Fab Five - (Sexy) Desks

You did know that desks can be sexy didn't you? Good. And who wants a sexy desk? Well, I do actually.

As you may know, prettying up my studio is on my mind, and on my list. I currently have this Ikea Micke desk which is perfectly fine, but pretty and sexy it's not. I have a (not so) secret plan to relocate it to Edie's room and get rid of her smaller version of the same desk, so you know, if I do that I'll actually need a new desk.

I recently wrote a post that included a Dream Studio moodboard. It wasn't meant as anything more than that - a bit of a fantasy, but I love that moodboard so much and can totally imagine my studio taking that direction, and now I really want to bring that vision to life!

Sadly in real life I don't have the funds for either the desk or the chair that are included on said moodboard, but a girl can dream. And she can also DIY.

I want a desk that will be light in the space but at the same time make an impact and be a feature, so something with a clear(ish) top is the way to go, and I love the idea of an a-frame/sawhorse/trestle base in an unexpected material.

So here's my selection of the best, just in case you're in the market. And yes, I have included the dream one, because I just couldn't help myself.

Oh, and an explanation about number four. You have to use your imagination here as it's not a great picture, but I really wanted to include it because these are acrylic/perspex/plexi-glass or as I like to call it lucite (because it makes me sound cool and in-the-know), a-frame bases. And I love them. These were made to order for a (very lucky) customer of Argo Plastics who can make just about anything you can dream up out of acrylic. I'm told these were about £1400 for the pair (le sigh). They're made from super thick 40mm acrylic, but could be made in a thinner material too, which would obviously bring the price down. Just imagine these with a gold smoked-glass top. Oh yes.

Fab Five Sexy Desks - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Sonnet - Safavieh Couture a.k.a 'The One'. I was awestruck when I stumbled upon this. Love, love, love.
2. NIC - Habitat I would be sorely tempted to spray the white bases gold or even give them the faux gold leaf treatment.
3. Kipling - Andrew Martin A more industrial look, I'm loving this one too. Super cool.
4. Double A-Frame Bases - Argo Plastics As I said above, use your imagination, because these lucite legs totally rock.
5. A-Frame - Andrew Martin A chunkier silver take on 'The One', it's pretty damn awesome too.