Revamp Restyle Reveal Season 3!

Today marks the launch of the third season of Revamp Restyle Reveal! And it's with much excitement and if I'm honest, relief that today our ten amazing DIY bloggers (if I do say so myself!), will start work on their RRR spaces.

A huge amount of planning goes into each season, we work away for months behind the scenes before we launch each season, so it's pretty satisfying to see all that work come to fruition!

We make sure that we have a fabulous group of bloggers with a wide range of styles so that there's something to inspire most tastes, and obviously it's important that they have a strong creative flair and that they're not afraid of a bit of DIY!

We have a really strong team this season! If you haven't already seen, this is who is with us...


Clockwise from top left:

Ross & Ian (Our 1930's Fixer Upper), Tamsyn Morgans, Matthew Shaw, Kat Williams (Rock n Roll Bride), Malcolm Begg (Design Sixty-Nine), Olivia Silk (Lust Living), Luke Arthur Wells, Daniela Tasca-York, and your hostesses with the mostest Lisa Dawson and yours truly.

I'll be turning what was Baxter's bedroom into a cosy study which will double as a guest room and I'm super excited to bring this vision to life!

I feel like the whole house is coming together and for this first time, it's feeling really cohesive throughout. Well at least it will when this room is finished. I'll be stripping the old wallpaper, and painting it a deep dark taupe, and ramping up the drama with lots of lamps to make this dingy room into an inviting cosy yet elegant space for me to work in by day, and by night for any overnight guests. Make sure you're following me on Instagram for story updates throughout the month. Of course Revamp Restyle Reveal wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the support of our brilliant sponsors! This season we are so proud to have another incredible group...

West Elm (Headline Sponsor),, Style Library, Flokk, Dobbies, Sonos, Ca' Pietra, David Hunt Lighting, The Blind Shop,

Make sure you're following everyone to see their progress over the next four weeks. The finished rooms will be revealed on each bloggers blog at 11am on Tuesday 2nd of April! Don't worry, we'll remind you a 'few' times. If you want to know more about Revamp Restyle Reveal and how it all works, Lisa has written a comprehensive post over on her blog here, including information about our blogger submission / selection process.

Right then, I'd better get a move on, that room isn't going to paint itself!

Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two: Lift-off!

Today is the day! The first day of the second season of Revamp Restyle Reveal, and are we excited to get going? YES WE ARE!

If you don’t know what Revamp Restyle Reveal is, in a nutshell, Lisa Dawson and I ask eight bloggers to join us in Revamping a room in our homes over a set four week period, supported by a group of sponsors, keeping you up to date with our progress via our Instagram stories, the Revamp Restyle Reveal Instagram, and with weekly You Tube video updates. 

We then Reveal the finished rooms with a blog hop, which will be on the 17th of May at 11am, starting on Lisa Dawson’s blog.

You can see who the bloggers and sponsors are this season over on our website.

For the first season last September, I did my kitchen, and I won’t lie, it nearly broke me. It was stressful for so many reasons, and I seriously questioned why I’d taken it on, and questioned my sanity. And I highly doubted it would be finished on time. (Sorry Kat if you're reading this, I'm sure yours will go much more smoothly!!)

By some miracle, and a lot of help from my long-suffering husband, plus a brilliant electrician and plumber, not to mention our sponsors, it did get done. Just. And I love it! You can see the fruits of our labour here.

This season I’m doing my TV room, and I have to admit I’m pretty pleased that the only plumbing required will be to change the radiators, and at this point there is no electrical work required, although the light switch is dodgy, so that should be replaced!

That said, there is a LOT of painting to do as it’s currently Teal ALL OVER: Walls, woodwork and ceiling. And the fact that I’m going pale is going to mean MANY, MANY coats of paint! 

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

I realise you may (or may not!) look at the room as it is now and wonder why I’m changing it at all, as it's not terrible. BUT I know I can make the space better, and there is method in my madness!

