling less noticeable and therefore higher. Or INVISIBLE even!

Try painting the skirting, doors, window and door frames, and even the ceiling the same colour as your walls for a dramatic, contemporary look.
Image: Sarah Ruffin Costello
4. Once you start, suddenly white trims feel a bit twee, and dare I say, old fashioned. Painting everything (not the floor, although they have in the top image) the same colour, gives a room an uninterrupted dramatic look.

5. It looks COOL, CONTEMPORARY and GLAMOROUS. Now who doesn't want that?!

This revelation has now added hours of extra painting time to my DIY list, but it will be totally worth it. Eventually.

Have you already taken the plunge with your woodwork and/or ceilings? Or would you? It's not as scary as it sounds, and it's so transformative. As you can see above, it's still really effective just doing the trims and leaving the ceiling white if that's a bit too scary!


Friday, July 22

Fantasy House Friday! [Tom Dixon]

What a hectic week it's been! And we've had an actual heatwave in London. I know!

I usually smirk when people say this, because sometimes twenty-three degrees is referred to as a heatwave here - I suppose it's all relative, and you know, we have it pretty bad weather wise for a big chunk of the year, so it's easy to get over-excited when we get some actual hot weather.

But this week has been ├╝ber hot, I think it might have even reached THIRTY-FOUR DEGREES! Which would be great if you're sitting by a pool, cocktail in hand, or beach bound, but when you're trying to work, paint, and collect hot, grumpy, sweaty kids from nursery, it actually gets tired pretty quickly. This coming from the person that claims they will never complain about hot weather in London. Oops.

So let's get on with it. What do you need for the house when you've been suffering a heatwave, and it's Fantasy House Friday?

Well, you need the most beautiful Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Tongs, and High Ball Glasses you can find. From the Tom Dixon Plum and Tank collections, of course.

These are the kinds of things you'd put on your wedding list and love forever. Hmm, maybe it's time for Ed and I to renew our vows...

It's Fantasy House Friday and we've been having a heatwave in London, so obviously you need the most beautiful Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Tongs and High Ball Glasses you can find, right? All courtesy of Tom Dixon's Plum and Tank ranges.
Images: Tom Dixon . Plum Cocktail Shaker, Plum Ice Bucket, Tank High-Ball Glass & Plum Tongs


Wednesday, July 20

Tribal Takeover

If you're already on to the Tribal trend, then read on at your leisure, or take the day off. Well done you. If not, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a new trend in town and it's going to make your bright tropical prints seem a little last year. Say hello to Soft Tribal. Yes, that's right, it's time to retire your tropical brights and get a bit muddy. No, not literally, though you can if you want to.

Don't worry, you don't need to throw away everything you've ever bought and start again, there are some really easy ways to introduce this trend into your home without breaking the bank or your back. Well, there are some break the bank options too of course.

The key here is to think muted, natural, earthy tones. We're talking muddy browns, warm tans and caramels, and texture by the bucket-load. As with any trend, don't go too overboard, we want a nod, not a themed room. Removing some of the brighter accessories in your room might help you on your way, then consider adding a couple of pieces from my picks below, to nail the look. Easy!

Get the Soft Tribal look the easy way by following some of my tips! Think muddy browns, warm tans and caramels and texture by the bucket-load. Use animal print, hides and sheepskins, and natural fibres like jute, mudcloth and leather. But remember, don't go overboard - we want a nod to the trend, not a themed room!

For textiles, go for animal prints, hides and natural fibres like jute, mud cloth, sheepskins and leather. Add some accessories like chunky ceramics and even trawl ebay for some fun African artifacts. For walls, a Juju hat is a total winner (watch out for moths though!) and maybe some abstract black and white art. If you want to add some furniture, you can never go wrong with a classic Safari Chair, like the one above from Aram Store, or check out Pamono for a fantastic vintage selection.

Plants will really enhance the look and bring a bit of colour in, so if you haven't already got a Kentia or Parlour Palm, maybe now's the time. The bigger the better. For smaller specimens, keep your eye out for things like Snake Plants/Mother-In-Laws Tongue, ZZ plants and a Ric Rac/Fishbone Cactus.

