The next room on the list for my gift guides is the Bathroom. I'm in the middle of a mini-makeover of our main bathroom, and as much as I'd like to rip it right out and start again, it's not feasible right now, so as much as possible, I'm making the most of what we've got, spending as little as possible whilst still making a dramatic change. I hope.

Accessories become all the more important when the room itself isn't great. They're a brilliant distraction:

'Hey, don't look at that crappy tiling job, look at this lovely urn with a thriving fern in it instead!'


'Don't look at that seen better days shower-head, look at this pretty fringed bathmat instead!'

And so on. Catch my drift?

Yes, I've had bathroom accessories on my mind big-time, so without further ado, I'm going to share them with you... (yes, I know, I'm SUCH a natural poet).

French For Pineapple Blog - Bathroom Gift Guide

1.  Marble Lidded Pot - The White Company
2. Large Decorative Sea Sponge - Pure Sponges
3. Stone Composite Urn - Primrose
4. Pebble Brixton Towels - Christy
5. Black Polyresin Coral Bowl - White Mint
6. Body Brush - Labour & Wait
7. Oval Vanity Mirror - Housing Units
8. Panthera Ceramic Bathroom Set - House of Hackney
9. Diamond Bath Mat - Graham & Green
10. Oil Reed Diffuser - Tom Dixon at Heals

Have a great weekend, and come back on Monday for my next gift guide, which focuses on cool, non-kid stuff for cool kids rooms. Because cool is pretty important when you're a kid.