Office & Garden Gift Guide

I keep smirking when I see the phrase 'last minute gifts' because for me, this is still not last minute - Christmas Eve is last minute. I guess I've always been what some refer to as a 'last minute shopper' for Christmas gifts. Sometimes I 'think' about buying gifts earlier in the year, but never go through with it. I mean, what if you find something better? Surely you should always wait at least until the week before Christmas so you can make sure you've seen everything that's on offer? Or worse still, what if you buy it and bury it in the back of your wardrobe, never to be seen again? Just me?

This is my last gift guide for the season, and I'm combining Office & Garden. Perhaps it's because I long to have an office in the garden, or perhaps it's because I kind of am cultivating a little indoor garden in my studio. Don't know, but for some reason in my head they just go together. Just me? Again?

I've had a lot of fun putting all my gift guides together, and I hope you've enjoyed reading them. Perhaps you may have found a new to you shop or two. Let me know if you have!

So here are my best suggestions for those with green-fingered friends and family (or wannabe green-fingers), and those with a home office that like their desk to be filled with things that are beautiful and practical.

French For Pineapple Blog - Office & Garden Gift Guide

1.  Alphabet Brush Pot - Pentreath & Hall
2. Midori Brass Pen - Clerkenwell London
3. Copper Watering Can - Nook
4. Baies Indoor & Outdoor Candle - Diptyque
5. Regency Caning Notebook - Pentreath & Hall
6. Secateurs - Labour And Wait
7. Self-watering Plant Pot - Lechuza (literally saved the life of my dying Fiddle Leaf Fig!)
8. Playtype Notebook - Design Museum
9. Hay Gold Tray - Amara
10. Skagerak Edge Pot - twentytwentyone

In case you missed my other gift guides you can find them here.