Fab Five - Painterly Velvet Cushions

I have to admit that London Design Festival is equal parts incredibly inspiring and utterly exhausting.

I didn't have nearly enough time (or energy!) to get to all the events I'd like to have, and even the shows I did get to, I was extremely limited time-wise, so didn't get to explore them as thoroughly as I wanted to.

My week was all about sped-up scans of product filled areas, rather than a mooch around. However, in a funny way, my time constraints forced me to focus only on the things that really stood out for me, so maybe it's not such a bad thing after all.

Over the coming weeks I'll put together my highlights package of the events and shows I visited, but today, as a nod to one of the really obvious trends that jumped out and that I really love, I'm sharing my top five painterly abstract velvet cushions!

Now I should point out that this trend was not restricted to velvet or cushions, there were so many beautiful rugs, fabrics and upholstered furniture, that also showcased beautiful painterly abstract prints.

But with winter fast approaching, cushions are a super easy was to update or even completely transform a room, adding texture, colour and warmth. What's not to like about that?

Some of these were spotted during LDF, and others not, but I love every single one of them...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Painterly Abstract Velvet Cushions

1. Hatti Pattisson - Into The Blue
2. Susi Bellamy - Paesaggio Scarlatto 
3. House Of Fraser - Linea Abstract
4. Boeme Design - Ocampo Basil
5. Dana Finnigan - Lente