Friday, October 28

Fantasy House Friday [Baker Street Boys]

Even the Fantasy House needs some practical items, and when I saw these Connect serving boards on the Baker Street Boys website, I knew they'd be perfect in the Fantasy House kitchen.

Imagine a whole line of them down the centre of a grand table with an incredible array of cold meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, olives and so on. A-mazing!

They'd actually be perfect in my real life kitchen too to distract from the fact that I don't like it, but that's another post.

They come in a choice of three combinations including an oak and marble combo, which is also rather lovely, but obviously the black and white marble is my pick. Just. So. Gorgeous. 

French For Pineapple - Fantasy House Friday - Connect Boards
Image: Baker Street Boys


Wednesday, October 26

Gotta Love A Lava Lamp! [Mathmos Neo]

When I was in my twenties (a.k.a a very long time ago) I shared a flat with a girlfriend who is still a great friend of mine today.

I have so many great memories of the years we lived together in that cute little flat in Sydney - boy did we have some good times. Sigh.

French For Pineapple Blog - Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp
Image: Mathmos

We both had full time jobs, in fact we also worked together, but that didn't stop the constant parties - the turntable was always spinning, the vinyl strewn across the floor (we were young and carefree, what can I say?!), and the lava lamp was always glowing. 

The lava lamp always added so much atmosphere, and I really wished it was mine. Sadly it belonged to my friend (I must ask her if she still has it!).

French For Pineapple Blog - Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp
Image: Mathmos

Needless to say, when Mathmos, the original makers of Lava Lamps, got in touch to see if I'd like to check out their new 'Neo' model, my first thought was of those party days. It induced an instant, happy trip, down memory lane. I love it when that happens! (Polaroids also have the same effect!)

My second thought, was do I still like them? Would it work in my house some twenty odd years later?

Then I saw the lifestyle images, and the answer was a resounding YES! I definitely still love them after all these years.

Neo, launched just this week, has a cool minimalist base that comes in either a chrome or copper finish which feels so fresh. And a choice of colours for the 'lava' itself. 

French For Pineapple Blog - Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp
Images: Mathmos

It was a no-brainer choosing the base colour - copper of course. I found it trickier choosing the lava colour though, and changed my mind approximately sixty-five times. In the end, and rather controversially given my er, dislike of red, I chose the red! I know, weird, but it kind of looks a bit pink in some lights, and it's sooooo pretty next to the copper. Rules were made to be broken after all, even my own.

What I had forgotten about lava lamps, and what I was reminded of once I'd assembled Neo and he'd heated up and the lava got going, is that the slow motion of the lava rising, forming shapes and falling, is incredibly mesmerising and relaxing to watch. I'm so happy to have a lava lamp in my life again.

Will you just check Neo out? So gorgeous.

French For Pineapple Blog - Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp

I'm not sure if this will be Neo's permanent spot in the house, because he'd also look great in the kitchen or the living room.

And of course both kids want him in their bedrooms. Neo is safe for use by younger fans too, with shatterproof glass, a low voltage halogen bulb that's directed at the lava not the metal so it doesn't get too hot, and you can even screw the base to a surface so it can't be knocked over. Yep, I can see Neo spending time in a few different rooms for sure.

Now for the really exciting bit! I've teamed up with Mathmos to offer one of my readers their very own Neo Lava Lamp!

See details below for how to enter, and have a look at all the colour options for Neo on the Mathmos website.

French For Pineapple Blog - Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp

It's simple to enter the giveaway - just follow both me and Mathmos on Instagram, and leave a comment below to let me know you've entered, including your Instagram handle. The winner will be announced on my Instagram account, on on Wednesday the 9th of November, 2016, so keep your eyes peeled!

Terms & Conditions:
The prize is for one Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp
Giveaway is open to UK residents only
You must be over 18 to enter
No cash alternative is offered
The prize is not transferable
The winner can choose the base finish and lava colour, subject to availability
The prize will be sent to the winner directly from Mathmos
The winner will be selected at random using Sweep Judge
Competition closes on Tuesday 8th of November, 2016, at 23:59 GMT
The winner will be notified on Instagram on Wednesday 9th of November, 2016
If the winner doesn't get in touch to claim their prize within seven days, another winner will be drawn at random and announced as above.
This giveaway is not associated in any way with Twitter or Instagram

Good luck!

