Monday, April 23

Linwood Fabrics & Wallpapers

When I came across Linwood Fabrics recently on Instagram, it was fabric and wallpaper love at first sight.

And the further I delved into their collections, the more I fell in love. And then I received a sample delivery and wanted to find a place for each and every fabric and wallpaper in my home.  Linwood have the air of a company that's been around a lot longer than their relatively young twenty-four years, with their newest Tango collection already feeling like a classic. Like a good pop song you just can't shake, their designs feel familiar yet fresh at the same time. I should also mention that they know a thing or two about presentation. How beautiful is this sample wrap?!

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Anyway, enough fan-girling, I’ve teamed up with Linwood and created four schemes using their fabrics and wallpapers, and honestly, although these days I’m more drawn to the neutral tones of my Pale & Interesting scheme, I actually love each one of these schemes as much as the next, and I had SO much fun creating them, as you can probably tell!

I think my personal interior style is a little schizophrenic, but with the amount of imagery we’re bombarded with on a daily basis I also think that’s completely normal. It’s also okay to love an over the top Colourful Maximalist scheme, but prefer to live predominantly with soft neutrals in your home, it’s okay to love the Dark & Moody look, but prefer to live with brights. And it’s also okay to love lots of different looks too. I’m not saying you should throw all these looks into your home, but you know, your home, your rules. And if you want a bit of everything? Why not?

Pale & Interesting

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

A neutral room that isn’t dull and sterile requires a lot of layering and texture. So a patterned (or textured) wallpaper is a great start, then add velvets, linens, and warm metallics. A bit of whimsy is a must. And even a pale room needs grounding with a touch of black (or in this case, charcoal).

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Walls: Hudson Bay Wallpapers – ‘Nova Scotia’

Upholstery: Tango Weaves –‘ Pampas’ in Dove

Soft Furnishings: Omega Italian Velvet in Mercury / Omega Italian Velvet in Latte / Tuscan Linen in Cane

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Dark & Moody

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

I adore this look and have fallen a bit head over heels for the Island Paradise wallpaper too. How far you go with wallpaper is of course up to you – one wall, two walls or all four, or just the ceiling, just a chimney breast, the backs of shelves – the possibilities are endless!

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Walls: Tango Wallpapers – ‘Island Paradise’ in Noir

Upholstery: Tuscan Linen in Dusk

Soft Furnishings: Fable Weaves – ‘Tyger’ – in Galaxy / Omega II Italian Velvet in Adriatic / Omega Italian Velvet in Linen

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Geo Dreams

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

I love the look of print on print, or as I like to call it, Pattern Drench. Whether it’s matching or contrasting colour ways, this look is always so much fun!

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Walls: Tango Wallpapers – ‘Pagoda’ in Sherbert

Upholstery: Tango Weaves – ‘Pagoda’ in Graphite

Soft Furnishings: Tango Italian Velvet in Blossom / Tango Italian Velvet in Peanut / Omega Italian Velvet in Pampas

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Colourful Maximalist

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

This look has been having a real moment of late, but it does need to be considered to stop it looking too chaotic. Keep some colour continuity by taking your secondary colours from your main colour source. In this case the green of the wallpaper is echoed in the stunning Jungle Rumble velvet, and the other fabric colours are taken from that.

The result is actually quite a restricted colour palette and that’s why it works. I love this Jungle Rumble print so much and it also comes in wallpaper. Firmly bookmarked for use in my house one day. A hallway or a cloakroom is perfect if you don’t want this much busy pattern in rooms you spend the most time in.

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

 Walls: Tango Wallpapers –‘ LA Sunset’ in Mantis

Upholstery: Tango – ‘Jungle Rumble’ in Leopard

Soft Furnishings: Tango Velvet in Sherbet / Omega II Italian Velvet in Cognac / Omega II Italian Velvet in Baize

French For Pineapple Blog - Linwood Fabrics

Many of these fabrics and wallpapers come in other colourways so do go and have an explore of the Linwood site, and let me know in the comments below what your favourite scheme is!

This post is in collaboration with Linwood Fabrics.

Monday, April 16

Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two: Lift-off!

