Ten Fab Statement Lamps

There are a few things that can make a huge difference to making your home feel cosy and inviting (aside from turning the heating on, and lighting your favourite scented candle, obvs) when the evenings get darker and colder, and my favourite is to look at the lighting in each room. 

As I type, on a pretty bleak grey day, the only thing stopping the room from feeling equally gloomy, is the fact that I have several lamps on.

The only rooms in our house that don’t have at least two lamps are the bathrooms. For my non-UK readers, you’re not allowed to have power sockets in the bathroom here. I know. Although don't get me started on this topic because having previously lived in Australia and New Zealand where you can have power sockets in the bathroom, I think it’s beyond ridiculous. After all, I managed to never electrocute myself in thirty years of living there.

It’s so annoying as I actually love the look of a lamp in a bathroom, not to mention the convenience of being able to dry my hair in there, but anyway, I digress.

I’ve rounded up my favourite lamps of the moment, some of these lamps fall into the Uber Statement lamp category, as they are not just beautiful but also huge, and boy do I love a huge lamp. But it’s not always necessary or even convenient, so I’ve not exclusively included huge ones, but I have exclusively included ones of exceptionally good looks…

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