Battening Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

A little later than promised, but these winter days are not so generous in the natural light department, and with everything else going on at this busy time of year, this kept getting pushed back.

But it's a post I've wanted to write for a long time, because scent, or more specifically Home Fragrance as the industry has termed it, is really important to me, and I get asked a lot what my favourites are.

Scent in the home has the ability to set (and lift!) the mood almost as much as lighting, so it's up there on the very-important-things-a-room-needs list. Especially in the winter, when a lot of us need a bit of extra help in the mood department. It also has the unique ability to transport you to another place and time or even to magically trigger a moment of déjà vu. When people say they don't like scented candles I just presume they haven't found the right one! Unless they have allergies of course, which is a whole other story.

Obviously scent is also very personal, so my favourites quite probably won't be the same as yours. There are definitely scents that I'm more drawn to in the winter - warmer, deeper, woody scents, versus what I might reach for in the summer - lighter, greener, fresher ones, and some I consider to be more 'day' scents than 'evening' scents too.

I'm not  a floral scent person, with the exception of rose, which I like in some instances, then it can feel modern and not old fashioned. I can't stand overly sweet cloying scents, and anything remotely soapy has to leave the house immediately as it makes me feel ill. Ylang ylang and clove are on my bad list too - I can smell both a mile off and they're instant deal-breakers. Generally speaking, I tend to favour woody and fruity scents.

I wanted to share my current favourites - some are long-time favourites, and some new, whilst the Overose Shahaman candle, that initially caught my eye with its über instagrammable pink container, shot straight to the top of the list, knocking some of my long time Diptyque favourites off their once solid perch. And not just because it's so pretty!

I must admit that as much as I love discovering a new scent, that I'm guilty of sticking to what I know most of the time (unless it's love at first sniff like it was with Shahaman!), because it's so disappointing buying a new candle, lighting it and not loving it! And you really can't tell until it's too late to return it.

Without further ado, here are my current favourites for the colder months. I'll follow up with my favourite summer scents when spring rolls around. I hope to discover some new favourites next year too - maybe I'll be a little braver and ask Santa for something I've not tried before, as there are a few on my radar!

Shahaman by Overose

This instantly transported me back to my childhood and reminded me of Musk Sticks - sweets that I loved so much as a kid in New Zealand. It helps that the colour of both the container and the wax itself are also the perfect shade of pink! They've recently released a new scent that comes in a lilac container with matching wax - definitely have my eye on that!

Here's how Overorse describe Shahaman...

'Deep amber aroma, vanilla pods with dried fruits undertones. Pronounced notes of labdanum and smoky-sweet wood, warmed up with ruby red cherries.'

I'm actually obsessed with it and 'need' to have a new one ready to go at all times. Santa, you listening?!

Batten Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

Ambre by Diptyque

This deep warm spicy scent had recently climbed to the top of my list, though as mentioned above it's now had to make room for Shahaman. I still adore it though, it's such a classic winter scent.

This is what Diptyque say about it...

'An engaging resinous scent! A warm and elegant procession of the woods vetiver and patchouli, enhanced with radiant aniseed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, cistus and tonka bean.'

I say, YUM.

Batten Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

Baies by Diptyque

Baies for days. I consider this an 'easy' scent, so it's always in my candle arsenal. It's not too sweet, not smoky, quite a light scent and kind of inoffensive, but not in a dull way, if you know what I mean! It's the one I reach for when I'm undecided.

Diptyque say...

'It expresses the irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. Ingredients: Blackcurrant leaves, Blackcurrant buds, Bulgarian roses, Ambergris.'

I concur!

Batten Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

Periwinkle Room Spray by Miller Harris

I won't lie, I would never have thought to buy this and it was sent to me as a gift by the brand, but I absolutely love it, and would definitely repurchase. It's fresh, and hangs around without being overpowering, and comes in a generous 200ml size that I imagine will last quite some time.

Miller Harris say...

Evoking far flung places and exotic scents blown from shore on a salty breeze, this oriental, aquatic fragrance will inspire a spirit of adventure. The freshness is tempered by the sensual warmth of orchids, incense, woods and musk. A journey. Here the blue has hints of exotic purple, the sea meeting the island.'

Batten Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

Istros Room Spray by Aesop

I couldn't not buy this when I first sniffed it. All I can say is hold on to your purse strings if Aesop ever release scented candles, which obviously they will, right?

Aesop say...

A union of enlivening florals and tobacco, Istros stimulates the atmosphere with aromas of the bazaar.
Aroma: Vibrant, floral, smoky / Key Ingredients: Pink Pepper, Lavender, Tobacco

Batten Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

Oyedo by Diptyque

I've only recently got my second one of this scented candle, and I'd forgotten how much I love it. Some might say it's fresh citrus notes make it more of a summer scent, but I love it as a daytime winter scent too.

Diptyque say...

A stimulating basket of citrus fruit, inspired by the city of Edo, the ancient name of Tokyo, which celebrated these very fresh scents. Key Ingredients: Yuzu, Mandarin and Thyme

Batten Down The Hatches [Combatting The Winter Blues]: Scent

So tell me, what scents will warm your cockles this winter, are you a floral or fruity or woody person I'd love to know!

This post is (sadly!) NOT in collaboration with Diptyque. Ha!