This post is in collaboration with Mathmos.

Monday, October 24

Fab Five - Wall & Coat Hooks

Following on from last weeks Fab Five Umbrella Stands, I'm going practical again today. But obviously, practical needs to be pretty too.

Wall and coat hooks are something I find particularly tricky, mostly because I don't like many. I don't want traditional or rustic, I'm annoying like that. I had a few in mind for this post that I love, and stumbled upon a few more that I'd not seen before that I also love. Handy that.

You might notice there's a bit of a theme running through most of my choices! Predictable I know. Some of these are actually too pretty to hang anything on, especially in my house where you can't actually see any of the coat rack because it's so overloaded. Maybe if I got one of these, I might thin out what 'needs' to go on there.

I have some of the beautiful hand made Chocolate Creative wall hooks (in black as pictured) waiting to go up in both my daughter's room, for her to hang scarves, bags and jewellery from. I love them - they're so versatile and are available in a huge range of colours.

Fab Five Wall And Coat Hooks - French For Pineapple Blog

1.  Wooden Wall Hooks - Chocolate Creative
2. Circle Rack - Sara Mellone
3. Boutique Hotel Hanging Hooks - John Lewis
4. The Hook - Buster & Punch
5. Brass Hooks - Ferm Living at Made in Design

Friday, October 21

Fantasy House Friday [Bethan Gray]

Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Bethan Gray exhibition on my whirlwind tour of Design Junction. My highlights package is still on it's way in case you're wondering.

However, I'd have had to be blind not to notice the absolutely stunning Nizwa cabinet popping up again and again in my Instagram feed.

Image: Bethan Gray

Part of The Shamsian collection, it was launched at Design Junction - a collaboration between Bethan and Iranian artist Mohamad Reza Shamsian.

'The exclusive Shamsian Collection highlights the meticulous technique of inlaying/overlaying solid brass and paua shell inlay into coloured solid wood and maple veneer, creating a highly detailed, exquisite patterning that perfectly accentuates Bethan’s designs. The remarkable collection merges traditional craft with modern, elegant and contemporary design to create a truly unique and timeless aesthetic'

That. And it speaks to me on ALL THE LEVELS. The colour. The shape. The materials. The detail. Divine.

Have a further look at the Shamsian collection here.


Wednesday, October 19

A Mini Bathroom Makeover

On Monday, I had an epiphany (or possibly, a tantrum). I decided that I couldn't stand our main bathroom in it's current state any longer, and that something had to give. My husband is going to be THRILLED I tell you.

Unfortunately it won't be immediately ripped out so I can have the bathroom of my dreams, no, that will have to wait, til, er, some day in the distant future, when I can justify the spend.

However, I can no longer stand the horrible stained grout, which despite my best efforts with industrial chemicals, remains stubbornly awful.

Urgh. I can't believe I'm sharing these pictures here again. Yep, the bathroom still looks likes this, though I have now at least started on some of the work below...

A Mini Bathroom Makeover - French For Pineapple Blog

A Mini Bathroom Makeover - French For Pineapple Blog

Pretty underwhelming and grotty isn't it?

The peeling paint on the window, isn't going to fix itself, nor the peeling paint on the ceiling (did you see what happened when I scraped off a tiny bit of it on Instagram Stories? Half the paint on the ceiling came off! Wah!). The cracks in the grout and ceiling are also on my hit-list, as is the door that was painted the wrong shade of grey many moons ago, and in the wrong finish.

The too high tiled in mirrors will sadly stay for now (even though I have to stand on my toes to see my whole face!), and I won't be changing the chrome taps and shower head for black or brass just yet either (boo!).

I'm really only changing a few small-ish things, rather than creating my dream bathroom, but hopefully these changes will make it a much more bearable bathroom to live with for probably, another few years.