Today is the day! The first day of the second season of Revamp Restyle Reveal, and are we excited to get going? YES WE ARE!

If you don’t know what Revamp Restyle Reveal is, in a nutshell, Lisa Dawson and I ask eight bloggers to join us in Revamping a room in our homes over a set four week period, supported by a group of sponsors, keeping you up to date with our progress via our Instagram stories, the Revamp Restyle Reveal Instagram, and with weekly You Tube video updates. 

We then Reveal the finished rooms with a blog hop, which will be on the 17th of May at 11am, starting on Lisa Dawson’s blog.

You can see who the bloggers and sponsors are this season over on our website.

For the first season last September, I did my kitchen, and I won’t lie, it nearly broke me. It was stressful for so many reasons, and I seriously questioned why I’d taken it on, and questioned my sanity. And I highly doubted it would be finished on time. (Sorry Kat if you're reading this, I'm sure yours will go much more smoothly!!)

By some miracle, and a lot of help from my long-suffering husband, plus a brilliant electrician and plumber, not to mention our sponsors, it did get done. Just. And I love it! You can see the fruits of our labour here.

This season I’m doing my TV room, and I have to admit I’m pretty pleased that the only plumbing required will be to change the radiators, and at this point there is no electrical work required, although the light switch is dodgy, so that should be replaced!

That said, there is a LOT of painting to do as it’s currently Teal ALL OVER: Walls, woodwork and ceiling. And the fact that I’m going pale is going to mean MANY, MANY coats of paint! 

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

I realise you may (or may not!) look at the room as it is now and wonder why I’m changing it at all, as it's not terrible. BUT I know I can make the space better, and there is method in my madness!

As I’ve gone lighter and a bit more neutral elsewhere in the house, I feel it doesn’t flow well, and it’s no longer a room I feel drawn to spend time in. Essentially, I’m over the colour, and want something quieter.

And there are a few things that really bug me about the room:

The room is an awkward layout, and if I had my time again I would not put a door right in the middle a wall, but it is what it is: a long narrow room and the floorplan options are limited.

I hate seeing the tv, cables and ugly radiators, which is what greets you as you walk in.

The corner sofa isn't doing it for me, and as we rarely spend time in the room with all four of us, and have a guest room, it doesn't need to double as a guest bed, and I want a sofa that just runs the full length of the wall instead. I'm sad about this as i LOVE this sofa, but it's not right for the room and needs a bigger space to breath.

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

So, what am I going to be doing to the room over the next four weeks?
  1. The TV will move to one end wall above the sideboard.
  2. The walls, ceiling and woodwork are going much paler and more neutral. The existing decorative moulding is staying.
  3. There will be wallpaper on the two end walls, bringing in some texture.
  4. The builder grade radiators with chipped paint will be upgraded. Yay!
  5. I’m pimping the sideboard with moulding that will echo the existing wall moulding, and painting it. That will probably take longer than painting the entire room. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. 
  6. Some new Roman blinds to work with the new colour scheme.
  7. Cosy cushions and throws to add more texture and visual warmth.
  8. A new sofa to run along one wall only, and a large mirror above it.
  9. A new rug for sofa end of the room only (I've always struggled with rug size for this long narrow room, but I think I know the solution).
  10. A declutter of the sideboard (inside and out!) to make way for some tech and some gorgeous new lamps.
  11. Those often photoshopped out cables stand out like a sore thumb on that colour, and the neon will be relocating.
I hope to end up with a warm and welcoming, multi-purpose room that will flow nicely from the rest of the house and be used every day. It's such a lovely light room, so I'm going to make the most of that light during the day, and make it feel extra cosy at night. Fingers crossed anyway!

Here's my moodboard, I've made a few changes to it already, but this is the general feel of the room. I hope you like it, and that you'll follow along with me and the other bloggers as we work on our rooms!

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

How do I follow along I hear you ask?

Check our weekly You Tube updates, which will also be added to the website.

Follow along on mine and all the other bloggers personal social media accounts (all linked on each bloggers page on the website).

The big REVEAL day blog hop is the 17th of May and will start on Lisa Dawson’s blog at 11am, so don't miss it!

