Fab Five Mugs: Over Ten Pounds

It was only when I was drinking my Earl Grey from my current favourite mug the other day (a West Elm one picked up in the sale a few weeks ago and sadly no longer available, damn it!), that I realised that they they're a pretty particular and personal thing.

My perfect mug, might not be yours, and yours might not be mine.

I once had the father of a friend of Edie's ask for his tea not to be made in the mug I was about to use because he liked them to be white inside (I know). In hindsight, I do actually get that. And I hated those mugs anyway, so....

Anyway, as promised, following on from my current favourite mugs for ten pounds and under, here's my round up of the best five mugs currently available at over ten pounds. It's a bit of a splurge if you want a set of six matching ones (or an actual investment if you like a particular one!), not so much if not. And given, as I said in my last post that you use them every day at least once, if not constantly, I put them in the important purchases category.

Remember, one persons splurge, is another's affordable, which is why I generally try to avoid using that terminology - we're all working to different budgets.

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link marked with an * and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. But I only ever write about products I genuinely love, and you'll never pay more because of an affiliate link.

1. Halycon Days Tiger Mug £35 - Harrods *

2. Emma Lacey Everyday Mug £36 - The Conran Shop *

3. Hay Wood Mug £15 - Liberty *

4. Pink Landcape Mug £25 - Reiko Kaneko

5. Gucci Lion Print Hand Mug £225 - Matches *

I know, I know, £225 is quite a lot for a mug, but LOOK AT IT! It's gorgeous! It has a lid! With a hand on it! Just don't smash it okay? And if you buy one/some, can you invite me over for tea? I'll bring the cake...

Fab Five: Mugs For Ten Pounds & Under

Mugs are a peculiarly personal thing, don't you think? Well perhaps not so peculiar, given that if you're a hot drink drinker, you probably use a mug anywhere from once a day, to constantly, all day, every day. So understandably, they need to work for you.

Most people definitely have preferences as to size, shape, colour and feel - right down the the thickness and curve of the handle. And yes, it's probably a sign of age when you start to care about these things. I've gathered five favourites that are catching my eye at the moment. A rather eclectic mix I admit, but actually this is quite a good reflection of my taste in general - forever torn between classic and grown-up, but unable to resist a bit of girly fun. Different mugs, for different moods!

I'm keeping the price to ten pounds and under for this round-up, and on Monday there's a second round-up of mugs for over ten pounds, because there are some beauties available at all price points that I feel I need to share.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links marked with an *, which means that I receive a small commission if you click on my link/s and make a purchase. 

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Mugs Ten Pounds And Under

1. Praline Straight Mug £9 - Denby *

2. David Shrigley Poodle Mug  £10 - Tate Shop

3. Salt Mug by Broste £10 - Selfridges *

4. Stoneware Mug £6.99 - H&M *

5. Sunset Stackable Mug in Pink (also available in Blue) £10 - West Elm *

Pop back on Monday for my ten pounds and over round-up - expect another mix of grown-up, and er, not so grown up.

Fab Five - Ornamental Coral

I know, it's a tad random and niche, but I'm obsessed with ornamental coral (and why do I only own one piece?!), so I figured I can't be the only person that rather fancies it, right? And I've been wanting to bring back my Fab Five series, because it turns out, people actually find it a quite handy reference.

So, it's back!

Also, coral and summer kind of work together, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I quite like it 'au natural', but by all means, spray it gold, neon pink, black, or er coral, whatever tickles your fancy.

Coral not only looks beautiful, but its fluid sculptural shape means it always adds a bit of interest on a shelf, sideboard or as a prop. In fact, I have to stop myself using the one piece I have in every single photograph. See? I do need more.

And just to clarify, I'm talking about faux resin coral, not real coral, because that's a little controversial to say the least, so I'm erring on the side of Tiffany's, and not promoting the purchase of the real thing. Let's not be a part of the demise of the beautiful coral reefs of the world, okay? That said, I guess vintage coral is an exception, and if you find some that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I want to know your source.

I've included a range of price points and sizes (the OKA one is nearly a metre wide - talk about making a statement!).

French For Pineapple Blog - Ornamental Coral

1. Coral Tree - Kelly Hoppen (a great selection and currently on sale)
2. Grand Cayman Coral on Plinth - India Jane (and check out the Key Largo coral candlesticks too!!)
3. Blue Coral - White Mint
4. Belize Coral - Oka
5. Black Coral Bowl - Mia Fleur (on sale and it's taking ALL my will power not to buy it!)

Fab Five: Modern Branch Style Chandeliers

On Friday you might have caught me waffling away on Insa-stories about my new branch style 'Franklin' chandelier by Menu, that was about to be fitted in the bedroom (which has been undergoing a major overhaul).

I mentioned that it was by no means the cheapest version (nor the most expensive, I might add), and that I had really tried quite hard to fall in love with a more affordable option, but in the end, my heart had been stolen by this one. Honest, I did try. I even ordered another one first and cancelled it.

When I asked if I should put all the information regarding the other versions that I came across whilst researching the best options into a blog post, it was a resounding yes. So, thanks if you were one of those people - this is for you!

These range in price from a bargainatious £85.99 to an eye-watering £2600.00. I really love the shape of all five, but a combination of price and finish led me to my final choice...

Let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for the finished bedroom makeover on the blog soon!

Fab Five - Gold Cutlery Sets

It's the second week of November, so even I'm not getting grumpy when hearing about Christmas now. In fact, my mind keeps wandering to how I'll decorate this year - a little earlier than last year for the kids sake! I'll also be making sure the tree is beautiful and big, but in height rather than diameter, because when the kids and my husband arrived home with last years tree, it took up WAY too much space, and I turned into The Grinch. Again. I think I may have given it quite a serious haircut too.

So this year I've pledged to myself that I'll get more into the spirit.

However, I still draw the line at tinsel. Nope. Not here thanks. That's something that my family just have to deal with. And I won't be decorating with red and green either. You know I don't do red, right? Not even for Christmas.

I've been putting some thought into the Christmas table, and really wish I had gold cutlery to put on it. And to use every day of course. Alas, it's pretty low on the things to buy list right now, but that's never stopped me from looking before, and it's not about to now.

I'm sharing my favourite five with you today. I saw plenty of other sets that I liked the look of, but I'm quite particular (surprise, surprise) about how cutlery feels when in use, so I've discounted anything too thin and flat (yeah, taking the name flatware a bit too literally). No one wants to buy a beautiful new set of gold cutlery to find the finish coming off within weeks, so ask questions, do your research and make sure you check it's dishwasher safe if you want to use it as your everyday cutlery.

French For Pineapple - Fab Five Gold Cutlery Sets

1.  Ralph Lauren Academy 5 Piece Place Set - Amara (Just, YES.)
2. Thai Bronze Bamboo - Ebay (Loads to be found, both vintage and new!)
3. Viners Gold - John Lewis (Also available in Rose Gold)
4. Geo Gold - West Elm (US only sadly. Story of my life!)
5. Biba Odette - House Of Fraser (Um, YES PLEASE! And it's on Sale!!)