You can glam it up a bit by adding some brass accents (never a bad idea!) and go for more of a Glam Safari look.

Oh, and what about wall colour? Well, grey is on the out. So if you're thinking about changing your wall colour, hang in there because I'll be sharing my thoughts on that very soon, along with loads of colour suggestions.

1. Benni Rug - Plantation Rug Company
2. Cow Hide - City Cows
3. Jute and Leather Rug - French Connection Home
4. Albany Wood Bead Chandelier - Abigail Ahern
5. Fernanda Vase - Habitat
6.Viktigt Basket - Ikea
7. Juju Hat - Rockett St George
8. Safari Chair - Aram Store
9. Carpet Cushion - French Connection Home
10. Mudcloth Cushion - Hide & Seek London
11. Shaggy Palm Lamp - Abigail Ahern
12. Black Tyres Original Painting by Al Fears - Fears And Kahn
13. Etched Calabash Gourd Bowl - French Connection Home
14. Dunston Ceramic Elephant - Habitat

Would you add a touch of Tribal to your home? Let me know what you think of this trend...


Monday, July 18

Fab Five - Contemporary Upholstered Beds

These days I want my bedroom, and specifically my bed, to be as comfortable, cosy and calm as possible.

With two kids, lounging in bed is a once a week luxury that I like to make the absolute most of. My husband would argue that I get a lie-in six days a week, as he gets up on the weekday mornings with the kids, and has a lie-in on Saturdays, but technically, in my book at least, seven-thirty or eight o'clock is actually not a lie-in, so it totally doesn't count. Sundays are my day!

I admit I try to drag out my lie-in as much as the day allows, with a cup of tea or two in bed, and a magazine, which is total bliss, and on these mornings, it really is my sanctuary. Well, if it's tidy.

If you're a regular reader, you might remember my DIY bed makeover which has been hugely successful. It had the desired effect of stopping me hating our bed frame on a daily basis, and created the look I was after - a laid-back slouchy contemporary feel.

Of course the fact that it's been a success doesn't actually stop me looking around at beds. As if! I did a Fab Five Four Poster Beds a while back, and today I've chosen my Fab Five Upholstered Beds, that fit the comfortable, cosy and contemporary bill, just perfectly.

I can confidently say, I would happily sink into any of these...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Upholstered Beds

1. Willow - Button & Sprung
2. Anneka - Living It Up
3. Feather - Amode Living
4. Ottori - Habitat
5. Bubble - DFS


Friday, July 15

Fantasy House Friday!

A while ago (and when I say 'a while' I actually mean over a year ago!) I started a Fantasy House Friday hashtag on Instagram for all the 'slightly' out of reach, dreamy home products that I love, but well, can't have!

I had always meant to move it to the blog, so it would be better documented, but it went a little by the wayside. Well, I'm happy to announce that it's back and it's now right here on the blog. You can expect a new pick each Friday, starting today! Whoop!

I'm going to start this first post off with my favourite past picks, plus today's entry. Bear in mind that these are picks from up to a year or so ago, and some won't be available any more even if you do happen to have the cash. I still don't own any of them, damn it! Remember, it's all in the name of fun, so join me each Friday for some interiors dreaming. Let's go!

Studio Ilse Brass Cabinet - French For Pineapple Blog

Diora Baird by Stephanie Vovas - French For Pineapple Blog

Fears And Kahn Fevaro Leopards - French For Pineapple Blog

Fantasy House Friday - French For Pineapple Blog

Louis Gold Hand Chair Abigail Ahern - French For Pineapple Blog

Skygarden Pendant Light Marcel Wanders - French For Pineapple Blog

And today's pick, because I have rugs on my mind (not unusual!) is this stunning District bamboo silk rug by Kelly Wearstler for The Rug Company. One day I will own a Rug Company rug, which is basically floor art. Or two. But for now, let's dream...

French For Pineapple Blog - The Rug Company District Rug
Image: The Rug Company District Rug by Kelly Wearstler
French For Pineapple Blog - The Rug Company Kelly Wearstler District Rug
Image: The Rug Company


Wednesday, July 13

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps

I do love a lamp. A lot. I feel my love is totally validated by the fact that every room needs several (at least!) light sources. Basically this means that I don't need to stop collecting them any time soon, because I definitely still don't have enough! Yeah, that makes me pretty happy...