And really importantly we want YOU to join in with us! Have you got a room in your home in desperate need of a little TLC? Then why not get Revamping along with us?

We’ll be re-gramming and storying our favourites, so show us your before and progress and after shots using the multi-image feature on Instagram and use #revamprestylereveal. There will also be weekly prizes for our favourites! 

Let’s go!


Thursday, April 12

Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart

If you've seen a London hotel bathroom, or perhaps a restaurant bathroom that's taken your breath away, it's quite possible that it's the work of C.P Hart's Contracts team. They've worked on The Curtain Hotel, They Haymarket Hotel and The German Gymnasium to name but a few, and yes, I have spent more time than is possibly normal in each of these locations taking snaps of said beautiful bathrooms.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
The Curtain Hotel Guest Room

Their Contracts division works closely with architects, interior designers and developers, on building and refurbishment projects, from luxury apartments through to hotels and commercial developments.

And I don't know about you, but I for one definitely aspire to hotelesque interiors, especially in the bathroom department.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
The German Gymnasium

When it comes to bathroom design there are SO many options. But unlike paint which can be easily changed, bathrooms involve bigger, more permanent decisions, so although I will never suggest playing it 'safe', I do suggest perhaps going for slightly more timeless choices when making decisions for your bathroom design.

For brassware, brass finishes are now firmly in the timeless category, although I'm sure some thought it would be a fleeting trend, it isn't, and is going nowhere fast, and it's not just brass that's here to stay, it's a multitude of different colours and finishes, and I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to use any one of them. Remember, I said slightly more timeless, not boring.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Image: Dornbracht

Aside from brass (which is quite a broad term in itself as there are countless different shades and finishes), I'd also look at matt black for brassware, and I've also seen some pretty amazing and unusual bronze and brown tones too. And although chrome will always be a staple, I'm happy to see softer, warmer, platinum and nickel finishes emerging too, which are a more modern take on classic chrome.

I'm off to Salone del Mobile in Milan with C.P Hart next week to explore the new bathroom trends, and I actually can not wait! If you've been reading my blog for a while, or following me on Instagram, you'll know that not only am I a huge C.P Hart fan, but a bit bathroom obsessed in general! This could quite possibly be because my own bathroom needs some serious attention. And when I say 'attention' I actually mean, ripping the whole thing out and starting from scratch!

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Image: Cielo

I've put together some of my favorite pieces from current collections of some of the brands we'll be visiting in Milan, that I would love to include in my dream bathroom. Or bathrooms as the case may be, because we're dreaming, why can't I have several?

I can't wait to see if what awaits us in Milan can trump these beautiful products, so watch this space for a de-brief after I return, and let's see if my head is turned in all sorts of different directions.

The Basin

Basins are the second most important product for me in a bathroom (second to taps!). So why not go a all out with a really stunning showpiece? It doesn't have to shout, it just needs to be special.

There's nothing more decadent than drinking champagne from a cut glass champagne flute. And I imagine this cut glass basin (bottom right in the image below) from Glass Design is the hand washing equivalent. A pretty good excuse to break out the best of the best hand wash I'd say. Glass Design basins are stunning, and so unusual.

Cielo also do stunning basins and their Shui collection is a particular favourite. I adore the shapes and finish (not to mention their ceramics come in an impressive 19 colours!). I'd be like a kid in a Candy Store trying to decide. Matching, tonal, or classic white?

And the Gessi Eleganza basins are a beautiful take on a more traditional shape that would be amazing with ├╝ber contemporary taps.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Clockwise from top left: Cielo Shui Oval Basin in White / Glass Design Venice Washbowl / Gessi Eleganza Washbowl / Glass Design Ramada Washbowl

The Toilet

As far as toilets go, you can't go wrong with one of these from Cielo and Duravit. I love the quiet simplicity of these designs, exactly as a toilet should be.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Left: Duravit Starck 2 Back to wall pan / Right: Cielo Shui wall mounted pan

The Bath

I've never been a bath person, but then I've never had bath I wanted to spend any time in. And if we're talking dream bathrooms, then it has to be a freestanding tub, right? Something tells me that I would very quickly become a bath person if I had one of these beauties from Duravit and Cielo, which also double as sculptural works of art.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Left: Duravit Durasquare Freestanding Bath / Right: Cielo Le Giare Freestanding Bath 

The Steam Cabin

Well we are talking fantasy here, so it would be remiss of me not to include a Hamman steam cabin from Effegibi. Talk about extreme decadence!

