Fantasy House Friday! [Tom Dixon]

What a hectic week it's been! And we've had an actual heatwave in London. I know!

I usually smirk when people say this, because sometimes twenty-three degrees is referred to as a heatwave here - I suppose it's all relative, and you know, we have it pretty bad weather wise for a big chunk of the year, so it's easy to get over-excited when we get some actual hot weather.

But this week has been über hot, I think it might have even reached THIRTY-FOUR DEGREES! Which would be great if you're sitting by a pool, cocktail in hand, or beach bound, but when you're trying to work, paint, and collect hot, grumpy, sweaty kids from nursery, it actually gets tired pretty quickly. This coming from the person that claims they will never complain about hot weather in London. Oops.

So let's get on with it. What do you need for the house when you've been suffering a heatwave, and it's Fantasy House Friday?

Well, you need the most beautiful Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Tongs, and High Ball Glasses you can find. From the Tom Dixon Plum and Tank collections, of course.

These are the kinds of things you'd put on your wedding list and love forever. Hmm, maybe it's time for Ed and I to renew our vows...

It's Fantasy House Friday and we've been having a heatwave in London, so obviously you need the most beautiful Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Tongs and High Ball Glasses you can find, right? All courtesy of Tom Dixon's Plum and Tank ranges.
Images: Tom Dixon . Plum Cocktail Shaker, Plum Ice Bucket, Tank High-Ball Glass & Plum Tongs