Drama Tween Bedroom Makeover

Edie's Room has been in need of a major overhaul for quite some time. She's at that certainly-not-a-little-girl-anymore-but-not-really-a-teenager-either, in-between stage. She turns 13 in July, so technically almost a teenager, which is a really tricky age to decorate for I think. Her needs will change a lot over the next few years, so I'm trying to future-proof her room to a certain extent, while making sure she can enjoy it now, and not hate it in a year or two. At least that's the plan!

On one hand she's clinging onto lots of stuff from her younger little girl days, that she's not actually touched for years, and on the other hand she wants her room to look cool and more grown up.

I think all of the above is why our last attempt at a room makeover for her never really got off the ground - The Tweenage Dream room, never quite materialised, and then it got forgotten about completely.

However, this time we've put our heads together and have well and truly formed a proper plan. And we're both excited, which is obviously important too.

We've decided to go FULL-ON-GIRLY-GLAM - I'm calling it Drama Tween. See what I did there?! 

She's wanted wallpaper for years, and I'm über excited to be doing some work with Drop It Modern over the coming months. They have an amazing collection of really fun, modern, super cool wallpapers and they've recently introduced drapes too. I love the word 'drapes', but yes, I mean curtains.

Edie's room will feature this AMAAAAAAAZING Kitten print wallpaper, that I've loved for quite some time, and, wait for it....matching curtains too! Yep that's right, I told you we were going super-girly glam.

French For Pineapple - Drama Tween Bedroom Makeover

I haven't figured out the exact plan for storage yet, but she doesn't have a wardrobe at the moment - she's not a dress kind of girl, so the few things she does own that need to be hung, currently go on the little rail on the back of her Ikea full length mirror, but that's going to go, as are the two chests of Ikea Malm drawers that currently house the majority of her clothes.

So we need a decent sized chest of drawers to replace them, and a wardrobe. In preparation for her 'new room' she threw out loads of stuff over the weekend, which was ridiculously satisfying.

I love the Antoinette French Bedroom Company oak chest I've popped on the moodboard below, which kind of surprises me as it's not my usual style, but I love the idea of mixing up some more traditional ornate pieces in here with some simple contemporary ones. And how great would they look against that wallpaper?!

The Siena from Habitat is a contender for a wardrobe, alongside the good old Pax from Ikea, not least because a sliding door requires less room, but I like it's streamlined design that would work in pretty much any space.

Perhaps controversially, we've decided to get rid of her desk, which she rarely sits at. This will come as no great surprise to the majority of parents whose kids have desks in their bedrooms. She'll be using the computer more and more for homework, so we've decided she's more likely to work from my desk when she needs to, so there may be space to pop a nice chair in the corner too. And I'm more than a little bit in love with the recently released Stockholm rattan chair from Ikea.

The lamps are both from Made.com, and that cute white side table is actually an outdoor tray table from Ikea. Perfect for the princess who likes to lounge in bed eating her breakfast every weekend.

I'm so excited to get my teeth into this project and totally transform her room. 

French For Pineapple - Drama Tween Bedroom Makeover - Moodboard

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, there will be decorative moulding involved, and that needs to commence as soon as possible so this makeover doesn't drag on for months on end. So keep your eyes peeled for Instagram Stories of my riveting DIY tales in the next week or two.

Although I haven't got a specific deadline for this project, I do want to get it done in the shortest timeframe I can reasonably achieve, because there's a small boy's room in need of attention too, and I'm going to share my plans for his room with you soon.

I think she's a pretty lucky young lady, don't you?