I found this beautiful, simple yet elegant bathroom whilst searching for inspiration, for my makeover, and although I won't be able to achieve anything quite this lovely on my non-existent budget, it's now my inspiration, to encourage me to breathe some much needed life back into our poor neglected bathroom.

A Mini Bathroom Makeover - French For Pineapple Blog
Image: House and Home / Michael Graydon

Here's the plan!

Stain and seal the grout in grey. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat with white grout. Yes, it will be busy with the small tiles, but I don't mind busy in a bathroom. I'm not a relax in the bath for hours kind of person - in fact I hate baths. I'm in and out of that shower as quickly as possible, so busy is fine. I've found a product that is a grout stain and sealant rather than a grout paint, and makes pretty impressive claims. Does this make me nervous? Yes! I'll have to do a test or two in an inconspicuous area first.

[In an ideal world all the tiles would go, and we'd replace them with a marble in the shower area, and the walls would be skimmed and painted. This is the plan for the eventual full makeover.]

Scrape back and re-paint the window, door frame and ceiling. Not sure about the colour yet, but it will be either pink, green or black! We'll have to have a family meeting about this one. I'm leaning towards a green at the moment, and I have a few in mind along these lines...

A Mini Bathroom Makeover - French For Pineapple Blog

A bit of colour in the room will also help to distract from the less than perfect grout, that even once stained isn't the dream grout job. We were not responsible for the grout job, I should add.

Replace the water damaged top, side and doors of the built in cupboards with painted mdf or probably more suitably, marine ply, and something a bit more special on the top. Like marble. Obvs. I may add some moulding to the doors too. Or clad them in brass. In my dreams.

As for the floor, my brilliant idea of pale grey glitter vinyl that I liked for approximately two seconds eight years ago, and never even bothered to finish sticking down, has got to go. I'll replace it with plain cheap vinyl tiles for now. To be honest, almost anything would be better than what we've currently got!

[The dream would be underfloor heating and marble tiles on the floor eventually!]

These things will make a MASSIVE difference to how I feel about the bathroom, because at the moment it's actually awful and grotty, and really not a nice place to be, which is why you never see it here, or on my Instagram account. So I'm determined to change that over the next few weeks.

So here's a little moodboard, to give you an idea of the direction I'm heading. Things will no doubt change, but all hopefully for the better. Wish me luck!

A Mini Bathroom Makeover - French For Pineapple Blog

I have a lovely Fantasy Friday for you on, um, Friday, funnily enough, and Fab Five is back on Monday. Then on Wednesday, make sure you pop in, because I'm running a fun competition! The first one ever on French For Pineapple in fact.


Monday, October 17

Fab Five - Umbrella Stands

It's quite possibly a true sign of age when you start thinking about super practical items for your home such as umbrella stands. Do you own one? I don't, but I certainly get annoyed by dripping wet umbrellas dumped in the hallway or precariously hanging off radiators, so perhaps it's time I did.

If I have to consider owning such an item, it had better be beautiful as well as practical. After all, if it's going to be in the hallway near the front door, you want it to make a good impression, right?

It's the first time I've ever looked at umbrella stands in my life (yep, definitely an age thing), and I certainly wouldn't consider spending a huge amount of money on one - I've come across some for several hundred pounds! So I decided to cap the price of this selection at £100. Plenty enough I think to spend on such an item.

I've excluded any that were too open to be useful for folding umbrellas, and I should have excluded the India Jane one for not being very practical, and really only being suitable for dry umbrellas. Easily remedied with the addition of a plastic pot to line it, though they should have thought of that shouldn't they? Tut, tut. Anyway, I kept it in because it's beautiful.

Double brownie points to West Elm for having not one, but two beautiful options. I do love West Elm.

Boy have I looked at a LOT of umbrella stands!

As I suspected, such a 'grown-up' item sadly means that so many options are very traditional - much too much for my taste, but search hard enough and you'll find the good ones. Oh wait, I've done that for you...

