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Shading Specialists: My Knights In Shining Armour

Looking back, there was a subconscious reason that my beautiful full length velvet curtains sat neatly wrapped in their boxes, for, well, MONTHS. I mean, why wouldn't I want to get them hung immediately? I was in denial, that's why. And actually slightly, okay, VERY terrified, that the purchase and subsequent DIY installation of a ceiling mounted curtain track for them, might lead to one of a few things:

A. The entire ceiling being ripped down upon us
B. A hospital visit as a result of the entire ceiling being ripped down upon us
C. The divorce court
D. All of the above

So I finally had that lightbulb moment, and realised I needed professional help, and Shading Specialists came to my rescue! Hooray!

French For Pineapple Blog - Shading Specialists
Image: Shading Specialists

things are best left to the experts. I have a very specific mental list dedicated to this, and if you know me, you'll know that I'm very much a hands-on DIY person. Why get someone else to do something for you if you can do it yourself? Well, even I have to admit defeat sometimes, and curtain track installation has now been added to the aforementioned get the experts to do it list.

Aside from the ceiling falling down concern, I was also concerned I'd not measured the run accurately enough. I was concerned that the curtains would look odd with the forced protrusion due to the cornicing that I had no desire to remove. I was concerned in general. I'm a worrier, and an over-thinker, what can I say?

Graham from Shading Specialists who has been installing window coverings his entire working life, was my hero last week. He arrived (immediately following an emergency dental appointment no less) and was completely unperturbed by what greeted him. Big Brownie points. You know those tradespeople that make you feel stupid and point out all the things you 'should' have done, and do a lot of tutting and muttering under their breath as they set to work righting all your 'wrongs'? We've all met several of them in our time, right? Well Graham was most definitely NOT one of them. A gentleman through and through, even if he was thinking that I should have painted the cornicing, scraped the paint off the windows (or cleaned them for that matter), measured more accurately, been a little cleverer with my curtain order, he did not let on. In fact he even made me feel better about the fact that my curtains are a tad too long (ordered and received before the idea of carpet in the bedroom came along - doh). An absolute gem.

French For Pineapple Blog - Shading Specialists

Graham made the job that would have taken Ed and I ALL day and caused a huge amount of stress and remedial work, look so easy it was ridiculous. The curtain track - all four metres of it, was in fact the ideal and perfect length, and required no trimming down (Brownie points for me too, it turns out).

French For Pineapple Blog - Shading Specialists
Image: Shading Specialists

Shading Specialists had recommended a Silent Gliss Hand Operated Curtain Track (3840) as it can be mounted flush to the ceiling, and doesn't require any space for brackets behind it. It's also strong enough to take the weight of my lined velvet curtains, obviously. This track is often used for room dividing curtains as it looks the same from both sides, and blends seamlessly with the white ceiling. It's completely unobtrusive and you don't even notice it which is exactly what I wanted. Short of having a track inset into the ceiling which was not an option, this was definitely the best choice.

And did I mention that curtains are my new favourite thing? I've wanted floor to ceiling curtains for as long as I can remember, and last year, I decided that wall to wall ceiling mounted was the only way to go in our bedroom, as the built in wardrobe prevents any kind of wall mounted pole or track being fitted. They've changed our room dramatically, and it really does have that hotel luxe feel that I love. And no light shining right in my face anymore from the sides of our old (broken for years) Roman blinds.

French For Pineapple Blog - Shading Specialists
Image: Shading Specialists

Shading Specialists have been around for quite a while, having originally been founded in 1955. So they know a thing or two about window treatments, and in fact supply and install for all manner of residential and commercial design projects both in the UK and internationally. They can supply and/or fit pretty much everything under the window covering umbrella, from awnings, to vertical blinds, to shutters, curtains, tracks, poles and everything in between.

Oh so you want to see the results of Graham's work? Well, here's a peek, but you'll have to wait til next week for the full reveal of my luxe-look bedroom makeover, but let's just say I'm very happy indeed!

French For Pineapple Blog - Shading Specialists

French For Pineapple Blog - Shading Specialists

This post is in collaboration with Shading Specialists, who have just opened a new showroom in Watford, with an extensive sample and display range. Most importantly, they have the knowledge to help you make the right decision about your window coverings, which I very nearly didn't!


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