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The Kids Room Plans [Yes, again!]

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If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that a LOT of changes are brewing in our house. And if you've been following me for any length of time, you'll know that I absolutely thrive on change, so I'm *pretty* excited about what's to come over the next few months!

When we did our loft conversion when I was pregnant with Baxter, it was always our intention for that floor to eventually be the kids zone. It's why we decided to break up the space into two bedrooms and a small bathroom, rather than one big space with an ensuite. Up until now, that floor of the house has been dreadfully underused to put it mildly. My last attempt to change that was by giving the TV room a lovely overhaul for Revamp Restyle Reveal, but even then we failed to use the room other than a handful of times.

Although moving the kids up there at this point in time was not the plan - I have only just finished both their bedrooms after all - it suddenly made sense. They're both old enough now to be what feels like much further away, and Edie in particular loves the privacy being up there brings, and as for Baxter, well he's the most laid-back child you could ever meet, and likes the idea of it, although I suspect he just wants to be near his sister. So, apparently it's time!

Of course they both seem to take after me, and so as soon as it was suggested, they wanted to move immediately. And who am I to argue - I love a change more than most! However, this has thrown the house into quite an extreme state of chaos, as I started selling and giving away a few pieces of furniture that wouldn't work in their new rooms possibly a few weeks prematurely, leaving Edie without much storage, and Baxter without a wardrobe or bed!

I'm slowly but surely bringing it back around, and by the end of next week, Edie's room will be 98% finished and all things going to plan, so will Baxter's.

So what are my plans?

Both kids want to go quite pared back. Edie wants her room to feel light and bright and to keep it quite simple and grown up, and Baxter hilariously wants to get rid of literally all his toys and just keep his books, his tablet and Cleo (our crazy cat) as his entertainment. He is the least materialistic child I've ever come across. Not that I would, but I could literally give away all his belongings and it wouldn't phase him one single bit.

Needless to say we've been having, and  will continue to have some huge clearouts! I think I'll be making several trips a week to the local charity shops over the coming month.

The Details...

Edie's room was already painted a lovely soft warm white called Marbles by Earthborn Paints, and thankfully I had just enough left over to paint the two end walls once I stripped the wallpaper. It's actually my favourite room in the house with such beautiful light, and really doesn't need much decorating to be honest, so we're keeping it super simple. We've kept the decorative moulding which just adds that bit of interest without being too rowdy. It's all that room needs. Other than some furniture obviously!

French For Pineapple Blog Kids Room Plans

She's been sleeping up there for a maybe two weeks now despite the lack of furniture (her drawers have gone, and her old wardrobe is too big), so just her bed and some new bedside tables have made the cut. On Thursday some beautiful new pieces from West Elm are arriving, and then she just needs some roman blinds and her room will be complete.

Baxter's room is a little more complex. It's the smallest bedroom in the house (not that he cares!), so I really wanted to be smart about making the most of the space. That meant going down the bespoke built-in route, which is neither cheap nor quick it turns out, but I know that it will not only look great, but will be a long-term investment that will work for him for many years to come.

He will have a raised platform bed, bringing the top height of his mattress to about 85cms (his window height). Under the base will be three simple cupboards with a single shelf inside for clothes (and if he wants to keep any toys - though he's adamant he doesn't!), and they will be about 40cms deep. So as not to waste any valuable space, there will be a hatch under the mattress to allow access to the back section which will be storage for things we don't need to access very often like boxes of paperwork and old photos / keepsakes etc.

French For Pineapple Blog Kids Room Plans

Continuing on from his bed, a shelf / desk the same height as the window will run right along the window wall, to the wall opposite his bed. How that is used now (probably just a book/display shelf), may differ from how it's used in future, and I may eventually get him a tall office chair so he can use it as a little desk with a view of the gardens below too. He really likes that idea and what will be his birdseye view from his yet to be built bed!

So that's the plan. This week I need to choose a paint colour and get his room painted before his new bed and desk/shelf are installed next week. And I've also decided to make a fabric covered pin board for him that will be on the wall next to his bed. I have some grand lighting plans too, but we'll see what the electrician says before I bother filling you in on all that!

More details to come on all the pieces in their rooms when I share the space with you, but I just wanted to give you an idea of the direction I'm taking before the big reveals in a few weeks time.

I hope you like their new room plans, I feel like they're more in-keeping with the rest of the house and actually with their personalities too. I keep referring to Baxter's room as his Gentleman's Den because it looks so grown up on the moodboard, but throw a star wars figurine or three, and a Batman clock into the mix, and I think it will be age-appropriate whilst being super easy to update too as his interests change.

And what's to become of the rooms they've now vacated I hear you ask? Well there are even more exciting plans on the horizon which I'll tell you about very soon!


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