Monday, October 17

Fab Five - Umbrella Stands

It's quite possibly a true sign of age when you start thinking about super practical items for your home such as umbrella stands. Do you own one? I don't, but I certainly get annoyed by dripping wet umbrellas dumped in the hallway or precariously hanging off radiators, so perhaps it's time I did.

If I have to consider owning such an item, it had better be beautiful as well as practical. After all, if it's going to be in the hallway near the front door, you want it to make a good impression, right?

It's the first time I've ever looked at umbrella stands in my life (yep, definitely an age thing), and I certainly wouldn't consider spending a huge amount of money on one - I've come across some for several hundred pounds! So I decided to cap the price of this selection at £100. Plenty enough I think to spend on such an item.

I've excluded any that were too open to be useful for folding umbrellas, and I should have excluded the India Jane one for not being very practical, and really only being suitable for dry umbrellas. Easily remedied with the addition of a plastic pot to line it, though they should have thought of that shouldn't they? Tut, tut. Anyway, I kept it in because it's beautiful.

Double brownie points to West Elm for having not one, but two beautiful options. I do love West Elm.

Boy have I looked at a LOT of umbrella stands!

As I suspected, such a 'grown-up' item sadly means that so many options are very traditional - much too much for my taste, but search hard enough and you'll find the good ones. Oh wait, I've done that for you...

Fab Five Umbrella Stands - French For Pineapple Blog

1.  Safari Cane - India Jane
2. Geo - West Elm
3. Blue Ceramic - Graham & Green
4. Deco - West Elm
5. Ceramic - Acacia Home


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  1. I didn't realise I needed an umbrella stand until now. The West Elm ones are gorgeous.


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