Monday, December 5


I'm not a huge fan of the majority of products that are aimed at kids decor, but nor do I think that kids should live in dull grown-up spaces. There's a balance, and you can definitely find a huge array of products that become kid-worthy when put in kids rooms, even if they aren't marketed that way.

Case in point, all these lovely products that obviously work in grown-up spaces, but put a few together, and voila, cool kids interiors that will stand the test of time, with the odd tweak here and there as the years go by...

1.  Laundry (Toy!) Basket - French Connection Home
2.  Disco Cushion - Quirk & Rescue
3. Petri Polar Bear Side Table - Graham & Green
4. Cat Ring Dish - West Elm
5. Spiro Mounted Ulysses Butterfly - The Curious Department
6. Still Life Matryoshka - Couverture & The Garbstore
7. Sheppy Shearling Bean Bag - Habitat
8. String Pocket Shelves in Cobalt - Utility Design
9. Neo Lava Lamp - Mathmos
10. Equestrian Monogram Hook - Anthropologie

On Wednesday I'll be sharing my thoughts on a glam Christmas table for the time-poor and impatient, as part of the UK Home Blog Hop. It's awesome, so don't forget to come and join the Christmassy blogger fun!


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