The minute I finished painting our living room in the most beautiful deep navy blue (which I'll show you one day soon), I started to obsess about what colour to paint the adjoining dining room.  I'd originally wanted to wallpaper it, and perhaps still will one day, but I think my husband and I would be debating which one to use until 2024, and let's face it, it's a much bigger commitment, so paint it was to be, for now at least.  I'd knew I wanted something, well, full-on, and considered an acid yellow, or a lime green, but neither were right, so I took to Pinterest (again) for inspiration.  I was drawn to beautiful sea greens, so off I went to buy another few sample pots from our local paint shop.

The perfect aqua green came in the form of Grecian Spa 3 by Dulux.  It's so bright it glows, and I adore it.  It's a super happy colour, and it's a great backdrop for all my bits and pieces on the sideboard.  Not a colour for the faint hearted, neutral lover, that's for sure...

Speaking of sample pots, I have an obscene amount of them in the cellar. I buy so many that it's become a running joke with all the staff at our local paint shop. I'm not particularly proud of this fact, as they're not cheap, and I often wonder about starting some kind of swap/share scheme. Is it just me??