High-Glam Tiki Chic

I'm pretty sure today's post comes from a desperate need for some sunshine and warmth. I mean, HELLO, it's almost MAY, and I sat staring out my window at pouring rain and a temperature of 4 degrees the other day. Not happy about that, AT ALL.

So today, I'm showing you ten products that can quickly and easily add a bit of High-Glam Tiki Chic to any space, inspired by the über cool Ladder Shed Bar at Chiltern Firehouse (aka my wannabe home away from home, and favourite place ever, to sip cocktails).

French For Pineapple Blog - Chiltern Firehouse Ladder Shed Bar - High Glam Tiki Chic
Image: Vogue / Philip Sinden

Owned by hotelier André Balazs (of Chateau Marmont fame), the interior of Chiltern Firehouse is by French design house Studio KO, who like Chiltern Firehouse themselves, are way too cool to actually post anything on their Instagram accounts, so don't bother looking. 

Now this kind of Tiki Chic is not a fiesta of parrots, flamingos and pops of bright colour. Nope, for this look we need to exercise constraint with the colour pallette. This is a moody, cool, sophisticated look, with a timeless colonial feel, and oodles of glamour.

Think Titanic crossed with Gillian's Island, then dim the lights, imagine you're Ginger, sat in a slinky cocktail dress, smoking a Gitane, and you're getting there.

And contrasts. We're talking wicker, rattan and bamboo furniture, with luxe velvet upholstery. Maybe it's lacquered in glossy black, but natural will do nicely too.

Brass and marble (preferably pink) details aplenty, with woven plastic lampshades (a stroke of sheer genius illustrated here at Chiltern Firehouse), but in reality a particularly tricky one to pull off, so on second thoughts, maybe stick with a wicker shade, and hang it low - over the bar, table or side table.

And you absolutely can not pull this look off without greenery. So add it in bucket-loads. But keep it real pretty please, and only go faux if you absolutely must.

French For Pineapple Blog - Chiltern Firehouse Ladder Shed Bar - High-Glam Tiki Chic
Image: Studio KO / François Halard

French For Pineapple Blog - Chiltern Firehouse Ladder Shed Bar - High-Glam Tiki Chic
Image: Studio KO / François Halard

If you add these pieces to your home, and stay inside with the heating on, you're sure to be transported to somewhere balmy and beautiful. At least in your head, for a little while...

And don't forget to serve the cocktails in tiki glasses with bamboo straws and maraschino cherries. With stems. Yes I am aware that Tiki glasses have no air of sophistication whatsoever, but I never said you couldn't have any fun. And remember, rules were made to be broken. Even mine.

French For Pineapple Blog - High-Glam Tiki Chic

2. Tiki Glass - Cult Furniture (also find loads of fab ceramic Tiki Mugs at cheekytiki.com)
3. Bamboo Straws - Boobalou
4. Opies Maraschino Cherries With Stem - Sous Chef 
5. Symcka Artificial Leaf - Ikea (the only kind of faux plant I'm on board with!)
6. Ananas Lamp with Tilia Limerence Lamp Shade in Quartz Pink - House of Hackney (yes, I know it's obscenely expensive, but it's also obscenely beautiful!)