Top Ten Rugs For Busy Homes

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I love a rug, maybe even more than I love a cushion, and as much as I love a lamp, and if you know me, you know that's a LOT. They can zone a space and bring a room to life instantly, and the possibilities are endless as far as colours and pattern go. Obviously they get walked all over on a regular basis, so with this edit I've kept busy homes in mind and chosen rugs that could deal with relatively heavy traffic. That is, rugs that wouldn’t be completely destroyed the first time your seven year old traipses all over it with his trainers on to get to his beloved iPad on the other side of the room, because lets face it, a seven year old trying to get to an iPad is rather like the Terminator getting to his target, and your precious new rug is probably the last thing on his mind.

We only have a rugs in the living room and the kids rooms and I'm pretty strict about no shoes on them (and no shoes upstairs). That said, it doesn't always happen (see above) but they have all survived really well so far. In fact, I've included the living room one in my edit because it's neutral, with a subtle pattern and lots of texture and still looks brand new despite being over a year old now. Texture and colour variation are the most important thing for a rug surviving a busy home so keep that in mind when rug shopping.

Okay, I confess that numbers 5 and 6 probably (definitely) don’t fall into the ‘good for busy homes’ category at all, but I had to include them because it was love at first sight, and number 5, thanks to the spookiness of everything we look at online constantly popping us to remind us how much we should buy it, is now haunting me everywhere I look. Such are the perils of putting shopping edits together when you’re actually just window shopping for yourself. And number 6 is an absolute BARGAIN for the size and I just love it. Sorry, I couldn’t leave them out, but perhaps lock the kids and pets out of those rooms completely if you do go for either of those ones. Kidding. Kind of.

I think all these rugs are reasonably priced for the size, ranging from £150 to £600 for that gorgeous Maya Rug in a 6’ x 8’ size and hitting all price points (and bigger sizes) in between…