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Effegibi Hammam Steam Cabin

The Brassware

My favourite part of a bathroom is undoubtedly the taps. And what a huge choice we have these days. I'm a bit (a lot) head over heels for Dornbracht's Vaia collection which comes in beautiful Dark Platinum and Platinum Matt finishes. It would be hard to choose, but I'm surprised at how much I'm drawn to the latter. Absolutely stunning.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Image: Dornbracht 
French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Image: Dornbracht

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Left: Vaia Two Hole Bath Mixer With Lever Handles and Handheld Shower Set in Platinum Matt / Right: Rain Shower with wall connector in Platinum Matt

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Left: Vaia Wall Mounted Basin Mixer in Dark Platinum Matt Right: Vaia Vaia Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Platinum Matt

Gessi also have an incredible brassware collection with an extensive range of stunning finishes including the Finox Brushed Nickel (below right) that I absolutely love, and the 316 collection (left) really takes taps to a whole other level with the textured detail.

French For Pineapple Blog - Dream Bathroom Picks With C.P Hart
Left: Gessi 316 Meccanica taps / Right: Gessi Shower Mixer in Finox Brushed Nickel

I would have no trouble at all piecing together my dream bathroom from these beautiful products, my head is spinning with ideas, and we haven't even touched on tiles!

Not all of these products are currently available via the C.P Hart website, so it's definitely worth visiting a showroom for the full experience and to see a more comprehensive range of products and finishes. The tap and sample room in the Waterloo, London showroom is a sight to behold. Trust me.

This post is in collaboration with C.P Hart Bathrooms. I'll be taking over the C.P Hart Instagram stories on Tuesday the 17th & Wednesday the 18th of April, so make sure you're following them on Instagram and watch their stories to see what we discover in Milan!

Tuesday, April 3

Fab Five: Picasso & Matisse Inspired Linear Homewares

I've been noticing more and more Matisse and Picasso line-drawing inspired homewares popping up, which signals a micro-trend. And we all love a micro-trend right? Well, at least I do. Micro-trends are like words you've never heard in your life, but once you hear and acknowledge them, you start hearing them all the time. Do you know what I mean? Just me?!

Incase you haven't noticed, Maximalist AND Scandi styles have both been having a moment, so it's only natural that trends will twist and turn away from both eventually (it takes years though, so don't' fret!), and I predict a turn to warm 'mini-maximalism'. Neither maximal or minimal, but sumptuous and considered. And as we've already been seeing, warmer tones are replacing cold greys, so expect LOTS of lighter rooms with warmer caramels and beiges. Yes, that's right, beige.

Anyway, what I'm saying in a roundabout kind of way, is that these kinds of designs work particularly well in a mini-maximal space, as they're quiet yet busy, and they work best when given room to breathe.

I love original Picasso and Matisse works (OBVS!), but these takes on the simple monochromatic drawings are a lovely modern addition to your walls, kitchen, sofa...

So I thought now was a good time to bring back my Fab Five series so I can share my weekly obsessions, starting with these. I'm particularly fond of those mugs, which annoying now seem to be out of stock. Maybe I need some to replace our rapidly dwindling supply...

French For Pineapple Blog Linea Art Homewares

1. 'Nudie' Cushion, hand-made to order by Laurie Maun
2. 'Hands Dancing'by Frederic Forest at Grammatical
3. 'Linear Face' Mug by The Conran Shop
4. 'Sublime' Art Print by Peytil at Oh What's This
5. 'Femme' Wallpaper by Drop It Modern (also available as fabric, see also 'Bosom' design)


Wednesday, February 28

My Go To Painting & Decorating Tool Kit

This is not a pretty post, but one that I know a lot of you will like. However, if you're not into DIY, you might want to come back next week!

