Fab Five - Pink Sofas

After my post about Colour Drenching last week, I've become even more obsessed with monochrome rooms, and I keep seeing beautiful pink sofas and chairs that would just look so amazing against pale pink walls. You know, like the pale pink walls in my living room.

I basically want my living room to look like The Gallery at Sketch if I'm really honest. Who wouldn't? And I've decided that I need to take more risks with my future purchases, because life's short - buy the pink sofa!

I've rounded up my favourites here, as a reminder to myself for when we're in the market to replace our 'lived in' grey sofa, which I'm pretty over, but as we've just bought a (rather more sensible!) sofa for another room, we are most definitely not in the market right now.

But you might be in the market, and as always, a girl's gotta dream, right?

Fab Five Pink Sofas - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Mr Jones - Open Plan Living
2. Vintage Rose Berkley Chair (comes as a sofa too) - Sweetpea & Willow
3. Charlotte Chesterfield - Love Your Home
4. Rockstar - Loaf
5. Toward by Erik Jorgensen - Nest