Habitat Lighting [AW16]

French For Pineapple Blog - Porcini Lamp
Porcini Lamp / Bianca Hall for French For Pineapple

There are a few places I automatically look at when I'm considering new lighting for my home, and Habitat is firmly on that list.

Their Autumn/Winter collection doesn't disappoint, with a lovely selection to choose from.

I need to replace a few lights in our house for various reasons (er, mostly mistakes on my part!), so I thought I'd share the lights I'm considering using, including a couple of my favourite picks from the new collection.

First up, is Baxters bedroom. I had bought a lovely looking brass finish light for his room, but as soon as it was installed, it became apparent that it was more of a lamp than a main light - due to it's torch-like shape, and the solid metal material, it gave off very little light, and whilst it looked great, it was virtually useless. Oops! Good job that I'd bought it on sale.

So it needs to be replaced, and I'm considering this gorgeous Astrid light. It would look great in Baxters room, give off lots of light, whilst working with his low ceiling. It's got a kind of futuristic feel to it that would work well in a boys room, or any space for that matter. I just need to figure out if it will be far enough away from the top bunk, so as not to be dangerously tempting for little boys to grab at. Hmmm.

French For Pineapple Blog - Astrid Light
Image: Astrid Light / Habitat

If it won't work in Baxter's room, then it's also a contender to replace the landing light outside our bedroom. It also comes in a black version, and I can't decide which one I like best. Basically, I love it, and want to use it somewhere! Currently, the light on the landing is a bare decorative bulb on a neon pink flex, but I'm kind of over that look and feel the space needs something more substantial. This Euan light is also a possibility. I love the simple shape and matt black finish.

French For Pineapple Blog - Euan Light
Image: Euan Light / Habitat

Another one that I love, but don't actually have a spot for (dammit!), is the oversized Collette pendant that I fell for at the press show back in June. It's a real showstopper. You can't really tell how big it is in this image, but it's got a real presence with a diameter and height of 65 centimetres. It would look fabulous hung quite low over a dining table. Yes, mine included!

French For Pineapple Blog - Collette Light
Image: Collette Light / Habitat

And last, but definitely not least is the gorgeous Porcini Lamp, looking very comfortable in my dining room. I was given this when I attended Habitat's very first Light Club, celebrating the AW16 lighting collection launch.

French For Pineapple Blog - Porcini Lamp
Image: Porcini Lamp / Bianca Hall for French For Pineapple

By the time I arrived, the cocktails were flowing freely, the music was pumping, and indeed, there were people going for it on the dance floor - right in the middle of the lighting section of Habitat on Tottenham Court Road! Surreal, but totally fun. Light Club. Geddit!?

The Light Club I attended was a private event, but Habitat are throwing open the Light Club doors again, as a one-night-only pop-up on Thursday 27th of October. There are no tickets available at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled as they just might release a few more closer to the date!

This post is in collaboration with Habitat.

(Fab Five will be back next Monday!)