Fika at The Harcourt with Melody Rose

Last week I went to a beautiful event to celebrate the launch of the Melody Rose Mini Teapot collection at The Harcourt restaurant, in Marylebone (central London).

Skull With Crown Mini Teapot - French For Pineapple Blog

The lovely Melanie Roseveare founded Melody Rose in 2011, and her fine bone china tableware is produced right here in the UK, with a third generation pottery in Stoke-on-Trent.

I've long been a fan of Melody Rose - it's just my cup of tea (Ha! Okay, sorry), with The Models, Skull and Howling Wolf designs being my firm favourites. Once a goth, always a goth I guess. Her work is instantly recognisable and covetable, not to mention collectible. In fact a collection of her pieces would look great on the open shelves (that still don't exist yet) in my kitchen.

The Harcourt is a beautiful restaurant housed in a grade II listed building and I instantly fell head over heels with the architecture and interiors. I mean, will you just look at these rooms?! Those light fittings took my breath away...

The Harcourt and Melody Rose Ceramics - French For Pineapple Blog
Clockwise from top left: The Black Room (Image: The Harcourt), The Models & Trapeze Mini Teapots (Images: Melody Rose),
The White Room (Image: The Harcourt), Howling Wolf Plates & Skull Dinner Plates (Images: Melody Rose)

I'm desperate to get back there with a small group of friends so we can book The Black Room - I love the idea of chatting around the table, enjoying Fika and sipping tea and cocktails. Yes, that's right, tea AND cocktails, which is basically what we did in the White Room at Melanie's event! Then again, the Garden Room looks pretty amazing too (not shown, but have a nosey on their website), so perhaps lunch in the Garden Room soon, and then dinner in The Black Room in the winter. Yes, sounds like a plan...

The Models Mini Teapot Melody Rose Ceramics - French For Pineapple Blog

Fika, which is best described as Swedish Afternoon Tea, is served in and on the Melody Rose collection - a match made in heaven, with Melanie's slightly dark, dramatic, and sometimes romantic designs sitting beautifully in the gorgeous surroundings of The Harcourt. The beautiful china really does elevate the dining experience.

Fika isn't the only offering at The Harcourt, there's a full menu with a Nordic influence, an intriguing tea selection, and the cocktails are great. You know cocktails are my favourite, so I don't say that lightly.

The new Melody Rose Mini Teapot collection, which holds two cups, are replicas of the original six cup versions. They're super cute, and it's such a good idea offering a smaller size. I have a big silver antique Claridges teapot that I absolutely adore, but the fact that it's so big means it rarely gets used (it sure does look good though!). A teapot that fits just two cups is perfect for lone tea drinking, because let's face it, one cup is never enough, and two is juuuuust right.

Skull In Crown Teacup and Saucer Melody Rose - French For Pineapple Blog

You can check out the Melody Rose collection online, and of course you could always try before you buy, by having Fika at The Harcourt first. I highly recommend you do, and maybe you could invite me too?

Fika at The Harcourt and Melody Rose Ceramics- French For Pineapple Blog