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

I'm really excited to be sharing a special find with you today - a tweet showed up in my feed a few months back, alerting me to a new(ish) luxury bespoke lamp company called Love&Light, who were having a Pop-Up not far from me in Islington (in North London), so of course, seeing the magic 'LAMP' word, I had to check them out immediately. And I fell in love. These are show-stopper lamps - the best kind!

I took Baxter the shop with me a few days later to see them in the flesh. It was kind of a big mistake taking an excitable four and a half year old boy into a luxury lamp shop as any parent will testify to. If you're not a parent, then imagine taking a puppy into a luxury lamp shop instead. Understand now? And yes, I did just compare my son to a dog. A very cute one though.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

Anyway, luckily he didn't destroy anything, despite the fact he has this uncanny knack of launching himself several metres across a room at any given time. I don't think even he knows when he's going to do it, so it made me very nervous indeed.

Rather fortunately, the lovely Nicky Trimboy, who along with her mother Suzie, designs and makes these most gorgeous lamps, didn't kick us out of her shop. On the contrary, she welcomed us with open arms and I really tested Baxter's patience by staying chatting for quite some time, whilst ogling the gorgeous goods!

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

Love&Light launched last year and are a true family business, started after Nicky was made redundant from her job in the city, and consequently completed an Interior Design course at KLC. During the course, Nicky was completely enamoured by the lighting component, and when she saw that Suzie had just had a statue converted to a lamp, the idea to launch Love & Light was born.

Nicky and Suzie use craftsmen local to their Wiltshire studio to wire the lamps, make the shades and the wooden bases that they then meticulously decorate, using chalk based and metallic paints, sometimes panels of polished or weathered zinc or copper, and antique wax finishes.

After much deliberation and mind-changing (seriously - a LOT) I chose 'Sheba', a Copper Pyramid Lamp from the Classics range, and it really is a classic - it would work equally well in a traditional interior as it does in my house. I love the tapered 'Cocoa' base mixed with polished copper and the 'Inky Blue' large linen drum shade. It's total lamp love.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

Aside from this collection, I also adore the Harlequin Metals and the New Grande Geometrics. The list goes on basically, they're all so striking.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog
Clockwise from top left: Geo Column, Geo Bambi, Geo Grande, Geo Midi. Images: Love&Light

How fabulous does my new lamp look in my house? It totally works in every room! At the moment it's in the living room where it looks amazing, but I love it in the dining room, and in the kitchen against the matt black tiles. I've photographed it in a few different settings because, well, I couldn't resist. However, it's actually destined to go somewhere else in my house, but you'll have to wait to find out about that in the next week or two, when I share my plans for a big room swap and repurpose. I'm so excited! I guess I'm a bit like a puppy too...

Do go and check out Nicky and Suzie's lamps, and let me know which one is your favourite! You can also find them on 1stdibs and Dering Hall.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Love&Light.

Tuesday, July 5

Fab Five - Pink Sofas

After my post about Colour Drenching last week, I've become even more obsessed with monochrome rooms, and I keep seeing beautiful pink sofas and chairs that would just look so amazing against pale pink walls. You know, like the pale pink walls in my living room.

I basically want my living room to look like The Gallery at Sketch if I'm really honest. Who wouldn't? And I've decided that I need to take more risks with my future purchases, because life's short - buy the pink sofa!

I've rounded up my favourites here, as a reminder to myself for when we're in the market to replace our 'lived in' grey sofa, which I'm pretty over, but as we've just bought a (rather more sensible!) sofa for another room, we are most definitely not in the market right now.

But you might be in the market, and as always, a girl's gotta dream, right?

Fab Five Pink Sofas - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Mr Jones - Open Plan Living
2. Vintage Rose Berkley Chair (comes as a sofa too) - Sweetpea & Willow
3. Charlotte Chesterfield - Love Your Home
4. Rockstar - Loaf
5. Toward by Erik Jorgensen - Nest

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