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Porcini Lamp / Bianca Hall for French For Pineapple

There are a few places I automatically look at when I'm considering new lighting for my home, and Habitat is firmly on that list.

Their Autumn/Winter collection doesn't disappoint, with a lovely selection to choose from.

I need to replace a few lights in our house for various reasons (er, mostly mistakes on my part!), so I thought I'd share the lights I'm considering using, including a couple of my favourite picks from the new collection.

First up, is Baxters bedroom. I had bought a lovely looking brass finish light for his room, but as soon as it was installed, it became apparent that it was more of a lamp than a main light - due to it's torch-like shape, and the solid metal material, it gave off very little light, and whilst it looked great, it was virtually useless. Oops! Good job that I'd bought it on sale.

So it needs to be replaced, and I'm considering this gorgeous Astrid light. It would look great in Baxters room, give off lots of light, whilst working with his low ceiling. It's got a kind of futuristic feel to it that would work well in a boys room, or any space for that matter. I just need to figure out if it will be far enough away from the top bunk, so as not to be dangerously tempting for little boys to grab at. Hmmm.

French For Pineapple Blog - Astrid Light
Image: Astrid Light / Habitat

If it won't work in Baxter's room, then it's also a contender to replace the landing light outside our bedroom. It also comes in a black version, and I can't decide which one I like best. Basically, I love it, and want to use it somewhere! Currently, the light on the landing is a bare decorative bulb on a neon pink flex, but I'm kind of over that look and feel the space needs something more substantial. This Euan light is also a possibility. I love the simple shape and matt black finish.

French For Pineapple Blog - Euan Light
Image: Euan Light / Habitat

Another one that I love, but don't actually have a spot for (dammit!), is the oversized Collette pendant that I fell for at the press show back in June. It's a real showstopper. You can't really tell how big it is in this image, but it's got a real presence with a diameter and height of 65 centimetres. It would look fabulous hung quite low over a dining table. Yes, mine included!

French For Pineapple Blog - Collette Light
Image: Collette Light / Habitat

And last, but definitely not least is the gorgeous Porcini Lamp, looking very comfortable in my dining room. I was given this when I attended Habitat's very first Light Club, celebrating the AW16 lighting collection launch.

French For Pineapple Blog - Porcini Lamp
Image: Porcini Lamp / Bianca Hall for French For Pineapple

By the time I arrived, the cocktails were flowing freely, the music was pumping, and indeed, there were people going for it on the dance floor - right in the middle of the lighting section of Habitat on Tottenham Court Road! Surreal, but totally fun. Light Club. Geddit!?

The Light Club I attended was a private event, but Habitat are throwing open the Light Club doors again, as a one-night-only pop-up on Thursday 27th of October. There are no tickets available at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled as they just might release a few more closer to the date!

This post is in collaboration with Habitat.

(Fab Five will be back next Monday!)

Ikat Lampshades from Pooky!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and again): you can never have too many lamps. See also, pairs of lamps. And lampshades, obvs.

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!
When Pooky got in touch to see if I'd like some Ikat shades to share with you on the blog, it was a total no-brainer. I was already a big Pooky fan - they have a gorgeous selection of mix and match bases and shades that I'd often drooled over.

I also had the perfect pair of vintage faceted ginger jar style bases, sat sadly on my lamp shelf, just begging to be teamed up with some lovely shades, and put into use.

Yes, I do have a lamp shelf. For lamps that need fixing, spraying, ones without shades or just currently homeless, and also shades with no suitable bases. Told you I love lamps.

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

The vintage bases were a snip from ebay years ago, and I'd just sprayed them white (like my bedside lamps), which is a great trick when pennies are tight. Then you can spend more on lovely new shades, to dress them up, letting the shades be the stars as they are here.

I knew that the Ikat shades in Black Zig-Zag would look great against the off-black walls in our bedroom, on the white bases. I was very tempted however, to choose the Orange Zig-Zag which is really pretty too. Actually, come to think of it, so is the Eau De Nil Zig-Zag, and the Heraldic multi-coloured print. Basically, they're all lovely, so you're spoiled for choice.

