My Top Five Affordable Rug Resources

I think I might be a little obsessed with rugs. My idea of a great night in, is snuggling up on the sofa with The Rug Company catalogue. I know.

However, the term 'affordable' doesn't exactly fit with the name 'The Rug Company'. While I might drool over their beautiful rugs, owning one will remain a fantasy for the foreseeable future and not just for financial reasons - I don't want to have a mini heart attack every time someone walks on it with shoes on (we're not a no shoes kind of household), and let's just say my children have a fair way to go before I'd consider them posh-rug friendly. Baxter rides his scooter in the house, and Edie likes to put her rollerblades on inside too - and I'm not about to tell them otherwise. Maybe if we lived in a warmer climate the rules would be different.

So I wanted to share my best resources for affordable rugs. I'm in the market for a new one for our living room so I'd love you to tell me yours if you think I'm missing any great ones, especially if they come in large sizes, which is often not the case with cheaper rugs.

1. The Plantation Rug Company A great selection of designs at great prices, and lots in larger sizes. My current fave is this one...

Plantation Rug Company Velvet Underground Rug
Then again, I'm very fond of their Beni rugs too...

2. Joss & Main An ever-changing beautiful range at totally bargainatious prices. That really should be a word. But don't procrastinate like I do, because once they're gone, they're often gone for good. I am a bit in love with this Clo design. Maybe I should buy it.
 Joss & Main Clo Rug
Joss & Main Clo Rug
3. Tesco Yes really. Check this baby out. We know that Chevrons are O U T, but Herringbone? Yes please. More of the good stuff please Tesco. And bigger sizes. Rubbish image quality, sorry.
Tesco Herringbone Rug

4. Ebay Of course I have to include my beloved eBay here. I have never actually bought a rug on eBay (yet), but its a great source for vintage rugs, with a plethora of gorgeous overdyed ones to choose from. Like this...
Vintage overdyed rug Ebay

5. Etsy Strangely enough Etsy is also a really great rug resource. It's not somewhere I'd ever have thought to look, and I can't remember who told me about it, but thanks, whoever you are.
Overdyed vintage rug ArtcoreIstanbul on Etsy
Hmmm, are we sensing a theme? Remember to share your favourite affordable rug resources if you have any to add. I've whipped myself up into a rug shopping frenzy now, I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the afternoon...