Holiday Table Decor

Incase you haven't heard, it's Christmas on Thursday. My mother, who I don't get to see nearly enough, arrived on Friday to spend Christmas and New Year with us. She's come all the way from New Zealand, so I want Christmas day to be extra special, and as Christmas day pretty much revolves around food, that means making the table look extra beautiful. It's the least I can do, considering how far she's come for lunch. I want it to feel über cosy, and a little bit glam, but still relaxed and informal.

Styling & Photography Bianca Hall
Chairish asked if I'd like to take a look at their latest collection of vintage table top pieces and design a table scheme around a couple of items. Um, let me think about that. OKAY!

If you're not familiar with Chairish, sort that out pronto. It's a fabulous site that sells a curated selection of vintage goods on commission, ranging from gifts and jewellery, to furniture, rugs and lighting. Browsing Chairish is a bit like falling down a beautifully furnished rabbit hole. On any given day, I fall in love with 95% of what I see, so it's a good job for my bank account then, that I'm not in the states!

As I don't physically have any of the lovely pieces from Chairish to photograph on my Christmas table, this post is half fact and half fantasy...

Styling & Photography Bianca Hall
My colour palette this year is neon pink (no surprises there!), pale flamingo pink, green and gold. Our dining table is stainless steel and can feel rather cold, so I'll be starting to layer the table up with a soft linen table cloth, which instantly adds warmth whilst keeping it casual. On top of this, a hand dyed Shibori style table runner in a beautiful pale flamingo pink. More on this easy DIY soon. I also made a matching set of napkins, which will sit upon simple white plates, tied with gold ribbon and adorned with a sprig of eucalyptus.

Speaking of greenery, no holly or mistletoe for me this year. I've gone for a mix of Eucalyptus, Protea and ornamental Pineapples. The lovely muted green of the Eucalyptus contrasts so well with the neon pink, and works beautifully with the gold and paler pinks too.

It's no secret that I'm a big pineapple fan, so obviously I had to include these on my Christmas table. After all, not only are they brilliant eye-candy, but they're a symbol of hospitality, so perfect for this time of year when welcoming family and friends into your home.

My trip to Columbia Road Flower Market yesterday with my husband, children and mother, was not exactly relaxing - it was heaving - the busiest I've ever seen it, and it was no fun at all being stuck in the hordes of people, often at a complete standstill. However, I came away with everything I went for which is always satisfying (thanks to my daughter who spotted the ornamental pineapples that I'd missed and showed me where they were).

As I'm a glutton for punishment, I also headed for Ikea, which wasn't actually so bad. I arrived 15 minutes before closing time, with a very specific shopping list (for once), which included some of their bargain priced faux sheepskins for throwing over the backs of our school style dining chairs to cosy them up and add a bit of luxe.

I picked up a couple of great gold geometric candle sticks at Habitat a few weeks ago, that look gorgeous (and much more expensive than they were) with neon pink candles in them. These will be nestled amongst the greenery, along with some battery powered fairy lights on copper wire, which are my new favourite thing.

I adore vintage glasses, so my fantasy addition from Chairish, are these stunning Baccarat Crystal Onde Wine Glasses. Mine though, as anyone that knows me knows, will contain a cocktail rather than wine. And there will be edible gold flakes in it. Of course.

Baccarat Crystal Onde Wine Glasses from Chairish
I couldn't just choose the glasses though, because my table setting really needs these too...

Crystal Hostess (that's me!) Flatware Set from Chairish
Saint Louis 'Bizet' Crystal Water Jug from Chairish
Oh, and those stunning agate coasters up there in the pretty collage? They might just be under the Christmas tree waiting for me to tear open and feign surprise at on Christmas morning.

Styling & Photography Bianca Hall
So that's how I'm rolling this Christmas. My husband is worried there's nowhere for the food to go. Duh! That's what the butler is for.

Happy holidays everyone!

P.S In case you're wondering, this is not a sponsored post, just a bit of fun. I do love playing fantasy interiors...

P.P.S Come back soon to see how I made my table runner and napkins. Another very satisfying DIY.

The 'new' house plants every self-respecting interior obsessive must have!

I know the title is a tad dramatic, and yes, you've seen some of these loads already, BUT I do think that you will start seeing a few house plants popping up online, in the glossies, and yes, even in real life over the coming months, that you just might not have seen before. And I'm excited.

It's feeling decidedly Autumnal in the UK suddenly (Boo! I want more summer!), but let's not let that fact spoil our indoor plant fun. In fact, surely if we surround ourselves with plants that have a tropical feel, and pop the heating on, on the days when the sun graces us with a bit of shine, we can trick ourselves into believing it's still warm out there.  Maybe?

Yes? Let's give it a go then...

We already know that succulents are a 'thing', and that indoor plants have made a huge comeback over the last year or so, having been absent from the interiors hot list for quite some time, but what plants should you buy, once your little succulent collection is nearly complete? Or, god forbid, dead?
Image: Unknown via Pinterest
Ananas comosus chamaca / Ananas comosus variegatus - Dwarf Pineapple/Ivory Pineapple. I was stupidly excited (told you) when I saw these at Ikea the other week. I can't believe that I just didn't have the hands to buy a couple there and then. I'll definitely be making a trip back for some very soon. The Variegatus has a spiky/variegated leaf, the one pictured (Chamaca) doesn't.  They're both great. Instant sunshine in a pot, and a total no-brainer. Get one.

Image: Unknown via Pinterest
Zamioculcas zamifolia or Zamia furfuracea - That's a Zamia Plant to you and me, and also known as a Cardboard Plant, Jamaican Sago and ZZ Plant. It was complete and utter love at first sight for me when I recently saw one of these for the first time. Just beautiful.  I'll be tracking one of these sculptural beauties down pronto. Oops, just did - you can buy one here.

Image: Unknown via Pinterest

Cryptocereus anthonyanus (yes, really) - also known as a Ric Rac Cactus, Fishbone Cactus or Orchid Cactus. It's seemingly impossible to find a great image of one of these to show off it's beauty, so I'll post one once I've procured one, but trust me, these are stunning. I'm going to hang one in my kitchen, and pray it's warm enough for it as we venture into winter.

Image: Kindra Clineff (via

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora - This one is probably not new to you, but it's new to me. I've decided I need to stop being lazy and calling all succulents, 'succulents', and learn their names (even if I can't pronounce them). We need to know our Aloes and Agaves from our Echeverias and Crassulaceaes, which is the family that this lovely looking specimen falls in to. Commonly known as a Paddle Plant for obvious reasons, and it's totally on my list.

Fiddle Leaf Fig, and if you squint you can see a Zamia peeping out from behind it.
Image: Bianca Hall
And last, but most definitely not least, this one is probably not new to you - we all know and lust after the Fiddle Leaf Fig (or Ficus lyrata if you want to get technical). I actually gasped out loud at the beauty of the one above when I stumbled upon it, having never seen one in the flesh before. How does a plant or tree reach A-list celebrity status? By being incredibly beautiful and photogenic for a start. If ever there was an A-list plant, this is it. Why haven't I got one yet? Because they're not cheap, and I'm terrified of buying one and killing it. This won't stop me from ever getting one, it's Christmas soon after all. Kimberly over at Swoon Worthy discovered an online UK Fiddle Leaf Fig supplier and was kind enough to share back in March. She tells me that hers is doing really well, which fills me with hope for my future as the proud owner of one. Soon, very soon.