Friday, July 29

Fantasy House Friday! [Talisman London]

The other day I took delivery of a self-watering pot for my fiddle-leaf fig tree, which has never been a happy specimen. I know that it's more about the plant than my care (or lack thereof), because it arrived with loads of damaged leaves and dropped plenty of them too. And then some. It was in shock from it's overnight cold winter journey. It has stopped dropping so many now, but clearly isn't happy, so I'm hoping the self-watering pot will perk it up a little. Yes, I'm getting desperate.

Anyway, I re-potted it and decided that it needed to be moved further into the bay window to get more light - it had previously been just to the side of the bay to allow for the very wide pink chair that lives there.

So the pink chair needed to move, which resulted in a late night furniture re-shuffle, and although I'm happy with the new layout in essence, I do feel that the bay is a little dull now without the pink showstopper chair there. I've put the black vintage Pieff Beta chair there for now, which is lovely, but understated. But the bay needs a showstopper, not a wallflower as it's the first thing you look at when you walk into the room. So I may be on the slow hunt for a new chair to fit the bill.

Which brings me to today's Fantasy House Friday pick.  Get a load of this chair from Talisman London. Yep, this is what I'm talking about. In my dreams...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fantasy House Friday Talisman London Leopard Chair
Image: Talisman London
French For Pineapple Blog - Fantasy House Friday Talisman London Leopard Chair
Image: Talisman London
This is a Thayer Coggin chair and footstool from 1993 with the original upholstery, which looks to be in pristine condition, and I love it.

And I actually feel a little bit sick knowing that I am not going to be the owner of this absolute stunner. Seriously.

Don't forget that you can click on the Fantasy House Friday label below to see older entries, for some luxury interiors inspiration. But remember that some of the Fantasy House Friday selections are antique and vintage, and although they were available at time of publishing, they may have been snapped up by some lucky person by the time you read this post. However, be inspired and discover some shops, suppliers and brands that you may not have known about previously.


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