Fab Five Umbrella Stands - French For Pineapple Blog

1.  Safari Cane - India Jane
2. Geo - West Elm
3. Blue Ceramic - Graham & Green
4. Deco - West Elm
5. Ceramic - Acacia Home


Friday, October 14

Fantasy House Friday [Smeg]

Trends take a long time to pass don't they?

My theory, based on personal observation, is that more than fifteen years can pass before they have completely filtered through the trend cycle from innovators and early adopters, to the dregs of the high street. 

When I moved to the UK back in December of 2002, my husband had recently purchased a red Smeg fridge. Just saying that, you probably know which fridge I'm talking about. Yep, the retro FAB model, still loved by so many all these years later. Except me.

I don't do retro these days, and I don't do red. Never have. I'm a pink girl thanks very much. The only time I find red acceptable in an interior is when it's next to pink, and even then it's not guaranteed. And I don't do red lips, nails, or clothes. Don't even get me started on red tinsel...

So as you can probably guess, I never did like that fridge.

Over the years I came to resent it more and more. Unreasonably so. It didn't have a proper freezer. It had an internal ice-box style freezer instead. Basically big enough for a couple of trays of ice, a bag of frozen peas and a small box of fish fingers if you packed it efficiently. It was, as far as I was concerned, a bachelor fridge. 

We became parents. I used to wait, and hope and pray that the fridge would break down so I could justify buying a new one - a 'proper' family fridge.

It didn't die. Parts, like the plastic door shelves would break, and be horrifically expensive to replace. The ice-box door broke, so that every time you opened it, the entire door would come off in your hand, but I refused to spend £100 (yes, really) on a new door, so we just lived with it.

For years.

Just like the cheap sunglasses that you never lose, that fridge just wouldn't quit. It was mocking me, I'm sure. In fact, for over TWELVE YEARS I wished that fridge would pack it in. It didn't. I guess that's testament to the motor of a Smeg fridge. 

It wasn't until some friends were ripping out their entire kitchen and offered us their mammoth American style fridge-freezer two years ago, that I was finally able to send that red fridge on it's way.

I love our 'new' fridge. Again, perhaps more than is reasonable. It's massive, and I couldn't wait to fill that freezer with all the things a family 'needs'. No longer did I have to consider whether buying a tub of ice-cream would result in having to throw away a perfectly good bag of frozen peas. Would the vodka have to come out if I bought that extra chicken? Priorities. 

Why did I put up with something I hated so much for so long? Well, I'm not entirely sure. I think I hate waste in nearly equal measures. That, and I was sure it would break soon. In hindsight I could have sold it and bought a less-offensive cheaper one. Hindsight is great isn't it?

I often think about what fridge I would get when we one day do our kitchen. 

Would I want something integrated? Or with a water and ice dispenser? 

Probably not actually.

You might be surprised to hear that the number one contender is in fact a Smeg. I don't have an issue with the brand you see. Who could blame them for milking the retro cash-cow for all it's worth after all?

But of course, this model isn't readily available in the U.K, probably because everyone here is still so fixated on the retro FAB one. Google 'smeg fridge' and what do you see?

Please, let's move on from that so we can have different and contemporary models on offer like this absolute stunner (yep, I just called a fridge stunning). 

Smeg Fridge - Fantasy House Friday - French For Pineapple Blog

The Smeg FA800AO is matt black with brass handles, and would look so amazing in the Fantasy House Kitchen.

And perhaps in another few years they might let us have it in the U.K too, so I can have it in my real-life kitchen some day...

What ever-lasting trends are getting your goat right now? I have a few others of course, including the Pineapple sadly, which is in serious danger of becoming the new 'Keep Calm'.

Thursday, October 13

How Do You Entertain At Home?

No, not jumping through hoops, putting on a show, or playing party games, well at least I hope not, unless it's a kids party of course. I'm talking about us grown-ups here.

I think we all have different ways of entertaining, and I also feel that the way we entertain reflects the way we decorate our homes and vice versa.

