Monday, March 27

Fab Five: Modern Branch Style Chandeliers

On Friday you might have caught me waffling away on Insa-stories about my new branch style 'Franklin' chandelier by Menu, that was about to be fitted in the bedroom (which has been undergoing a major overhaul).

I mentioned that it was by no means the cheapest version (nor the most expensive, I might add), and that I had really tried quite hard to fall in love with a more affordable option, but in the end, my heart had been stolen by this one. Honest, I did try. I even ordered another one first and cancelled it.

When I asked if I should put all the information regarding the other versions that I came across whilst researching the best options into a blog post, it was a resounding yes. So, thanks if you were one of those people - this is for you!

These range in price from a bargainatious £85.99 to an eye-watering £2600.00. I really love the shape of all five, but a combination of price and finish led me to my final choice...

Let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for the finished bedroom makeover on the blog soon!

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