Wednesday, July 26

Fab Five - Ornamental Coral

I know, it's a tad random and niche, but I'm obsessed with ornamental coral (and why do I only own one piece?!), so I figured I can't be the only person that rather fancies it, right? And I've been wanting to bring back my Fab Five series, because it turns out, people actually find it a quite handy reference.

So, it's back!

Also, coral and summer kind of work together, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I quite like it 'au natural', but by all means, spray it gold, neon pink, black, or er coral, whatever tickles your fancy.

Coral not only looks beautiful, but its fluid sculptural shape means it always adds a bit of interest on a shelf, sideboard or as a prop. In fact, I have to stop myself using the one piece I have in every single photograph. See? I do need more.

And just to clarify, I'm talking about faux resin coral, not real coral, because that's a little controversial to say the least, so I'm erring on the side of Tiffany's, and not promoting the purchase of the real thing. Let's not be a part of the demise of the beautiful coral reefs of the world, okay? That said, I guess vintage coral is an exception, and if you find some that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I want to know your source.

I've included a range of price points and sizes (the OKA one is nearly a metre wide - talk about making a statement!).

French For Pineapple Blog - Ornamental Coral

1. Coral Tree - Kelly Hoppen (a great selection and currently on sale)
2. Grand Cayman Coral on Plinth - India Jane (and check out the Key Largo coral candlesticks too!!)
3. Blue Coral - White Mint
4. Belize Coral - Oka
5. Black Coral Bowl - Mia Fleur (on sale and it's taking ALL my will power not to buy it!)


Wednesday, July 5

Shutter Love [Shutterly Fabulous]

I've always adored the look of shutters. They're incredibly practical and functional, but I'm particularly drawn to the way they look. They remind me of several of my favourite things - holidays in hot countries, chic Parisian apartments, and beautiful, grand old homes. And it can never be a bad thing to be reminded of those things, can it?

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - White Tier On Tier Plantation Shutters in glamourous bathroom with chandelier and wall moulding

I've always fancied shutters on our living room bay window, and I'm sure there were in fact shutters there at some point in time, but sadly they're long gone. Maybe it's my duty to reinstate them one day.

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - Black Plantation Shutters in glamorous living room with grey sofa and parquet floor

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - Full lenghth blue plantation shutters in bay window

I'd never thought about this until I started writing this post, but shutters would actually be the perfect fix in our kitchen too. We don't need a window covering for privacy particularly, but in the mornings, the sun blasts through that window, and as lovely as that is, it can actually be too hot when you're eating breakfast, and depending on what side of the kitchen table you're sitting on, it can also be unbearably and blindingly bright. Shutters would solve both those issues, and of course, look fantastic too. As well as helping to retain heat in the winter in one of the coldest rooms in our house. Hmmm...

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - Slatted Door Shutters in stunning black kitchen with marble splashback and worktops

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - Neutral Plantation Shutters in beautiful neutral kitchen with oak cabinets, parquet flooring and marble worktop

Aside from the romantic connotations of the appearance of shutters, from a practical point of view, they just win over all other window coverings.

Depending on your needs, Shutterly Fabulous shutters can offer complete darkness and privacy when required, with privacy fit or solid panel shutters, control over the amount and the angle of the light with plantation shutters, and the option for full privacy on the bottom, whilst letting the light in on the top with either tier or tier or cafe style shutters, so they really do offer practical solutions for all window covering issues.

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - cafe style blue shutters in bathroom with blue freestanding bath and blue and white rug

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - nautral wood shutter in bathroom with white subway tiles and black claw footed bath
Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - green tier on tier plantation shutters in neutral living room

I love classic black or white shutters, although natural woods are timeless too. Then again, Shutterly Fabulous can colour match to virtually any colour under the sun which is pretty amazing. How beautiful are these solid ombré shutters?!

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - ombre pink solid door shutters in modern dining room setting with coral chairs and parquet floor

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - solid aqua shutters

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - full lenght blue shutters in traditional room with wall moulidng and parquet floor with modern sofa

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - full length aqua shutters in dining room

When I started writing this post, I was going to maintain that although I love shutters, that I prefer something softer in bedrooms, but this beautiful imagery has actually shifted my point of view on that, so yes, I concede that they look amazing in bedrooms too.

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - solid pink shutters in bedroom setting

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - pink shutters in childs bedroom with yellow bunting

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - yellow plantation shutters in childs bedroom

And who knew they could be used over doors like this? These are solid panel tracked door shutters. So striking.

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - sold door shutters on tracks in modern kitchen with marble worktops

Shutterly Fabulous - French For Pineapple Blog - natural wood window and door shutters in neutral sitting area with parquet floor
Clearly I've had several shutter related epiphanies writing this post, and I did not expect that to happen! I've completely fallen in love with them, and I've decided that I definitely need some Shutterly Fabulous shutters in my life. In my kitchen, for starters.

Are you in the classic monochrome camp? The natural wood camp? Or the colour camp? Let me know in the comments!

This post is in collaboration with Shutterly Fabulous.

All images supplied by Shutterly Fabulous.

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