For me, decorating and entertaining follow the same pattern. I like to keep things casual and welcoming, but I also like a bit of luxury and glamour. So whilst I won't be serving caviar, I will buy a bottle of champagne occasionally. I can't afford a new kitchen with marble worktops (er, maybe that's because of all the champagne?), but I will buy a Diptyque candle, and serve that champagne in beautiful glasses. And of course make the house look (and smell) as nice as possible.

So entertaining for me is the whole package. It's about setting the scene, as much as it's about what I might serve.

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

I love entertaining at home, and I also love an excuse to celebrate, so when LSA International asked if I'd like to choose some pieces from their current collection for this post, I knew immediately what I'd do - help them celebrate of course! Well, it is their birthday after all.

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International
I'm sure you're already familiar with LSA. I already own several LSA pieces, in fact they're my go-to brand for vases and glasses, but what I didn't know is that their product range is much more broad, including products made with porcelain, leather, wood and enamelled steel, and that they actually started with a small collection of traditional Polish enamelware back in the sixties.

This year marks LSA's fiftieth birthday. The company is still owned by the family that founded it, and each year 250 pieces are added to the collection, all designed by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas (daughter of co-founder Janusz Lubkowski), who is the designer and creative director, with nearly all their glassware being mouth blown in Poland. 

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

Part of the fun for me when entertaining at home, is making the house look it's best - much to my husbands despair! (Quick, clean the bathroom, they'll be here in half an hour! Take the pile of clean washing upstairs! No! You can't leave the laundry drying there! Shut the bedroom door, I haven't made the bed! Where's the hoover??! You know, that kind of thing.)

Getting the lighting right if it's in the evening, lighting some scented candles no matter what time of day it is, getting some nibbles ready, and of course popping open a bottle of champagne (or prosecco when the purse strings are tighter), and pouring myself as glass whilst doing all of the above, is all part of the joy. If only my house looked the way it does when we're expecting company all the time.

So let's have a look at the lovely pieces I chose...

First up, is the super pretty Host bowl. Small, but perfectly formed, it's satisfyingly heavy and chunky, but that heaviness is offset by the delicate translucent pink. I love it. Perfect not only in the kitchen for olives and nuts, but also useful at the bedside for jewellery at the end of the day. To be honest, it's so pretty it doesn't need anything in it, and it looks perfectly lovely anywhere, as is.

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

The disc bowl immediately caught my eye; the black stained beech handle on the glass bowl is so unusual, and the brass fixtures finish it off beautifully. Again, this piece is so versatile. I've styled it here full of limes, but I imagine it will be filled with sweets very shortly as my kids favourite event of the year, aka Halloween rolls around! 

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

These Aurelia champagne saucers are super chic and glamourous, and make champagne seem even more special. The fluted glass gives them a vintage feel, and coupled with the fine stem, I find them completely irresistible.

But don't save them for champagne exclusively! Remember to pull them out for serving cocktails in too.

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

The stemless wine glasses are kind of for my husband. He's a wine lover, but me, not so much. However, I do love an Aperol spritz served in these glasses, and to be honest, they're so lovely to hold, even a sparkling water with a slice of lime tastes better in one of these. They're also perfect for the special non-alcoholic drinks I like making for the kids when we're entertaining, so they feel special too.

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

The city ice bucket is just the right size to be useful without taking up a huge amount of space, and does fit a full sized bottle of champagne even though it's not marketed as a champagne bucket in this size (this is the 18cm high size, there's a roomier champagne bucket size too). I'll be using it on the bar to have ice to hand when we finally finish the TV room at the top of the house! 

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

Lastly, the enamelled steel utility pot with leather handle, is a lovely piece whether used for its intended purpose or not. It's now found a home on the kitchen bench full of wooden utensils, but would also be a super cute vase.

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

Let me know if you're like me with your entertaining habits, because I think I might be a *little bit* of a nightmare. Does the house have to be looking Instagram-worthy before you'll let anyone through the front door?

How Do You Entertain At Home - French For Pineapple Blog - LSA International

This post is in collaboration with LSA International. All products are available from Amara. Happy Birthday LSA!


