A Mattress Fit For A Princess? [Soak & Sleep]

Those lovely people at Soak and Sleep provided their new Sleep Comfort 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress to complete Edie’s bedroom overhaul, so let's see what a thirteen year old with rather refined taste (except when it comes to cheese), thinks about her new mattress shall we?

French For Pineapple Blog Soak & Sleep Mattress Review

Although Edie instigated upgrading to a bigger bed, going from a single to a double, she was very nervous about giving up her beloved old single mattress.

French For Pineapple Blog Soak & Sleep Mattress Review

To say she loved it, is an understatement. In fact, she was so attached to it, that a tear or two (maybe more) was shed a while back when Baxter got bunk-beds and we tried to swap her mattress with his new one because his was so thick he barely had any head-room on his bottom bunk. It caused her so much distress, and indeed did seem quite unfair, that we had to give her old one back, sell the new one, and buy another!

French For Pineapple Blog Soak & Sleep Mattress Review

So understandably I was on tenterhooks when I took delivery of her new mattress, and had my fingers very firmly crossed, that she’d approve.

Thankfully she does. Cue MASSIVE sigh of relief!

French For Pineapple Blog Soak & Sleep Mattress Review

We lay down on her mattress last weekend, so I could get her thoughts on it for this review, and this is how the conversation went:

Me: 'So, what do you think of your new mattress?'

Her: ‘I LOVE it, is so comfy it’s like sleeping on a cloud.'

Me: 'Anything else?'

Her: 'Yeah, I love the fabric on the top too.'

Me: 'Good.'

There's nothing more to say really is there?

She loves her new bedroom and bed setup so much that she's literally grinning as she snuggles down into bed each night. I'd say that's a pretty good result all round, wouldn't you?

French For Pineapple Blog Soak & Sleep Mattress Review

And if the above tale about her being attached to her old mattress isn’t enough to convince you that she’s got quite sophisticated taste for a young lady of thirteen, I should also point out that before she got her very own set of Soak & Sleep blush pink linen, that she'd realised that our bed linen from Soak & Sleep was way softer than hers, which was from a high street shop, and she was not happy...

French For Pineapple Blog Soak & Sleep Mattress Review

There’s no passing off the cheap stuff with this young lady, she was totally onto me. I may have created a monster. The Princess and The Pea often springs to mind...

Soak and Sleep (who also have some pretty great discounts on offer right now) have a collection of six mattresses, so something to suit everyone, and they now have a 100 night mattress trial too, to make sure that you're completely happy with your new purchase. Edie won't be needing to take them up on that offer.

This post is in collaboration with Soak & Sleep.