As I’ve gone lighter and a bit more neutral elsewhere in the house, I feel it doesn’t flow well, and it’s no longer a room I feel drawn to spend time in. Essentially, I’m over the colour, and want something quieter.

And there are a few things that really bug me about the room:

The room is an awkward layout, and if I had my time again I would not put a door right in the middle a wall, but it is what it is: a long narrow room and the floorplan options are limited.

I hate seeing the tv, cables and ugly radiators, which is what greets you as you walk in.

The corner sofa isn't doing it for me, and as we rarely spend time in the room with all four of us, and have a guest room, it doesn't need to double as a guest bed, and I want a sofa that just runs the full length of the wall instead. I'm sad about this as i LOVE this sofa, but it's not right for the room and needs a bigger space to breath.

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

So, what am I going to be doing to the room over the next four weeks?
  1. The TV will move to one end wall above the sideboard.
  2. The walls, ceiling and woodwork are going much paler and more neutral. The existing decorative moulding is staying.
  3. There will be wallpaper on the two end walls, bringing in some texture.
  4. The builder grade radiators with chipped paint will be upgraded. Yay!
  5. I’m pimping the sideboard with moulding that will echo the existing wall moulding, and painting it. That will probably take longer than painting the entire room. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. 
  6. Some new Roman blinds to work with the new colour scheme.
  7. Cosy cushions and throws to add more texture and visual warmth.
  8. A new sofa to run along one wall only, and a large mirror above it.
  9. A new rug for sofa end of the room only (I've always struggled with rug size for this long narrow room, but I think I know the solution).
  10. A declutter of the sideboard (inside and out!) to make way for some tech and some gorgeous new lamps.
  11. Those often photoshopped out cables stand out like a sore thumb on that colour, and the neon will be relocating.
I hope to end up with a warm and welcoming, multi-purpose room that will flow nicely from the rest of the house and be used every day. It's such a lovely light room, so I'm going to make the most of that light during the day, and make it feel extra cosy at night. Fingers crossed anyway!

Here's my moodboard, I've made a few changes to it already, but this is the general feel of the room. I hope you like it, and that you'll follow along with me and the other bloggers as we work on our rooms!

French For Pineapple Blog - Revamp Restyle Reveal Season Two Intro And Plans

How do I follow along I hear you ask?

Check our weekly You Tube updates, which will also be added to the website.

Follow along on mine and all the other bloggers personal social media accounts (all linked on each bloggers page on the website).

The big REVEAL day blog hop is the 17th of May and will start on Lisa Dawson’s blog at 11am, so don't miss it!

And really importantly we want YOU to join in with us! Have you got a room in your home in desperate need of a little TLC? Then why not get Revamping along with us?

We’ll be re-gramming and storying our favourites, so show us your before and progress and after shots using the multi-image feature on Instagram and use #revamprestylereveal. There will also be weekly prizes for our favourites! 

Let’s go!

Revamp Restyle Reveal!

I've been waiting for this day to roll around for AGES, and I'm SO excited to announce that a very special project that I've been working away on with Lisa Dawson (mega Instagram Queen and Blogger) and Oliver Thomas (Interior Designer and Blogger, who you probably know from this years Great Interior Design Challenge), launches TODAY!

Revamp Restyle Reveal in a nutshell, is ten interior bloggers, Revamping a room in their homes over a set period of four weeks, with the help of official sponsors.

But unlike anything that's been done before, we're taking the project, across not only blogs, but Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, You-Tube and our official website.

For a more thorough rundown of what Revamp Restyle Reveal is all about, do pop over to my co-host Lisa Dawsons blog, where she'll tell you about it in more detail.

We're counting down from today to the kick-off, which is Monday 4th September, and that's when the real fun will begin!

The idea is a Revamp - something aspirational, but accessible. During the four weeks, there will be regular updates on our You-Tube channel, Instagram feed and stories, as well as ourTwitter feed. And on the 5th of October, there will be a blog-hop Reveal, on all ten blogs. Exciting much?!

