Wednesday, May 16

Amtico: Decsions to be made and I need your help!

I am super proud to announce that I'm working Amtico this year, and first up I have an insanely exciting dilemma that I need your help with!

Amtico are going to be installing flooring in my living, dining and hallway in three weeks time, and that means I need to choose the flooring by TOMORROW!

I've agonised (in the best possible way I might add!) over what to go for. I ended up with no less than twenty-seven samples, and I've whittled them down to the final four. Honestly, I'd be happy with any one of these, but that's why it's so hard to choose.

Flooring is not like paint that's so easily changed, making this a much bigger and more permanent decision. I'm quite flippant with paint choices, as I know I can change it relatively easily if I change my mind, and that I'll probably get bored and change it within a year regardless.

Not so with flooring! This needs to keep my attention, and my heart for years to come. So I decided that classic was the best way to go.

But then I realised that Amtico have so many classic options, that that decision didn't actually make my final choice any easier. Argh! I mean, what a lovely problem to have, and I've literally poured over samples for hours on end to get to this stage.

The design/colour is one decision that has to be made, but I also need to choose the laying pattern, and again, there are so many that I love, and there actually isn't a wrong choice, but I could really do with some help deciding. So, here are the contenders, and when you've read through my thought process, I'd love it if you could come over to my Instagram stories and take the polls to help me make a final decision...

For me, classic means the colour you might find in a Parisian apartment. A mid tone, and not too cool (grey), and not too warm (red). I do love cool grey flooring, but it felt too modern for our Victorian home, and therefore not the right choice. I also didn't want anything too warm, so the the redder tones, and the grey tones were eliminated. It's going to be a huge change from the white floor boards, and although I'm beyond thrilled to be seeing the back of them shortly, I'm aware that the rooms will feel a little darker, so I'm very mindful of not going too dark with my choice, but I don't want to go too pale either! Therefore the darkest and lightest options were also eliminated. This still left me with quite a few options, which went to the family panel, and we eventually managed to get down to the final four. PHEW. They are....

Amtico Signature Manor Oak: A warmer colour, with a lovely grain, shown here in the 'Pleat' laying pattern.

Amtico Signature Brushed Oak: A cooler tone without being grey, shown here in the 'Large Parquet' laying pattern.

Amtico Signature Cornish Oak: The palest option and probably the most traditional, shown here in the 'Large Parquet' laying pattern.

Amtico Signature Salted Oak: A slightly more rustic look, shown here in the 'Small Parquet' laying pattern.

The Laying Pattern

One thing I knew from the start is that I wouldn’t be going for standard planks. Not when presented with the opportunity to have my beloved parquet. Oh no siree. But which laying pattern? I've narrowed it down to my favourite four, but I absolutely love them all. They are Parquet (herringbone), Pleat (chevron), Arrow, and French Weave. 

Clockwise from top left: Parquet,  Pleat, Arrow, French Weave

Amtico Signature Manor Oak in Arrow Laying Pattern

Okay, so there are my options. I’d love it if you’d pop over to my Instagram Stories NOW and cast your votes for colour AND laying pattern! I need YOUR help, and the clock is ticking!

This post is in collaboration with Amtico.

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