Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

When I was doing my kitchen re-fit, I knew the palm fabric on the banquette had to go. While the cushions had survived well enough over the last few years, the cover for the seat itself, was dirty, worn and very badly faded. I was also ready for a change as the pattern defined the room to a certain extent, and it was time to move on from that look.

I didn't want to replace it with another pattern as I wanted to keep things quite pared back and calm, (give or take a cushion or two!) but I did want texture and warmth. I considered two fabrics only, which were linen and velvet.

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

Now I'm the first to admit that velvet probably isn't the most practical choice for a kitchen where kids sit to eat, but sometimes you have to put practical things aside, and go with your heart instead, and when a selection of beautiful velvet swatches from Swaffer landed on my door mat, I knew that there was no contest. It HAD to be velvet, practical or not!

However, it turns out that the Venice velvets actually have a built-in soil and stain repellent, which also prevents liquid spills from being absorbed. I can confirm that this has already been tested in our kitchen, and a food spill literally wiped right off, leaving no mark at all. So perhaps not such an impractical choice after all.

Originally I'd thought I'd go with blue, but when I saw this olivey-chartreuse colour, I fell in love immediately - it was THE ONE.

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

I had intended to have box-cushion cover made, but decided that the velvet would sit better if it was upholstered onto the bench, so I recycled the original foam, and did just that. Have I ever told you how much I love my staple gun? I also had a local seamstress make a couple of bolster cushions out of the left-over fabric, which are super cute!

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

It's a complete coincidence that the cushions from Black Parrots just happen to be the perfect match, however, it's no coincidence that it's also a perfect match for the beautiful handblown glasses that I picked up on holiday in Formentera in the summer. I knew they had to come home to my kitchen, that was actually still in it's old guise at that point, to become friends with the velvet that would eventually go on the banquette. Yep, I'm that person.

I just adore how the green looks in the room, it picks up the greens from outside and somehow manages to be both bright yet muted.

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

It's a seriously good quality fabric and very heavyweight, suitable for everything from curtains to cushions, bedspreads and fixed upholstery, which is why I decided to outsource the bolsters as I didn't want to destroy such a stunning fabric with my very basic sewing skills, and I also wasn't sure my sewing machine would actually be able to get through more than one layer of it.

I'm also head over heals for their Mineral Velvet Collection, and think that the Marble design may find it's way into my living room next year. It's just SO gorgeous!

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

My other Swaffer favourite, and what I'd have used in the kitchen had I not fallen so hard for the velvet, is the Acer linen-look fabric, which comes in a staggering forty-eight beautiful colours, and is again suitable for curtains, blinds and upholstery.

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

French For Pineapple - Velvet Fever In The Kitchen With Swaffer

Do check out the Swaffer range when you're looking for fabric for your home, I'm so glad I discovered them. There's a sample service on their website, and they're stocked at a huge number of retailers around the country (and world for that matter).

This post is in collaboration with Swaffer.

Fab Five - Painterly Velvet Cushions

I have to admit that London Design Festival is equal parts incredibly inspiring and utterly exhausting.

I didn't have nearly enough time (or energy!) to get to all the events I'd like to have, and even the shows I did get to, I was extremely limited time-wise, so didn't get to explore them as thoroughly as I wanted to.

My week was all about sped-up scans of product filled areas, rather than a mooch around. However, in a funny way, my time constraints forced me to focus only on the things that really stood out for me, so maybe it's not such a bad thing after all.

Over the coming weeks I'll put together my highlights package of the events and shows I visited, but today, as a nod to one of the really obvious trends that jumped out and that I really love, I'm sharing my top five painterly abstract velvet cushions!

Now I should point out that this trend was not restricted to velvet or cushions, there were so many beautiful rugs, fabrics and upholstered furniture, that also showcased beautiful painterly abstract prints.

But with winter fast approaching, cushions are a super easy was to update or even completely transform a room, adding texture, colour and warmth. What's not to like about that?

Some of these were spotted during LDF, and others not, but I love every single one of them...

French For Pineapple Blog - Fab Five Painterly Abstract Velvet Cushions

1. Hatti Pattisson - Into The Blue
2. Susi Bellamy - Paesaggio Scarlatto 
3. House Of Fraser - Linea Abstract
4. Boeme Design - Ocampo Basil
5. Dana Finnigan - Lente