Friday, November 25

Kitchen & Dining Gift Guide

In today's gift guide I'm looking at kitchen and dining, as so many people these days are losing the traditional dining room (or don't have the luxury in the first place) and opting for a more open-plan kitchen diner.

We have a small table in the kitchen, which actually gets used much more than the dining room, but I'm lucky to have both options. For me though, if you're eating in the kitchen, it's even more important that you're surrounded by things that are practical AND beautiful. Well that should always be the case now shouldn't it?

French For PIneapple - Kitchen & Dining Christmas Gift Guide

1.  Hay Egg Timer - Made In Design
2. Bodo Sperlein - Goldline Plates
3. Nosh Oak Paddleboard - Prep at Trouva
4. Skull in Crown Two Cup Teapot - Melody Rose
5. Arles Linen Tea Towel - The Linen Works
6. Copper Triply Saucepan - Sainsburys
7. Sand Everyday Mug - Emma Lacey
8. Jadite Green Fish Dish - Paula Navone at The Conran Shop
9. Hario Buono Copper Pouring Kettle - Coffee Hit
10. Black Willow Rectangular Dish - Amara


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