We're all ridiculously keen to begin work on our rooms as soon as the virtual starting bell rings on the 4th of September (incidentally the day after I return from an ill-timed, but much needed holiday!), so expect all manner of DIY fun, mayhem, sweat, quite possibly tears, and more than likely a fair bit of swearing under breaths, across all channels for the month of September.

In fact, the Revamp Restyle Reveal website has gone live today, so you can check out who the bloggers are and what they're planning for their rooms after you read this post! Obvs.

I'll be working on my kitchen. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I loathe it. It don't feel that it reflects my style at all, and there's nothing I actually like about it. It's shabby and grotty, falling to pieces, and desperately needs updating.

It was the obvious choice for Revamp Restyle Reveal. However, always the DIY overachiever, my plan for a lick of paint and new splashback, has snow-balled into a complete re-fit. Hmmm, there's always one, right?

In truth, the cupboards could not be saved by yet another lick of paint, and over the last year or so, I've taken an extreme dislike to the matt black hexagon tiles that suck the light out of the room, that we also 'finished' incredibly badly. So we made the decision to tear it all out, and basically start again. Eek!!

It's one of those classic decorating domino effect situations, where every potential change, had a knock-on effect. Doing the kitchen was firmly not on the cards, but with the help of our sponsors, the impossible, suddenly became possible. And I couldn't be more excited. And terrified!

This is what the kitchen currently looks like on a very good day.

Yes, I do know that it's 'fine'. But you'll have to take my word for it when I say it has some serious issues, and that I'm just able to make it look more fine than it really is for pictures. Here are the issues...

• Not enough storage, so the worktops get cluttered easily
• No dishwasher and nowhere to put one. I know!
• Water-damaged particle board cupboard doors
• Falling apart door hinges
• Drawers that get stuck and require quite an effort to open and close, and often come off their tracks
• Oven that has lost it's ability to display temperature or controls, doesn't light up, and the glass on the small bottom oven is shattered. I've never cleaned it. Shhhh, keep that one to yourself. It's disgusting.
• Strange hob on horrific germ collecting platform (I'm being kind - I really could go on)
• Rotten in parts wooden worktops, with a too big sink that cracked said rotten in parts wooden worktops when installed.
• No atmospheric lighting, just harsh (and ancient) overhead spots that don't dim and we go through lightbulbs like there's no tomorrow.
• Extremely badly finished tiling, and the matt black sucks the light out of the room
• Ugly boiler and pipes on display
• Ugly fuse switches next to each badly tiled around double power socket that I'm constantly hiding behind strategically placed canisters and bread boards.
• Kick boards that constantly collapse in on themselves
• Did I mention there's not enough storage?

There's probably more. But it's making me anxious to think about, so that will do.

I've been fantasy designing my new kitchen for YEARS. Those that know me, will know that I'm definitely not kidding. And if I get even a quarter of the way towards realising it, I'll be over the moon.

So here's my moodboard. And some mockups that I did a little while back, so some things have already changed a bit, but this is the overall look I'm going for. A HUGE transformation.

We'll do everything we can do ourselves - so the demo of the tiles and all cabinets, the cabinet build and install, making the walls good if possible after the tiles come off - though there's a high chance a plasterer will need to be called in. Ed will attempt the plumbing himself too. In fact, the only thing we don't intend to do ourselves is the electrics.

So I hope you'll follow along and wish me luck on this slightly insane kitchen journey!

We'd love you to join in too! Revamp your room over the four weeks (4th September - 2nd October), and let us know by using #revamprestylereveal on your Instagram feed, and use the slideshow feature to show the Before and After (or the After and Before if you prefer to keep things pretty!). There will be prizes, and lots of post summer fun to be had, and we can't wait to get started!

How to follow along:

@revamprestylereval on Instagram
@frenchforpineapple for probably thrice daily stories
@FFFUKofficial on Twitter
@BiancaHallLDN on Twitter and Revamp Restyle Reveal on You-Tube!

And finally a massive thanks to our incredible official sponsors for supporting us on this exciting new venture. We literally couldn't do it without you!