Monday, November 7

Fab Five - Gold Cutlery Sets

It's the second week of November, so even I'm not getting grumpy when hearing about Christmas now. In fact, my mind keeps wandering to how I'll decorate this year - a little earlier than last year for the kids sake! I'll also be making sure the tree is beautiful and big, but in height rather than diameter, because when the kids and my husband arrived home with last years tree, it took up WAY too much space, and I turned into The Grinch. Again. I think I may have given it quite a serious haircut too.

So this year I've pledged to myself that I'll get more into the spirit.

However, I still draw the line at tinsel. Nope. Not here thanks. That's something that my family just have to deal with. And I won't be decorating with red and green either. You know I don't do red, right? Not even for Christmas.

I've been putting some thought into the Christmas table, and really wish I had gold cutlery to put on it. And to use every day of course. Alas, it's pretty low on the things to buy list right now, but that's never stopped me from looking before, and it's not about to now.

I'm sharing my favourite five with you today. I saw plenty of other sets that I liked the look of, but I'm quite particular (surprise, surprise) about how cutlery feels when in use, so I've discounted anything too thin and flat (yeah, taking the name flatware a bit too literally). No one wants to buy a beautiful new set of gold cutlery to find the finish coming off within weeks, so ask questions, do your research and make sure you check it's dishwasher safe if you want to use it as your everyday cutlery.

French For Pineapple - Fab Five Gold Cutlery Sets

1.  Ralph Lauren Academy 5 Piece Place Set - Amara (Just, YES.)
2. Thai Bronze Bamboo - Ebay (Loads to be found, both vintage and new!)
3. Viners Gold - John Lewis (Also available in Rose Gold)
4. Geo Gold - West Elm (US only sadly. Story of my life!)
5. Biba Odette - House Of Fraser (Um, YES PLEASE! And it's on Sale!!)


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