Friday, October 21

Fantasy House Friday [Bethan Gray]

Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Bethan Gray exhibition on my whirlwind tour of Design Junction. My highlights package is still on it's way in case you're wondering.

However, I'd have had to be blind not to notice the absolutely stunning Nizwa cabinet popping up again and again in my Instagram feed.

Image: Bethan Gray

Part of The Shamsian collection, it was launched at Design Junction - a collaboration between Bethan and Iranian artist Mohamad Reza Shamsian.

'The exclusive Shamsian Collection highlights the meticulous technique of inlaying/overlaying solid brass and paua shell inlay into coloured solid wood and maple veneer, creating a highly detailed, exquisite patterning that perfectly accentuates Bethan’s designs. The remarkable collection merges traditional craft with modern, elegant and contemporary design to create a truly unique and timeless aesthetic'

That. And it speaks to me on ALL THE LEVELS. The colour. The shape. The materials. The detail. Divine.

Have a further look at the Shamsian collection here.


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