Fab Five - Skull Accessories

Anyone who knows me, or is a regular reader of this here blog, knows that I have a thing for skulls. 

Not in a morbid way, I'm just always drawn to them. Can't help it. I guess it could be a hangover from my teen goth years, and refusal to ever really 'grow up' and do 'grown up' interiors, but whatever the case, they're a constant in my world.

But for me, there's a fine line between a cool, beautiful skull - think simple, unadorned, matt or brass finish, tacky skulls - think faux diamond covered versions, and full on terrify-the-kids death-metal kind of skulls. 

Let's stick with the former. Don't cross that line, people. 

As you well know, there are always exceptions to the rule, and when it comes to Mexican Day of the Dead paraphernalia, please do throw the skull rule book out the window and go for it! 

So with that in mind, and with both Halloween and Day Of The Dead fast approaching, today's post is all about my favourite skulls...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Skull Accessories

2. Day Of The Dead Frida skull - Viva La Frida (I have two tea light covers very similar to this but they don't seem to be available anywhere anymore sadly)
5. Skeleton VII - Milagros (Two of these beautiful statues were spotted in one of the Living Etc House Tours on Friday!).