Succulent Love

Ebay table painted in 'Slipper' acrylic eggshell by Little Greene, and the 'Frankie' rug is from The Plantation Rug Company
Okay, so we all know that succulents are a 'thing'. Some of us are better at keeping them alive and kicking than others. A few weeks ago, I put two of my succulent babies outside on our south facing window ledge where the sun hits all day. I thought I was doing the right thing, especially as one of them was 'stretching' and clearly wasn't happy with the amount of sunlight it had been getting. However, after a few days, I noticed to my horror, that one of them (my favourite, but don't tell the others), was not at all happy - it was singed quite badly, and clearly wasn't enjoying all that full-on sun. I am yet to do the research on which ones like which conditions, but be warned: all succulents are not the same.  Oh the pressure!

Gold glass votives above are from West Elm, re-purposed as succulent pots!
Good job then, that before I half killed it (it's actually recovering really well now that I've put it back in a less sunny spot), that I photographed it. When I was putting an order in for my new Penny Doll brooches, I decided to add a few succulents too - just for me really, and as gifts for my hard to buy for friends. However, I've had so many complements and requests, that I have now added them to the shop, and I've made a necklace version, and über cute stickers too! These ones are much easier to keep alive, and everyone will know that you're in the excluuuuuusive succulent club.

I'm celebrating this new product line, my new blog AND re-branded website, so I'll be including a free mini-sticker sheet with every Succulent Brooch or Necklace order, from now until the end of July. Yay!