You know when you go to the hardware store and you're faced with seven hundred and fifty options for each product? And the kid that works there (when you finally find them, after scouring the aisles for fifteen minutes and practically drag them to the products in question) clearly knows even less than you do about it? That. Hopefully this basic guide will help overcome at least a little bit of that frustration and fear of product overload, and you won't go home with the wrong kind of no brand filler and rubbish paintbrushes.

This post came about because when I was in the midst of the kitchen re-fit last September, to amuse myself when I was sanding, filling and painting late at night, I started talking through what I was doing and the products I was using on my Instagram stories. I've never had so many replies, and questions! You guys LOVE a bit of late night DIY chat and advice it would seem, so I thought I'd outline the products I'm never without when redecorating.


You know all those holes in the walls that you make for gallery walls, hanging mirrors, shelves or other things and then change your mind or decide to redecorate? Yes, me too, and those holes need filling. I've used many fillers over the years, but the best one in my opinion is by a company called Toupret. Their classic Interior Filler (the powdered one, not the pre-mixed version), is BRILLIANT.

You mix the powder with water to form a thick paste as you need it, the box goes a long way, and keeps for ages. It dries quickly and can then be sanded and painted over. This stuff saved me from getting the plasterer in when we pulled an entire wall of tiles off in the kitchen, where fuse switches above worktop height were removed, and plaster was chiseled out for electrical cabling for the wall lights. I swear by it.

French For Pineapple Blog - My Go To Painting & Decorating Took Kit


Mega-bond does what it says on the tin. Or cylinder in this instance. This stuff is STRONG. Grabs instantly but leaves time for adjusting, and doesn't sag. Within reason. I hate to think how hard it would be to remove however, so think about what you're up to before using it! This saved me from having to use any pins at all when doing the decorative moulding in the TV Room. Yes, that's right, all that trim is stuck to the walls with this stuff alone, and believe me, it's not going anywhere soon.

However I will add, that when doing the much larger moulding in Edie's bedroom, and on super wonky old walls (as opposed to the new straight walls in the loft), this did not cut the mustard, and we needed to use small nails too. That said, it did a superb job of the cornice in the kitchen which is made from some kind of super compact polystyrene I believe. It's great stuff to have around, and if you don't have to use nails, you save yourself a load of filling and sanding work too.

French For Pineapple Blog - My Go To Painting & Decorating Took Kit

Rollers & Roller Sleeves

I am weirdly obsessed with the Purdy Jumbo Mini Roller. Yes, it's a mini roller, which is a little absurd when painting big walls, but I MUCH prefer this to a standard big roller. Wait! Hear me out! The great thing about this mini roller is the jumbo bit. You can get sleeves for it that are longer than the standard mini ones, so 6.5 inches rather than 4.5 inches, and you'd be surprised at how much coverage you can get from a small roller. It's lighter weight, smooth and easy to control. Perfect for control freaks like me. And they also do standard mini, and normal sized rollers too. Most importantly though is that they don't shed like cheap rollers do, which saves much frustration, and it's 100% worth spending a bit extra on.

French For Pineapple Blog - My Go To Painting & Decorating Took Kit

Primer for problem spots and surfaces

Zinsser primers are the best. Fact. If you want to paint melamine, look no further than Zinsser B-I-N. If you can't be bothered to sand, look no further than Zinsser 1-2-3. They're similar but not the same, and if you can have these on hand, so many dreaded DIY jobs will be easier, and more successful. There were some nasty oil stains deep in the plaster in the kitchen where the old extractor fan met the tiles. It was totally gross, but other than cutting the plaster away, which I didn't want to do, my only option was to stop it from coming through the paint. Zinsser 1-2-3 to the rescue. Yes, I had to do many coats, but it gets there in the end and I swear by it. I'll also be using the 1-2-3 as a primer for the front door when I finally get around to painting it when it warms up a bit. A little goes a long way.

French For Pineapple Blog - My Go To Painting & Decorating Took Kit


I've been using Hamilton brushes for a few years. I must admit I'm a bit rubbish at keeping brushes in good condition, because I'm always trying to do a million things at once, so quite often I pop my paint trays and brushes (trays in a plastic bag, brushes wrapped in cling film) into the fridge so they don't dry out, with intentions to commence painting again later, or the next day. Often this doesn't actually happen and they sit in there, sometimes for weeks. You'd be surprised at what you can get away with, but I do go through more paintbrushes than I should because of this. Anyway, I love Hamilton brushes, and I like an angled brush for cutting in and painting window frames. Although it has to be said, that my least favourite thing to paint is window frames. The worst.

