Fantasy House Friday! [Amara Collection]

Oh yes, it's that time of week again where I add another thing to my Fantasy house. I'm pretty sure my Fantasy House would be located in Formentera where I just happen to be holidaying right now. Only we're not in my Fantasy House, because obviously it doesn't exist. Yet. Are you still with me?

Good. Let's see what today's addition to the house is...

I went to check out the Amara Collection one sunny morning in July, and I was seriously impressed. It's an extensive range that covers pretty much everything interior accessories related, from cushions, to rugs, throws to bed linen and towels, lamps and flatware. There was a lot to see, and a lot to love!

Of course there were some things that really stood out for me, and this Parnell Stool was definitely one of them. I adore lucite furniture (yes, I like calling it lucite because it makes me sound cool and knowledgeable, but you might want to call it acrylic or perspex). We don't see enough of it (no pun intended), and it's great for so many reasons - not least it's lightness in a room. It falls into the über hip category for me, because it manages to be glamourous without showing off. Just like the really pretty, cool girl at school that you always remember.

I'd like a pair of these please. So handy in every single room, and that quilted leather is to die for. It's available in this classic black from the 19th of September. I'd love to see it in a caramel leather too. Swoon.

Fantasy House Friday - Amara Parnell Lucite Stool
Image: Amara

The Amara Collection launches on the 19th of September, and if you'd like to make sure you're among the first to see the full collection, you can sign up here.