Fab Five - Contemporary Upholstered Beds

These days I want my bedroom, and specifically my bed, to be as comfortable, cosy and calm as possible.

With two kids, lounging in bed is a once a week luxury that I like to make the absolute most of. My husband would argue that I get a lie-in six days a week, as he gets up on the weekday mornings with the kids, and has a lie-in on Saturdays, but technically, in my book at least, seven-thirty or eight o'clock is actually not a lie-in, so it totally doesn't count. Sundays are my day!

I admit I try to drag out my lie-in as much as the day allows, with a cup of tea or two in bed, and a magazine, which is total bliss, and on these mornings, it really is my sanctuary. Well, if it's tidy.

If you're a regular reader, you might remember my DIY bed makeover which has been hugely successful. It had the desired effect of stopping me hating our bed frame on a daily basis, and created the look I was after - a laid-back slouchy contemporary feel.

Of course the fact that it's been a success doesn't actually stop me looking around at beds. As if! I did a Fab Five Four Poster Beds a while back, and today I've chosen my Fab Five Upholstered Beds, that fit the comfortable, cosy and contemporary bill, just perfectly.

I can confidently say, I would happily sink into any of these...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Upholstered Beds

1. Willow - Button & Sprung
2. Anneka - Living It Up
3. Feather - Amode Living
4. Ottori - Habitat
5. Bubble - DFS