I've heard that Wooster brushes are really great too, so I might try hunting some of them down for my next project. I know, such a geek. Whatever you choose, make sure you buy good quality brushes that won't leave bristles throughout your fresh paint job.

French For Pineapple Blog - My Go To Painting & Decorating Took Kit


This multi-use tool is quite possibly the most used item in our entire house. The words 'do you know where the Leatherman is?' are uttered on a very regular basis, and my husband has had his for longer than I've known him. I'd quite like one of my own.

French For Pineapple Blog - My Go To Painting & Decorating Took Kit

A few other products that I always have to hand when decorating...

Caulk. Unlike silicone which you use in wet areas, this can be painted over. Use this for filling the gap between the skirting and the wall, around door and window frames etc. Also to fill the corner joins and sides of decorative moulding, smoothing it down with a clean wet finger. Makes such a huge difference to your finish, so don't skip it!

Sandpaper, and Sanding Block. I like the Mirka brand that my local DIY shop sell by the metre on a roll. A cork sanding block is also a must.

Filler knives. A set of these are very handy too. Although to be honest I often us an old rounded butter knife for filling small holes. Much to my husbands annoyance.

Paint Scraper. I wouldn't be without one of these in my kit. They're great for the obvious scraping paint off windows when you didn't bother to tape like I usually don't with my old windows. I think because they're old and have so many layers of paint on them, that tape doesn't actually do the trick and I find I get a better result without the tape, and just scrape the paint off after the paint has dried properly. This was also an invaluable tool for removing bits of old paint from plaster after we removed all the tiles from the walls last year in the kitchen. The tile removal process pulled most of the paint off, but didn't really damage the plaster much, so I used one of these to remove the bit of paint left behind to create a smooth surface to repaint. Worked a treat!

Drop Sheets. Don't be a painter risk-taker like me. Always use a drop sheet!

And obviously you'll need your paint!

I get asked ALL the time about what type of paint to use. The simple answer is use water-based paint always. I HATE oil-based paints and due to environmental legislation changes they're less common than they used to be (yay), and eventually will go away completely. They stink, are unpleasant to work with, impossible to clean up, and take an age to dry. Water-based paint is the only way to go. You know it's water-based if the product says that clean-up is with water. If you have to use white spirit to clean-up, it's oil-based and I don't recommend using it. All those chemicals. Ew.

For walls you can use a variety of finishes, generally you would just use a matt emulsion, though you can also use an eggshell finish or even full gloss if you're brave. The higher the gloss, the less forgiving. Not all paints are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, so make sure you check first.

And for woodwork, I always use an eggshell, but you can also use gloss if you want a higher sheen. It's really that simple.

A final word on prep...

Prep is as boring as hell but a necessary evil, and it will make a difference to your finish and the durability too. No, I don't always follow this rule, and yes, sometimes I regret it.

You should always prime woodwork if you want your paint to stick, and most brands have their own primers. You don't have to use their primers, but it's the safer bet. That said Zinsser 1-2-3 is what I'll be using over an oil based paint on our front door when I finally get around to painting it the new colour (which I hope I still like as I bought it in November last year!), which is a water based eggshell.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll try to answer them. I may occasionally update this post with new to me products.


Wednesday, February 14

Decorative Window Film [The Window Film Company]

When we moved into our house many moons ago and had new blinds fitted in the bedroom, it really bugged me that in order to have privacy, the blinds needed to be down. Whilst that didn't bother me at night when it was dark and they'd be down anyway, I hated getting dressed in the dark in the mornings. I mean it's dark enough in the UK already, right? The solution? Frosted window film. Not only is it affordable and easy to install, but if you didn't know otherwise, you'd think it was actually acid-etched glass.