Images: Pooky L-R: Orange Zig Zag / Heraldic Ikat / Eau de Nil Zig-Zag

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

The shades are so beautifully made. The pleated straight edge empire design is traditional, and paired with the gorgeous linen Ikat print, they're given a unexpected twist. They're timeless, super versatile, and would work in almost any interior. They're also lined which I hadn't realised until I received them. I've never had a lined shade before, and it really makes them feel even more special and luxurious with that attention to detail and finish.
Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa! Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

As you can see, they're currently flagging the chest of drawers in the bedroom, and they're perfect there, but I don't get to look at them there as much as I'd like, so I might see how they look in the dining room where they can be seen and admired more. No doubt you'll see them popping up again somewhere else soon.

Do go and check Pooky out. They have a fab selection - you won't be disappointed!

Ikat lampshades from Pooky on vintage ebay bases (sprayed white). A great way to save money so you can spend more on the lampshades or vice versa!

This post is in collaboration with Pooky. You can also check out my Q&A with them on their blog here.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps

I do love a lamp. A lot. I feel my love is totally validated by the fact that every room needs several (at least!) light sources. Basically this means that I don't need to stop collecting them any time soon, because I definitely still don't have enough! Yeah, that makes me pretty happy...

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

I'm really excited to be sharing a special find with you today - a tweet showed up in my feed a few months back, alerting me to a new(ish) luxury bespoke lamp company called Love&Light, who were having a Pop-Up not far from me in Islington (in North London), so of course, seeing the magic 'LAMP' word, I had to check them out immediately. And I fell in love. These are show-stopper lamps - the best kind!

I took Baxter the shop with me a few days later to see them in the flesh. It was kind of a big mistake taking an excitable four and a half year old boy into a luxury lamp shop as any parent will testify to. If you're not a parent, then imagine taking a puppy into a luxury lamp shop instead. Understand now? And yes, I did just compare my son to a dog. A very cute one though.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

Anyway, luckily he didn't destroy anything, despite the fact he has this uncanny knack of launching himself several metres across a room at any given time. I don't think even he knows when he's going to do it, so it made me very nervous indeed.

Rather fortunately, the lovely Nicky Trimboy, who along with her mother Suzie, designs and makes these most gorgeous lamps, didn't kick us out of her shop. On the contrary, she welcomed us with open arms and I really tested Baxter's patience by staying chatting for quite some time, whilst ogling the gorgeous goods!

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

Love&Light launched last year and are a true family business, started after Nicky was made redundant from her job in the city, and consequently completed an Interior Design course at KLC. During the course, Nicky was completely enamoured by the lighting component, and when she saw that Suzie had just had a statue converted to a lamp, the idea to launch Love & Light was born.

Nicky and Suzie use craftsmen local to their Wiltshire studio to wire the lamps, make the shades and the wooden bases that they then meticulously decorate, using chalk based and metallic paints, sometimes panels of polished or weathered zinc or copper, and antique wax finishes.

After much deliberation and mind-changing (seriously - a LOT) I chose 'Sheba', a Copper Pyramid Lamp from the Classics range, and it really is a classic - it would work equally well in a traditional interior as it does in my house. I love the tapered 'Cocoa' base mixed with polished copper and the 'Inky Blue' large linen drum shade. It's total lamp love.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

Aside from this collection, I also adore the Harlequin Metals and the New Grande Geometrics. The list goes on basically, they're all so striking.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog
Clockwise from top left: Geo Column, Geo Bambi, Geo Grande, Geo Midi. Images: Love&Light

How fabulous does my new lamp look in my house? It totally works in every room! At the moment it's in the living room where it looks amazing, but I love it in the dining room, and in the kitchen against the matt black tiles. I've photographed it in a few different settings because, well, I couldn't resist. However, it's actually destined to go somewhere else in my house, but you'll have to wait to find out about that in the next week or two, when I share my plans for a big room swap and repurpose. I'm so excited! I guess I'm a bit like a puppy too...

Do go and check out Nicky and Suzie's lamps, and let me know which one is your favourite! You can also find them on 1stdibs and Dering Hall.

Love&Light Bespoke Luxury Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Love&Light.

Statement Lamps

Let's talk about lamps. Or more to the point, let's talk about statement lamps, and how much I love them. They're a definite weakness of mine - I don't 'need' anymore lamps, I even have several spare ones in my studio, but that does not stop me wanting more. And want more, I do.

