Friday, August 10

Fab Five: Mugs For Ten Pounds & Under

Mugs are a peculiarly personal thing, don't you think? Well perhaps not so peculiar, given that if you're a hot drink drinker, you probably use a mug anywhere from once a day, to constantly, all day, every day. So understandably, they need to work for you.

Most people definitely have preferences as to size, shape, colour and feel - right down the the thickness and curve of the handle. And yes, it's probably a sign of age when you start to care about these things. I've gathered five favourites that are catching my eye at the moment. A rather eclectic mix I admit, but actually this is quite a good reflection of my taste in general - forever torn between classic and grown-up, but unable to resist a bit of girly fun. Different mugs, for different moods!

I'm keeping the price to ten pounds and under for this round-up, and on Monday there's a second round-up of mugs for over ten pounds, because there are some beauties available at all price points that I feel I need to share.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links marked with an *, which means that I receive a small commission if you click on my link/s and make a purchase. 

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Mugs Ten Pounds And Under

1. Praline Straight Mug £9 - Denby *

2. David Shrigley Poodle Mug  £10 - Tate Shop

3. Salt Mug by Broste £10 - Selfridges *

4. Stoneware Mug £6.99 - H&M *

5. Sunset Stackable Mug in Pink (also available in Blue) £10 - West Elm *

Pop back on Monday for my ten pounds and over round-up - expect another mix of grown-up, and er, not so grown up.

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