Fantasy House Friday! [Jonathan Adler]

So, what is my fantasy house missing?

Vessels. Big, over the top, show-off vases that probably won't get used as vases because they actually look better as they are.

How I've neglected to pop a few pieces from Jonathan Adler into the fantasy house, I do not know.

We're fixing that today by adding the Luciana Vase into the mix. Isn't she a beauty?

My daughter would be appalled, and my son would ask SO many questions. Why does she have so many boops (yes, boops!) Mummy? Where's her head Mummy? Why is that her name mummy? And so on.

It'd be worth it though, because she's a keeper! I love the unglazed milky white matt porcelain. She'd look great on the fantasy dining table.

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Image: Jonathan Adler