Monday, October 10

Habitat Lighting [AW16]

French For Pineapple Blog - Porcini Lamp
Porcini Lamp / Bianca Hall for French For Pineapple

There are a few places I automatically look at when I'm considering new lighting for my home, and Habitat is firmly on that list.

Their Autumn/Winter collection doesn't disappoint, with a lovely selection to choose from.

I need to replace a few lights in our house for various reasons (er, mostly mistakes on my part!), so I thought I'd share the lights I'm considering using, including a couple of my favourite picks from the new collection.

First up, is Baxters bedroom. I had bought a lovely looking brass finish light for his room, but as soon as it was installed, it became apparent that it was more of a lamp than a main light - due to it's torch-like shape, and the solid metal material, it gave off very little light, and whilst it looked great, it was virtually useless. Oops! Good job that I'd bought it on sale.

So it needs to be replaced, and I'm considering this gorgeous Astrid light. It would look great in Baxters room, give off lots of light, whilst working with his low ceiling. It's got a kind of futuristic feel to it that would work well in a boys room, or any space for that matter. I just need to figure out if it will be far enough away from the top bunk, so as not to be dangerously tempting for little boys to grab at. Hmmm.

French For Pineapple Blog - Astrid Light
Image: Astrid Light / Habitat

If it won't work in Baxter's room, then it's also a contender to replace the landing light outside our bedroom. It also comes in a black version, and I can't decide which one I like best. Basically, I love it, and want to use it somewhere! Currently, the light on the landing is a bare decorative bulb on a neon pink flex, but I'm kind of over that look and feel the space needs something more substantial. This Euan light is also a possibility. I love the simple shape and matt black finish.

French For Pineapple Blog - Euan Light
Image: Euan Light / Habitat

Another one that I love, but don't actually have a spot for (dammit!), is the oversized Collette pendant that I fell for at the press show back in June. It's a real showstopper. You can't really tell how big it is in this image, but it's got a real presence with a diameter and height of 65 centimetres. It would look fabulous hung quite low over a dining table. Yes, mine included!

French For Pineapple Blog - Collette Light
Image: Collette Light / Habitat

And last, but definitely not least is the gorgeous Porcini Lamp, looking very comfortable in my dining room. I was given this when I attended Habitat's very first Light Club, celebrating the AW16 lighting collection launch.

French For Pineapple Blog - Porcini Lamp
Image: Porcini Lamp / Bianca Hall for French For Pineapple

By the time I arrived, the cocktails were flowing freely, the music was pumping, and indeed, there were people going for it on the dance floor - right in the middle of the lighting section of Habitat on Tottenham Court Road! Surreal, but totally fun. Light Club. Geddit!?

The Light Club I attended was a private event, but Habitat are throwing open the Light Club doors again, as a one-night-only pop-up on Thursday 27th of October. There are no tickets available at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled as they just might release a few more closer to the date!

This post is in collaboration with Habitat.

(Fab Five will be back next Monday!)


Friday, October 7

Fantasy House Friday [Broken Hare]

Now I don't want you to start thinking I'm Morticia Addams, after the skull accessories post on Monday, but, this week I realised that a Fantasy House is not a Fantasy House without a spot of taxidermy in it. It just isn't.

Well, faux-taxidermy in this instance.

When I saw this life-size faux giraffe head (and um, neck, obvs!) from Broken Hare this week, I knew it had to go straight into the house.

There's a zebra and a fox too, among other creatures, but the giraffe definitely wins for me. 

French For Pineapple Blog - Faux Taxidermy
Image: Broken Hare

I've always loved taxidermy. I don't own any, but it's definitely on the list. I actually spotted amazing company at Decorex who do the real thing (leopard anyone?!), but I'll tell you more about them in my London Design Festival roundup post soon. 

Faux taxidermy to me, normally means unrealistic, which I'm not keen on, except maybe for kids rooms, but Broken Hare have taken faux-taxidermy to a whole new level, with incredible detail and artistry in their pieces. I mean, just look at that face!

This would be mounted in a stairwell of the Fantasy House, obviously.