French For Pineapple Blog - The Window Film Company
White Printed 'Angulos'

Spurred on by the success and ease of the bedroom installation, this was swiftly followed by the addition of frosted window film in the fan light window above the front door, this time with our house number cut out, and also the bottom section of the bay windows in our living room.

The brilliant thing about window film is that it still lets most of the light in, but you don't have every person that walks past, staring into your house. I'm a nosey person, so I know first hand that if someone can see into a house, they will look. I've never understood how people can sit in their living room relaxing, whilst anyone walking by can see right in. To me it would like trying to relax in a shop window!

French For Pineapple Blog - The Window Film Company
Lindsey Lang 'Geode'

I played it pretty safe with my choice of window film, and it was ten years ago now, but these days you can get some really fab designs.

Your choice of design will of course be guided by your reasons for wanting it: whether that's purely for privacy, decorative purposes to add some pattern to an otherwise plain room (or both!), or to have a bit of a play with colour.

And on that note, whilst the coloured film doesn't offer much privacy, they're so fun! There's a great selection of colours available from The Window Film Company, from the blues and greens shown here, to purples, pinks, yellow and orange. I really love the idea of filtering out the grey skies with these. In fact, I think pink would work really well in my living room on the upper window panes. You know, rose-coloured glasses and all that. It's also particularly effective when used with two tones of the same colour, as demonstrated in the images below.

French For Pineapple Blog - The Window Film Company
Coloured Window Film Bright Green & Grass Green
French For Pineapple Blog - The Window Film Company
Coloured Window Film Mid Blue and Blue

As far as the patterned films go, I'm really drawn to the geometric designs, like the White Printed 'Angulos', and Lindsey Lang's 'Geode' which is one of a collection of nine designs for The Window Film Company. The chevron is fun too, and would be really great in a kids room if you're lacking a gorgeous bathroom with a brass roll top bath like I am!

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White Printed 'Chevron'

Privacy and decorative purposes aside, one thing I really wish I'd known about years ago is clear UV Window Film. The beautiful chair we have in our living room bay window has been drastically faded by the sun, and the simple addition of optically clear UV window film would have completely saved it, as it cuts out almost all ultra violet rays. This is definitely on the cards for when I have that chair reupholstered this year.

Now, I wonder if there's a film to stop small boys from spilling things and kittens from clawing...

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Saturday, February 10

Life After Beni [The Coolest Abstract Geometric Rugs In Town]

I think it's fair to say that Beni Ourain and Moroccan Berber style rugs have been hogging the rug limelight for a few years now.

Although I still love a Beni, and would definitely still buy a real one if I ever make it to Morocco, the massive influx of faux-Beni’s (and yes, I do own one), has kind of taken away from my love of them. 

Like anything, overexposure is eventually a turn-off.

French For Pineapple Blog - Life After Beni - The Coolest Abstract Geometric Rugs In Town
Image: Floor Story

Two mysterious large yellow stains appeared on mine a few months ago, that turned out to be from an undisclosed noodle spillage by a certain young teenager. I couldn’t get the stains out for love nor money, and it looked really grotty, meaning that it got banished a while back. 

I was kind of over it anyway, and the fact that every man and his dog on Instagram had the same rug, meant that I wasn’t heartbroken. I doubt I'd have been quite so laid back about it, had it been a more expensive rug though!

French For Pineapple Blog - Life After Beni - The Coolest Abstract Geometric Rugs In Town
Image: West Elm

I have a beautiful pink silk rug from The Plantation Rug Company that had once been in the bedroom, and displaced with the arrival of carpet, which now graces the floor of the living room in wake of the ruined beni-style one. Needless to say, a no food in the living room rule has since been introduced. Yes, I've become that person.

However, it's a touch too small, which has got me on the look-out for an eventual replacement, so I've rounded up my absolute favourites of the moment. You may sense a theme here: geometric abstracts, in soft, mostly neutral tones are clearly my thing right now...

French For Pineapple Blog - Life After Beni - The Coolest Abstract Geometric Rugs In Town

French For Pineapple Blog - Life After Beni - The Coolest Abstract Geometric Rugs In Town
Image: Floor Story

I actually came across so many other beauties whilst researching this post that I may just have to another rug round up really soon. Watch this space!

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