Wednesday, June 21

A Mattress Fit For A Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom
[Hilary Devey Collection]

When I was contacted a few months ago to see if I'd like to review a Hilary Devey, Duvalay mattress, it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I was in the midst of my big bedroom makeover, and it was like the mattress gods knew it was time to let go of our trusty old one, and were sending me a not very subtle hint.

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

Yet the offer was met with 50% excitement, and 50% trepidation. I know that's a tad dramatic, I mean it's only a mattress right? But even though I knew we really needed to replace our old one, I was actually kind of fond of it despite it's obvious lack of support (a bit like a comforting old friend that you love even though they can be a bit flaky. Oh. I might have just described myself there...).

And if I'm honest, I was a bit scared that we'd end up getting rid of it for one that was rubbish, uncomfortable or just not right for us. Plus there were decisions to be made. And when it comes to what I consider quite major decisions like a new mattress, I just turn into an indecisive fool. Ed likes a firmer mattress than I do, but give me a soft squishy cloud to sleep on any day, so a compromise needed to be reached.

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

After much mind-changing on my part, we settled on the Diamond Luxe, which I felt was a bit of a compromise for me. I'd have gone for something softer if it was for me alone, but obviously we both need to be comfortable, and actually I'm pleased to report that it's perfect for both of us. And I know that as much as I say I want to sleep on a soft cloud, that my back is not with me.

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

It was really odd for the first few nights - a week even. But odd in a 'this is very different to what I'm used to' way, and not in a 'this is terribly uncomfortable' way.

And then I just stopped thinking about it - I'd gotten used to it without realising, which is what you want in a new mattress I think. If something is just right, you don't really notice it. It has enough give, that I get that lovely sinking-in feeling when I first get into bed, but it's definitely got a lot of support right under that top layer. A semi-firm cloud you could say. It's become my good new friend, but this time, a supportive friend. And our backs really appreciate it.

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

It's heavy and requires turning once a week until you've completed the 'turning cycle', then you just flip it once a season - totally doable, unlike our old mattress, which was so heavy that we were physically unable to flip it. So that's a bonus too.

This is a proper, old-school mattress with a hand-stitched border, tufted on both sides, hand-crafted in West Yorkshire, and it's comfortable in a luxurious way, so it perfectly fits the criteria for my continuing quest to create my dream Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom.

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

French For Pineapple - Hilary Devey Collection

However, don't be fooled by its traditional appearance, because beneath that tufted exterior lies some impressive technology. The 'Wooltec' ensures great temperature control, on top of comfort and durability, whilst the 'Midas Touch' springs beneath, give a unique combination of responsiveness, comfort and support to individual shapes and body weights.

So that's another piece of the Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom puzzle in place (told you I was working on it - a few more pieces yet to come), and our Diamond Luxe mattress has a very relieved, big thumbs-up from both Ed and I, and I'm exhausted by this week already, and can't wait to sink into it this evening.

This post is in collaboration with Hilary Devey Collection.


Friday, June 16

A Few Of My Favourite Things From CP Hart [a.k.a Tap Bothering]

I did my second pilgrimage to the incredible CP Hart Waterloo showroom the other week. And it was every bit as impressive as my first visit, if not more so, because I had a guided tour through the whole showroom, focussing first on the new pieces and trends picked up at the most recent ISH trade show.

French For Pineapple Blog - CP Hart - Materials and Sample room Bathroom Trends

The Waterloo showroom is part glam hotel lobby, part bathroom showroom as I've said before, so it really has me at hello.

Off to the left after reception, is the material and sample library - hands down, my absolute favourite bit. The taps are displayed in all their different finishes (something you need to go in person for, because not all the different finishes are on the website), and there are so many stunning options to choose from. Yes, I did use the word stunning, referring to taps. Because they really are. And how about that cabinetry that dreams are made of?

French For Pineapple Blog - CP Hart - Gesse, Vola, Axor taps, brass finishes

I swing between loving Hansgrohe Axor, and Vola taps the best. And I'm pretty sure I love a brushed / satin brass finish the most. Then again, I do love black taps too. And white. And, these Gesse Rettangolo taps are pretty special...

French For Pineapple Blog - CP Hart - Gesse Rettangolo Tap finishes

This studded bath is really something else, and I can't ever imagine having a bathroom big enough to do it justice, but it's certainly drool-worthy!

French For Pineapple Blog - CP Hart - Studded bath
And further into the showroom you'll find THOSE House of Hackney bathroom sets, which really are beautiful. The level of detail that went into designing them is very impressive and I actually can't settle on which one I like the best. Truthfully I'd be pretty damn happy with either! Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite...

French For Pineapple Blog - CP Hart - House Of Hackney Bathroom Set

French For Pineapple Blog - CP Hart - House Of Hackney Bathroom Set


Monday, June 12

A Little Dude's Bedroom [The Moodboard]

Work is yet to commence on Edie's Drama Tween bedroom, though it's imminent, and I have promised that BOTH kids rooms will be done, so I thought I'd share my plans for Baxters bedroom today. The rooms will probably happen in tandem, to create the most house chaos possible. Because that's just how I roll.

Baxter has a small and slightly awkward bedroom at the back of the house. His ceiling is low, and it slopes even lower on one side. But it's cosy, and it has the best view of the garden, and I actually love his little room.

At the moment it's painted in a rather full on blue, which I like, but when I told him he could have some fun wallpaper like his sister, he got so excited that I now have to go through with it. Ha! Me and my big mouth.

If you follow me on Instagram, specifically my stories, you may recall that I ripped up his old lilac carpet a few months back and painted his less than perfect floorboards white. This is a temporary measure, as I do plan to replace the carpet on the stairs, back hall and landing, and take it into both the kids bedrooms and our bedroom. Eventually. Meantime, his wonky floorboards are mostly covered with a seagrass rug, layered with lovely but a bit small, geometric grey and white rug from Plantation Rug Company, so these will remain for now.

French For Pineapple Blog - A Little Dude's Bedroom Makeover. The Moodboard featuring Desert Llama wallpaper by Drop It Modern

There's no scope to change the layout - his white bunk beds and white wardrobe only just fit along one wall (the side with the lower ceiling). The position of his door and window mean there's no other option - it's tight in there. His clothing and general storage is an issue, so his very small chest of Ikea Rast drawers need to go, and will be replaced with something much more substantial that can house both clothes and some toys.

The Tom Dixon pendant that I got for a total steal on ebay is not right in his room, so we're replacing it with the Sinnerlig bamboo pendant from Ikea that used to be in our bedroom. I adore that pendant, and it's big scale. It will be hung over the new chest of drawers, and alongside the gorgeous Desert Llama wallpaper from Drop It Modern, sets the feel of the room.

I don't normally go for overtly 'kiddie' wallpaper, but this one has really captured my heart. It's so fun and different. I'm planning to use an aqua on the woodwork to tie in with the wallpaper, and to keep the room fun, whilst all the rest of the furniture, and accessories will be black, white and neutrals, really letting the walls shine.

I'm excited about this makeover (when am I not?!), and I might have to have a sleepover on the top bunk once it's done so I can fully appreciate my hard work!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories, because work on both rooms will start as soon as possible.

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