What do you think? Too much? Would it scare the living daylights out of you? Or would you rather the real thing? Only if it died from natural causes obviously, no horrific, barbaric trophy heads here, thanks very much. 

Do check out Broken Hare's website for more, and let me know what you think! 


Wednesday, October 5

Introducing The Lounge Co.

You know I get emotional about sofas don't you? Well, when The Lounge Co. got in touch to introduce themselves, I did a little happy seat shuffle, because, well, they're so beautiful, and I'm always thinking about our next sofa purchase.

The sofa in our living room is nearly nine years old, and it's definitely seen better days as it's been subjected to lots of wear and tear at the hands of our kids. And when I say lots, I mean LOTS.

French For Pineapple Blog - Introducing The Lounge Co.
Image: The Lounge Co.

I'd say that after your bed, the sofa is the most hardworking and important piece of furniture you'll buy, so it's vital that it's right for your style, and the way you live.

Since we bought our living room sofa, our family has grown by one member, but as he's only just about to turn five, he still goes to bed pretty early, and isn't yet in the evening-get-the-best-spot-on-the-sofa-competition. But even as it is, only two of us tend to sit on our three seater at a time, as we all like to spread out, and zone out. The third person takes the big armchair, but once Baxter is older and staying up a bit later, we'll need to reconsider our current set up, and we'll either need a much bigger sofa, or perhaps have two, three seaters. Oh, the (exciting!) floorplan dramas that will create!

French For Pineapple Blog - Introducing The Lounge Co.
Image: The Lounge Co.

The Lounge Co. has recently launched twenty-one galleries across the UK, within existing independent furniture stores. Because, you know, a sofa is an investment and you really need to test drive it first.

When we bought a new sofa a few months ago for a different room (which you'll hear about really soon), I did extensive research online as it needed to have very specific dimensions to fit the space. Then once I'd found the right one, I headed off on a pilgrimage to check it out in person.

French For Pineapple Blog - Introducing The Lounge Co.
The Lounge Co.

I wouldn't dream of buying a sofa that I couldn't sit on first, so it's great that The Lounge Co. offer the best of both worlds.

You can 'build' your own sofa online, which is a feature I love, and my suggestion is to do just that, before heading off to a gallery. Choose your size, design, and then fabric. There are even three finishes to choose from for the legs - Walnut, Vintage Oak, and Washed Oak.

French For Pineapple Blog - Introducing The Lounge Co.
Image: The Lounge Co.

Here are my favourite combinations...

French For Pineapple Blog - Introducing The Lounge Co.

With a huge array of fabric and colour options to choose from, the twenty-four piece collection, (which includes armchairs and footstools), is not only designed and made in the UK, but it's made by the people behind G-plan and Parker Knoll.

I'd say that makes them experts, wouldn't you?

French For Pineapple Blog - Introducing The Lounge Co.
Image: The Lounge Co.

This post is in collaboration with The Lounge Co.

Monday, October 3

Fab Five - Skull Accessories

Anyone who knows me, or is a regular reader of this here blog, knows that I have a thing for skulls. 

Not in a morbid way, I'm just always drawn to them. Can't help it. I guess it could be a hangover from my teen goth years, and refusal to ever really 'grow up' and do 'grown up' interiors, but whatever the case, they're a constant in my world.

But for me, there's a fine line between a cool, beautiful skull - think simple, unadorned, matt or brass finish, tacky skulls - think faux diamond covered versions, and full on terrify-the-kids death-metal kind of skulls. 

Let's stick with the former. Don't cross that line, people. 

As you well know, there are always exceptions to the rule, and when it comes to Mexican Day of the Dead paraphernalia, please do throw the skull rule book out the window and go for it! 

So with that in mind, and with both Halloween and Day Of The Dead fast approaching, today's post is all about my favourite skulls...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Skull Accessories

2. Day Of The Dead Frida skull - Viva La Frida (I have two tea light covers very similar to this but they don't seem to be available anywhere anymore sadly)
5. Skeleton VII - Milagros (Two of these beautiful statues were spotted in one of the Living Etc House Tours on Friday!).
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