Rather annoyingly, my taste in lamps seems to be getting more expensive. Now it's statment lamps that I covet, and the bigger the better.

There is no way I could justify buying most of the lamps I currently have a crush on, though I'm considering starting a (not so) secret savings fund to buy this one from Abigail Ahern.

Statement Lighting - French For Pineapple Blog
Shaggy Palm Lamp - Abigail Ahern
My husband is not so keen, but he'll come around. I included this in my (very nearly ready to be photographed) New Look Living Room moodboard, but alas, it hasn't magically materialised as I'd hoped. And yes, it's completely bonkers with a definite tribal feel to it, which I'm loving right now, but this would be a forever lamp. Honest. Every time I walk past the Abigail Ahern shop, I pop in just to have a look at it. Again. It really would be the icing on the cake in my living room, and at nearly nearly 80cms tall it's huge - now that's a statement.

Then there's this gorgeous creature by Young & Battaglia (a.k.a Mineheart), that I spotted a couple of months ago on their instagram feed and completely fell in love. I could stare at this aaaaall day - the ostrich feathers combined with the brass finish is almost too much glamour to bear. Yes, this would also work just perfectly in my living room.
Statement Lighting - French For Pineapple Blog
Feather Table Lamp - Mineheart

Moving right along, I love having a browse through the lamps on offer at Vaughn, and this sculptural one caught my eye big time. It reminds me of a big chunk of malachite, which is no bad thing. Again, it's no shrinking violet, at 61cms with the shade, which means I love it even more.

Statement Lighting - French For Pineapple Blog
Mimizan Ceramic Lamp - Vaughan

For some vintage eye-candy, I always head to Fears and Kahn, and old favourite, where there is without a doubt always something that has me totally drooling, and these original French 1970's gold plated Koi lamps are no exception. And I do love a pair of lamps. Just wow! And yes, they do have marble bases.
Statement Lighting - French For Pineapple Blog
Koi Lamps - Fears & Kahn
I know, I know, all my choices are on the pricey side, but I did warn you.

If you're after some statement lamps and your purse strings won't allow for such extravagances, you can of course find cheaper options, like this much-more-expensive-looking-than-it-is number that I found at The Lighting Superstore.
Statement Lighting - French For Pineapple Blog
Balthazar Table Lamp - The Lighting Superstore
Now don't say I never do you any favours.

Fab Five - Desk Lamps

The next room that needs attention on my vast house DIY list is my studio, which has become increasingly more like a dumping ground than a useable space.

It houses furniture in limbo, clothes and various other things that are waiting to be sold on eBay or Gumtree, not to mention huge amounts of packaging, samples and stock that I've accumulated over the years. And then there's the piles and piles of filing. Oh dear. At the moment, you can barely get in the door which is obviously not ideal.

Once the excess is cleared out, or at least sorted out so it feels less chaotic, I really want to take it from being purely practical (but not at all pretty to look at), to practical AND pretty. So that it becomes a room I want to spend time in, rather than a room I avoid. That shouldn't be too hard now should it?

How am I going to achieve this? Well, a massive skip keeps springing to mind, but short of something so drastic, I think baby steps are the way to go. Slowly clearing and sorting will be a good start, then buying a few new things to up the pretty factor. That's the bit I'm really interested in, but the reality is that a few full days of hard work are in order before I get to do that.

The first thing on my list is a new desk lamp. It will be a reward for finally sorting out the chaos. Over the last couple of months, I've spent hours and hours online searching for the perfect wall lights to go on the alcove shelving we've had built in the living room, and on my travels I've also stumbled upon several great looking desk lamps. And I had to include the Ikea Ranarp, because it's fast becoming a classic, and I love it.

As the studio is on my mind, I hope you'll forgive me if the next couple of Fab Fives are home office / studio themed. That said, I think that each one of these desk lamps is beautiful enough to work elsewhere in the home too.

Fab Five Desk Lamps - French For Pineapple Blog

1. Belid Cato LED in Polished Brass  - Lighting Workshop
2. Lektor in Black and Brass - Holloways of Ludlow
3. DAR Ranger in Satin Chrome - Love Lights
4. Ranarp in Off-White- Ikea
5. Paul Neuhaus Tino 1 Light in Brass - Scotlight Direct